Guardian Tales Tier List : (May 2023) (Best Heroes)

Guardian Tales Tier List

Looking for Guardian Tales Tier List 2023 so you are at the best place, here you will get guardian tales hero tier list to choose your best hero. so without vesting time let’s go for the tier list guardian tales.


In this post, Guardian Tales tier list 2023 will provide you help to take the guesswork out of your efforts and time with the action packed. We’ll help you choose one of the best heroes for each of the different classes, like Warriors, Rangers, & Tankers. That way, you can spend less time studying stats and more time killing different enemies with giant swords.

We’ll help you to make sure you get one of the best heroes by guiding you through the steps needed to replay in Guardian Tales Game. For those of you who don’t know, Replay allows you to start your account from scratch, allowing you to make your initial stops over & over again until you find the character you want actually.

Guardian Tales Tier List
Guardian Tales Tier List

Sometimes It’s noting valuable at some point that this guardian tales hero tier list is a work in updations, and we shall regularly update it as Guardian Tales receives the best new and ultimate heroes. At this time, we’ve selected only the best characters from 2 – and 3-star heroes for our tier list guardian tales, as these are the most powerful choices. If you can keep the best why choose the other hero? Also, we recommend that you check out the Guardian tales tier list 2023 to help you get started.

Tier List Update On – 28 May 2023

Guardian Tales Tier List 2023 – May 2023 List

Tier S – With these level S Tier and their weapons the best of the best in PVP ranks, the clincher is easy

Guardian Tales Tier List – NameTypeWeapon
Nine Tailed Fox Garam Ranger Thousand Thunder
Mecha Warrior Oghma Tank Eckesachs
Drunken Swordmaster Lynn Warrior none
Necromancer Noxia Support furfur
Eight Tailed Fox Nari Ranger Sage Bead
Flower Girl Bari Ranger Mayreel
Future Princess Tank Liberator
Archangel Gabriel Support Magnificat
Future Knight Warrior none
Dark Magician Beth Warrior Predator

Tier A – Guardian Tales Hero Tier List

Guardian Tales Tier A Heroes are such great choices, but also make sure to equip them with their awesome weapons.

Elemental of Christmas Carol ——- ——-
Warlord Mercenary Orca ——- ——-
Scrivener Lahn Warrior Pure Mind
Aspiring Warrior Craig Tank Silence
Chosen One’s Archpriestess Veronica Support Messiah
Knight Lady Lapice Warrior Innocent
Executive Red Hood Arabelle Ranger Genocide
Idol Captain Eva Support Idol voice
Ice Witch Lupina Warrior Amarok
Dragon Avatar Vishuvac Warrior Volcanic Horn
Grand Admiral Marina Tank Armada
Movie Star Eugene Warrior Brave Heart
Red Hood Elvira Ranger Trouble Maker
Leaf Fairy Aoba Support none
Santa’s Little Helper Rue Warrior Terminator
Golem Rider Alef Warrior Ouros
Dancing Archer Tinia Ranger Samga
Pirate Rachel Ranger Blue Rose
Exorcist Miya Support Sangri La
Mad Scientist Gremory Ranger Curiosity Solver
Sniper Hetake Ranger none
Dimension Traveler Catherine Ranger Marauder
Noble Succubus Bianca Ranger Astarte
Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang Warrior Firm Determination

Tier B – Guardian Tales Tier List

Tier B Heroes are not very good choices, so try to avoid them, Tier B Heroes are also average and they will make it harder sometimes.

Kung Fu Master Mei Warrior Pride of Fighter
Engineer Marianne Ranger Merciless
Swordsman Akayuki Warrior Musarame
Dragon Knight Shapira Warrior none
Goddess of War Plitvice Warrior Prominence
BattleBall Girl Rie Ranger none
Swindler Magician Dolf Ranger Helios
Scientist Sohee Ranger Magiton Buster
Princess Aisha Support Veritas
Vampire Girl Karina Support Crescent Moon
Innuit Girl Coco Ranger Witch Heart

Tier C – Tier List Guardian Tales

Tier C Heroes are the worst heroes of the Guardian Tales game, so don’t waste your efforts and time

Guardian Tales Tier ListTypeWeapon
Hyper ——- ——-
Lisa ——- ——-
Leah ——- ——-
Jay ——- ——-
Succubus Adventurer Yuze  Warrior Tartaros
Desert Mercenary Marvin  Warrior Vulkan
Twin Healer Favi  Warrior none
Knight Captain Eva  Ranger Justice
Fire Dragon Girgas  Ranger none
Dragon Seeking Girl Neva  Warrior none
Male Knight  Warrior Libera
Dual Personality Maid Amy  Warrior none
Twin Fighter Lavi  Tank none

