Infinite Magicraid Tier List : Best Ranked October 2023

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In search of the best Infinite Magicraid Tier List Characters? To find out which characters are the best, worst, and best, check out our Infinite Magicraid tier list.

A turn-based role-playing game (RPG) with multiple adventures is the game Infinite Magicraid. You can participate in multiple 5v5 fights to compete against players from all over the world. As you progress, you’ll have to collect the bravest heroes to fight Lihem, the evil god. Despite this, it becomes difficult for some players to decide which of these hero characters to use. To find out which heroes are the best in Infinite Magicready, we’ve ranked them from best to worst.

The strongest characters should be chosen initially as not all characters are the best for the team. If you’re a beginner, you might find it challenging to re-roll the best characters. In order to rank all the characters from best to worst, we have created an infinite MagicRade tier list.

Last Post Update : 04 October 2023

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

In Infinite Magicraid Tier List Based on my playing style and experience, I have made the Infinite Magicraid Tier List below. Still, you may find that some heroes from lower levels are superior to heroes from higher levels. Everything depends on your skill level and appropriate playing style. So, here’s the Infinite Magic Raid Tier list for the best heroes, in order from best to worst:

Tier ListsRoleCharacters
S Tier ListAttackerHezonja
S Tier ListSupportKatherine
S Tier ListAttackerLucifer
S Tier ListSupportLuna
S Tier ListAttackerMelia
S Tier ListAttackerSerena
S Tier ListAttackerXia
A Tier ListAttackerAgatha
A Tier ListAttackerAisha
A Tier ListSupportAsindo
A Tier ListSupportBrynhild
A Tier ListSupportDario
A Tier ListAttackerEric
A Tier ListDefenderFrich
A Tier ListSupportGuhanna
A Tier ListAttackerHisaro
A Tier ListAttackerHorus
A Tier ListAttackerLukea
A Tier ListAttackerLuz
A Tier ListAttackerMadlaina
A Tier ListAttackerMaeve
A Tier ListAttackerMargarita
A Tier ListAttackerMegan
A Tier ListAttackerMelchio
A Tier ListSupportNid Rold
A Tier ListDefenderNordak
A Tier ListSupportPhocas
A Tier ListAttackerSana
A Tier ListDefenderSinton
A Tier ListAttackerSlivelle
A Tier ListSupportSpace
A Tier ListSupportTaff
A Tier ListAttackerUlcaster
A Tier ListAttackerVelentin
A Tier ListAttackerWalter
A Tier ListAttackerYoko
B Tier ListSupportAlahan
B Tier ListAttackerAnna
B Tier ListSupportAriel
B Tier ListSupportBen Austin
B Tier ListAttackerBesmore
B Tier ListAttackerCarrie
B Tier ListSupportEliana
B Tier ListAttackerElleena
B Tier ListSupportFiona
B Tier ListAttackerGreta
B Tier ListDefenderGunner
B Tier ListAttackerGustave
B Tier ListSupportHoff
B Tier ListAttackerMae
B Tier ListSupportMelina
B Tier ListAttackerMutu
B Tier ListDefenderNasakkhma
B Tier ListAttackerNatalie
B Tier ListAttackerNita
B Tier ListAttackerOkmin
B Tier ListAttackerSlackdo
B Tier ListDefenderSoli
B Tier ListSupportTimi
C Tier ListSupportAmalic
C Tier ListSupportGerina
C Tier ListAttackerGramndi
C Tier ListDefenderGru
C Tier ListAttackerJennifer
C Tier ListAttackerKarid
C Tier ListSupportLam
C Tier ListDefenderNaseal
C Tier ListDefenderSchilder
C Tier ListAttackerTurf
C Tier ListSupportVera
C Tier ListAttackerZachzulu
D Tier ListDefenderElaina
D Tier ListDefenderEllic
D Tier ListDefenderHal9000
D Tier ListDefenderSigmund
D Tier ListSupportZyra
Infinite Magicraid Tier List

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – S Tier List

Here are the list of S Infinite Magicraid Tier List

  • Ulcaster (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Nita (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Margarita (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Eilat (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Space (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Walter (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Lester (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Katherine (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Hezonja (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Carrie (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Oboro (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Nordak (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Natalie (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Fiona (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Aisha (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Hardac (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Valentin (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Yoko (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Maya (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Sana (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Phocas (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Slivelle (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Serena (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Eric (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Ariel (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Xia (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Frich (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Lucifer (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Holder (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Luz (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Mori (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Elleena (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Wim (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Dario (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Besmok (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Horus (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Megan (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Lam (Element: Wood, Position: Support)

Xia Character

in Infinite Magicraid Tier List Xia is the game’s most effective critical DMG dealer. It’s because he has absolutely insane skills. She can reduce the cooldown of both of her active skills by one turn by doing a basic attack first. So she can scale faster than anyone else on the battlefield.

As she buffs herself, she becomes a serious threat in the arena. When his concentration level increases he receives an additional 40% crit rate and 60% crit damage for one turn.

