Illusion Connect Tier List – (April 2023) (Best Units)

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Welcome to faindx, Our Illusion Connect tier list 2023 will help you save a lot of time & summons while playing this great and latest Gacha RPG. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to the Illusion Connect game and delving into the stats to bring you this final ranking that ranks all the heroes alongside one another. Only the best people sit at the top level.

We’ll also walk you through the restoration process in Illusion Connect, so you can get started quickly if you don’t find the hero you want. Simply to clarify for those who aren’t sure, reroll is the method of repeatedly executing your initial batch of the free summons until you identify a hero, or heroes, which is in our conflation. Connect level list.

Since Illusion Connect Game is a multiplayer action game for mobile device users, the experience will be entirely dependent on the heroes you select. There are many heroes to choose from in the game, but each hero has different characteristics, and based on that they are divided into different classes like S, A, to E.

In our tier list illusion connect, we’ll not only share with you a class for each and different hero, but we’ll also discuss how in-game reroll work.

Tier List Update – 29 April 2023

Illusion Connect Tier List 2023 – April Tier List

As we mentioned earlier, the heroes in Illusion Connect are divided into 6 different levels: S, A, to E. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the heroes and what class they belong to Illusion Connect.

Illusion Connect Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier – S

Illusion Tier S is the top unit of the game however, there are superior Tier S units than it

Tier list illusion connect – SSS

Illusion Connect Tier List – The absolute best, the most OP units of the game

Kasumi AttackSSR
Miyuki SpellSSR
Phoebe LightSSR
Nicola SorcererSSR

Illusion Connect Tier – SS

Illusion Connect Tier List – Tier SS Still really some Over Powered

Rynda  Light SSR
Sakura Minamoto  Spell SSR
Ai Mizuno  Sorcerer SSR
Grant  Guardian SSR
Ion  Light SSR
Gemmy  Attack SSR
Yuffie  Sorcerer SSR
Anna  Heal SSR
Maki  Attack SSR
Yume  Attack SSR
Angela  Guardian SSR
Hotaru  Attack SSR
Ming  Heal SSR
Diana  Heal SSR
Ann  Summon SR
Berial  Guardian SSR
Charlotte  Light SSR
Eileen  Light SSR
Nina  Sorcerer SR
Saya  Attack SR
The Enforcers  Summon SSR
Rotania  Sorcerer SSR
Kiraya  Guardian SSR
Gagaku  Summon SSR
Vivian  Light SSR
Selena  Guardian SSR
Rikia  Spell SR
Pan  Attack SR
Hachi Shiki  Sorcerer SSR
Hersey  Attack SSR

Tier S – illusion connect

Illusion Connect Tier List – Not as well as Tier SSS & Tier SS units, but still here tier S

Camille Guardian SSR
Shanti Guardian R
Abby Attack SSR
Annis Dora Summon SSR
Amon Light SR
Gigi Attack SR
Sachiko Guardian SR
Rie Sorcerer R
Astaroth Spell SSR
Polly Heal R
Seeger Spell SSR
Lunar Attack SSR
Mad Hatter Summon SR
Jason Healer SSR
Cubie Light SSR
Annie Guardian SR
Victoria Guardian SR
Jasmine Heal SR
Diamond Heal SR
Barinas Guardian SSR
Nefir Sorcerer SSR

Illusion Connect Tier List 2023 – A

Illusion Connect Tier List – We clearly say that illusion Tier A units are average units

Brooke Light SSR
Carol Attack R
Chiyo Sorcerer SR
Beatrice Spell SR
Sakai Guardian SSR
Junko Healer SSR
Mei Attack SR
Edward Attack SSR
Mary Sorcerer R
Alice Light R

Illusion Connect Tier List – B

Illusion Connect Tier List – Illusion Tier B units are some weak

Nanalie Spell R
Frantiva Summon SSR
Rubi Spell SSR
Ashwaya Summon SSR
Kichou Attacker SSR
Flora Summon SR
Mia Attack R
Harto Light SR
Tiffany Sorcerer SR

Illusion Connect Tier – C

Illusion Connect Tier List – Illusion Connect Tier C units are the weakest units in this game

Bontenmaru Guardian R
Penny Attack R
Loro Guardian R

Illusion Connect Tier List 2023 Tier – D

Illusion Connect tier D heroes are not strong as much to defeat S, A, and tier B heroes but they can help you out filling additional spots and if required.

S. No.Hero Class

Illusion Connect Tier – E List

Tier – E heroes are not the best aiming for. I recommend you to avoid these heroes as much as possible but they will disappoint if selected.

S. No.Hero Class
Illusion Connect Tier List

Illusion Connect How To Reroll

Luckily, doing a replay in Illusion Connect is a very simple process. How to do it in steps:

  • When creating your new account, select the Guest option. If you’ve already created a linked account, don’t worry. You can still replay, it will make linking your account a little more challenging
  • Follow the tutorial until you reach the point where you can make 10x the invites. If you get the character what you want, great then no need to roll again. If not, so go to the next step
  • Tap on your character’s profile in the top left of the screen and select Change Account.
  • Select Confirmation
  • Tap the drop-down menu at the bottom and select New Account.
  • Select More Options
  • Then select Guest
  • Now repeat this process continues until you get the desired character or characters. When this happens, take this last step
  • Go back to your character’s profile page, tap Account, then select Link Account, and now select the account you want to link. This will ensure that you do not lose your character in the future.

Illusion Connect Tier List – Summoning Banners

You see, in Illusion Connect, the summoning posters are linked to the account. So if you open an account tomorrow or next week, you will receive the same ads that started your game months ago. Only the selected banners will differ, which are for the whole server.

Aside from selected banners (which are usually event related, but not only), most rate up banners are tied to the account and available for a week, from the first day you open the game. So make sure don’t forget to summon a character you want (like Kasumi or Yufi) when they become available in-game.


guys, in this post we provide you all the related info about Tier List Illusion Connect, Illusion Connect Reroll,Illusion Connect Tier, Illusion Connect Tier List 2023 to all units S, A – E. Illusion Connect is one of the best game you can simply install from google play.

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