Tier D – Guardian Tales 2023

Guardian Tales Tier D Heroes are also the worst heroes of the game, so don’t waste your energy

Guardian Tales Tier ListType
Innkeeper Loraine  Support
White Beast  Warrior
Bob ——-
Linda ——-
Rio ——-
Kate ——-
Mina ——-
Ailie ——-
Oralie ——-
Peggy ——-
Guardian Tales Tier List
Guardian Tales Tier List

Guardian Tales Best Warrior Tier List 2023

Guardian Tales Warriors have an extensive skill set, all with a variety of weapons and abilities, ranging from attacks to tank and support skills. Because of this, your choice of the warrior can often be what gives your team its identity – these are the best ones to build.

Lilith Unique abilities are hard to come by, with Lilith being one of the most iconic characters.
Future Knight It is a versatile character able to use all weapons and the best one.
LinSimple and effective, a durable melee DPS for any team.
RueRare warriors who use rifles suitable for difficult situations.
Beth Her unique weapon, the hunter might be the best weapon overall.
AlephThe Golem Rider’s unique abilities enable special teams.
Vishuvac Extremely high DPS.
Lupine The warrior who uses ladders and ice magic supports creative plans.
Lahn Balanced and durable.
Eugene Like Lynn, Lahan, and Future Knight, Eugene goes with everything.
Pencil Warrior with More Tanks
Plitvice High DPS Warrior, shines with proper support.

Guardian Tales Hero Best Support List 2023

Supports are by far the most diverse unit type, so it’s hard to compare them, but this is what we want to get the most out of our best rentals Guardian Tales Tier List.

Noxia The Necromancer ability allows for unique strategies when built around it
Veronica Classic support, good for most of the teams
Gabriel Interesting Bow-based support
MyRailUnique high DPS support
Eva Reliable support
Miya Exorcist skills are perfect in some different situations
Guardian Tales Tier List
Guardian Tales Tier List

Guardian Tales Tier List 2023 – Best Tanker

Tankers are very specialized with the function of slowing down other enemies. These are the best ones, but in general, it is important that they match the crowd control requirements of each and every situation.

Marina High DPS Tanker
Oghama Bulwark is nearly impossible to kill; The best tanker character ever
Future Princess Unique combination of staff and shield

Guardian Tale Best Ranged List 2023

Ranged characters are often the best damage dealers & must be able to effectively defeat a wide variety of enemies. The higher their DPS, generally the better they are, although some have different abilities and synergies that make them sometimes worth using in game.

Hot Powerful skills and the ability to use baskets or bows.
Nari Versatile DPS for any team.
BiancaSingle ranked hero who wields two-handed swords.
Turn By taking the supporting character.
Arabelle Well hard to use, but very strong in the right gear.
Mk.99 Too much raw DPS.
Tinea High DPS, needs strong support.

How To Guardian Tales Reroll?

If you are not sure about how to perform a reroll in Guardian Tales so here are the complete process:

  • First create a guest account when the game start (this is actually important, as there is a 24-hour waiting period for deletion on any registered accounts. You can bind it later.)
  • Then on the main menu, click the cog icon at the top-right of the screen to access the game settings
  • Next click on “Account Settings”
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and click on Delete Account
  • Then click on Confirm and Guardian Tales will close
  • Finally, boot up the Guardian Tales game again and start over

FAQs Of Guardian Tales Tier List

Here are some important questions and answers related to Guardian Tales Tier List

Q. What is the main objective of the Guardian Tales Game?

The gamer will take control of a warrior (in-game character) and use her or his skills to battle opponents in different areas. The main goal is always to defeat all opponent warriors while protecting your own character.

Q. What are the main benefits of the Guardian Tales Tier List?

The Guardian Tales tier list is really helpful in determining which type of in-game character to take on your game journey. Ranking Guardian Tales characters from strongest to weakest will actually help you decide who to focus on improving and leveling up in the game.


Q. Why do players use the Guardian Tales Character Tier List?

The Guardian Tales character tier list is helping gamers to choose which characters to actually focus on. Also, It can help them to decide what their next game build should be or whether they want to spend crystals on improving specific Guardian Tales characters.


In this post, we have covered Guardian Tales Tier List 2022 to recent 2023 for choosing your best heroes also we add all the tier lists of Guardian Tale game from S to D. Also we discuss Best Ranged, Best Tanker, Best Support, and many more. Guardian Tale is an amazing game you can simply download this game from the google play store.

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