Identity Fraud Morse Code : (Update!) (October 2023)

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Do you want to know Roblox Identity Fraud Morse Code? So you are at the right spot here you will get the complete guide on Identity Fraud Morse Code.

Identity fraud is an amazing horror game developed by the motherboard on the Roblox platform. In this Identity fraud game, you will be introduced to different in-game mazes. The actual goal of the game is to run from the mazes and reach the final in-game boss.

Also, you will meet some strong monsters along the way so try to avoid all of them, or else they will kill you then the game will end. In the game, there are some secret codes available. You must solve these in-game secrets to complete a maze and enter the next Identity fraud game maze.

In this post, you will get the identity fraud maze 3 walkthrough and Roblox identity fraud morse code answer 2023 so without wasting time now let’s start.

Post Update On – 02 October 2023

Identity Fraud Morse Code – UPDATE!

In the identity fraud game, there are several monsters available. You can simply learn about them from here.

  • Alice is the 1st monster on our list. She has amazing yellow eyes, which can simply deceive you like a firefly. When she actually visible, she takes on the appearance of a girl’s silhouette wearing a pure white dress.
  • Identity is a titular in the game and one of the unique monsters in identity fraud.
  • Ralph is another ultimate monster of identity fraud and he is known chiefly as a mass murderer.
  • Fraud is famous as the master of disguise.
  • Stan is known in the game as a master of stares.
  • James is recognized by the scare master.
  • Finally, the last hurdle is the final boss of this Identity Fraud horror game.

Identity Fraud Maze 1

Maze 1 is the 1st maze in the identity fraud game. At this level, try to search an in-game mirror first. The mirror will leads you to the way out of this in-game maze and when you found a mirror, actually face it and go to your right.

Now stick to the left side of the in-game wall and take all lefts possible. It should lead you to the game door of the 2nd maze.

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Identity Fraud Roblox Maze 2

Roblox Maze 2 is as similar as the 1st maze. In this Roblox maze, try to stick to the left side of the wall and take all in-game possible lefts. You will search a door with a button of green, and an identity fraud maze 2 code will actually appear below the button.

Then type the number in the chat room, and an in-game door will open for the 3rd maze entrance. You can also check the identity fraud maze 2 map to have an overview of this maze.

Identity Fraud Morse Code

Maze 3 is the extremely challenging maze in the game. In this maze, you meet monsters like Stan and James. Try to actually avoid all the monsters and look for an in-game radio. Also, you can follow a beep to get the radio.

As you go closer then the louder the sound beep will be. In the maze 3 identity fraud morse code radio will be beeping. After you successfully figure out this code then a door to the next shelf will quickly open.

Identity Fraud Morse Code Maze 3

The morse code in maze 3 is actually different for every player. Every time in the game you will hear a different morse code. The best way to get ahead is to actually solve the maze 3 identity fraud code yourself.

To solve this code, you will require a sheet of paper with morse code written on it or a translator. Solving this code is actually hard so try to play with friends. Solving becomes easier when you play with friends.

Identity Fraud Maze 4 Code

If you want to enter this Maze 4 room, you will have to complete the 1st three mazes. At the end of the maze, you will get a little box with a 7-digit code with some characters and 2 big metal doors. You should actually solve the code before entering the boss room.

Use a hexadecimal decoder to solve the code. Fill all the numbers that are underneath the 7-digit code into the decoder. The code will become a complete sentence for you after actually decoding.

Try to follow the sentence in complete order to in-game stay ahead. If you follow the steps carefully, the metal doors will now start open.


Here are some questions and answers about the Identity Fraud Morse Code

Q. What is the Morse code in Identity Fraud game?

Ans – The Morse codes in identity fraud game is a beeps series that you hear in the maze and you have to translate them and solve to numbers in order to open the in-game door and complete the maze three.

Q. How to read Morse code in Identity Fraud?

Ans – To read the Identity Fraud Morse code in maze 3 we suggest you use a Morse code translator sheet like this:

Identity Fraud Morse Code

Q. What is the Last Code in Identity Fraud Game? 

Ans – The puzzle contains a code to the boss door that is a combination of hexadecimal and its last code. You must solve this code to defeat the final boss.

Q. How To Decode Code in Identity Fraud Game? 

Ans – To get the right code for the boss room, you should use a hexadecimal decoder. When you get a hex code in the game, try to fill all the numbers underneath the 7-digit code on it.

Once this process is done, click on the (Hex Decode) on hex decoder.

Q. How To Open the Door in Identity Fraud? 

Ans – A door can be easily opened by clicking on a small button on a wall close to the door. If the button color is green, it can be pushed by simply left-clicking.

Q. How Many Mazes are in Identity Fraud Game?

Ans – A total of three mazes and one special maze are available in the identity fraud game. If you want to complete a maze, you will have to search a door for the next maze and solve an in-game puzzle to open it.

Q. How to Decode Morse Code?

Ans – You can simply type Morse code into the top box using a dash or a dot. Spaces and words separate the Letters by “|”.”#” or “/” will show in the output if a letter actually failed to translate.


Hopefully, you like this Roblox Identity Fraud Morse Code post. In this post, we covered everything about the morse code for Identity Fraud that helps you to level up in the game.

If you have any doubt or questions related to Identity Fraud Morse Codes then the comment section is always open for you, Happy Gaming.

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