His passive ability gives him an extra attack against the enemy with the lowest HP. His exclusions are balanced as they only focus on slowly eliminating enemies. She can give herself an extra 30 AP for mobility.

Ariel Character

i Infinite Magicraid Tier List Ariel is a deadly late-game hero who can sneak up on one player and destroy their entire team. When she eats she disappears for once; At the beginning of each wave, she deals additional damage; And if she kills an enemy or ally, this effect can happen again and again. If the character is paired with Vera, they will be more powerful.

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – A Tier List

Infinite Magicraid Tier List Although level one characters are wonderful, they usually have low key roles. They lack the strength of S-tier heroes. They make a desirable unit because they match well with S-tier characters.

  • Okmin (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Sinton (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Sadora (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Eden (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Dale (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Malassa (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Karid (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Zachzulu (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Slackdo (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Vera (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Verto (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Maphka (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Anna (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Mobis (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Melchio (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Turf (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Timi (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Greta (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Asindo (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Longbeard (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Taff (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Schilder (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Hisaro (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Ofner (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Leuf (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Pacchino (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Maeve (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Lukea (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Melter (Element: Force, Position: Attacker)
  • Brynhild (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Muller (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Gustave (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Feist (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Hoff (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Magis (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Mae (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Roselea (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Melina (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Mutu (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Melia (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Olga (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Reliant (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Jennifer (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)

Greta Character

She works well when positioned on a player’s defensive field lineup because she is a mark on the green. The Resistance aura is useful when facing Asindo and other Red Scared heroes who are currently in meta. Additionally, Greta’s strange lethal abilities are on target. It can also destroy targets with the highest armor. She can negate 60% of enemy armor when upgrading her exclusives before striking. Greta character in Infinite Magicraid Tier List.

Slackado Character

After the first exclusive upgrade, Slackdo can remove all amateurs so that it can enable its entire team. He can be a great support, double up as a DMG dealer, and thus make a significant impact on the sector. This is the perfect character to use as your default in the arena. In addition, he can limp the buffs using his hammer. He’s not too bad an overall for this A-tier list.

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – B Tier List

The B tier characters aren’t the best at their jobs, but they do have some potential. They will be used as back-up for A-tier characters that players haven’t acquired yet, even though some of them can be excellent supports or defenders. However, they still have some value, and they can help higher-ranked characters.

  • Maguire (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Capello (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Teres (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Norma (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Shtar (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Sylvester (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Teru (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Timen (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Kristian (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Naya (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Rumble (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Vero (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Biseden (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Justy (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Gramndi (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Visley (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Esther (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Sylvan (Element: Fire, Position: Support)
  • Stan (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Iguli (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Wolsey (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Elaina (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Lia (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • HAL9000 (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Vedar (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Sigmund (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Kaedo (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Zyra (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Bakkins (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Ruen (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Joseph (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Mondschka (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Frey (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Blade (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  • Gru (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Shapotite (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Lutz (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Egea (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Nasakhma (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Fegan (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Moo (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – C Tier List

The characters on the C tier list have some flaws that are impossible to fix, or employing them would require a lot more work for little pay. Some of them have remarkable properties or some that are useful in special circumstances.

  • Geeva (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Kumma (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Arella (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Glary (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Gordo (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Safar (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Andrew (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Sticco (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Essin (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Ross (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Shipp (Element: Water, Position: Attacker)
  • Hordo (Element: Fire, Position: Defender)
  • Blackstone (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Moro (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Firewater (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Fris (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Phil (Element: Water, Position: Support)
  • Price (Element: Wood, Position: Defender)
  • Synnove (Element: Light, Position: Support)
  • Elf (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • DesertGuard (Element: Light, Position: Defender)
  • Zold (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  • Dorsey (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  • Leewar (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Reggie (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  • Dem (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  • Taurs (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)

Infinite Magicraid Tier List 2023 – D Tier List

At the bottom of this Infinite Magic Raid tier are characters with weaknesses. make it nearly impossible to invest time or resources in them. But they are still important depending on the party. Players can try to use them in a way that gets around their shortcomings.

  1. Yeti (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  2. Centaur Axe Guard (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  3. The Patrol (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  4. Imp (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  5. Holy Light Priest (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  6. Corruptor (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  7. Blackstone Artisan (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  8. Blackstone Crossbowman (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  9. Raider (Element: Wood, Position: Support)
  10. Elite Guard (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  11. Tribe Warrior (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)
  12. Centaur Archer (Element: Wood, Position: Attacker)
  13. MechaServant (Element: Light, Position: Attacker)
  14. Patrol (Element: Water, Position: Defender)
  15. Desert Bandit (Element: Fire, Position: Attacker)


It is clear from the above tier list that the three best attackers are Lucifer, Xia and Serena. However, collecting these characters can be challenging, as they are legendary. Although you can collect these heroes later, we recommend starting with A and B tier characters. In Infinite Magic Raid, Agatha, Melchio, Phokas, Ulcaster and Yoko can all be excellent attackers. On the other hand, you can decide to use early-game characters like Besmore, Greta, Mutu, and Amalic.

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