Forza Horizon 5 Tier List (May 2023) : (Update) (Best Cars)

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Looking for Forza Horizon 5 Tier List 2023? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get the Forza Horizon 5 cars rankings that will help you to choose the best car in the game.


Forza Horizon 5 is an amazing racing game released in 2021. The game best features multiplayer races, multiple maps, and campaign modes.

Like a new weather system, this game franchise edition has changed; you will get different in-game prizes for winning races and completing different tasks in the game. Forza Horizon 5 game is available to play on Xbox and Windows PC.


Now without further delay let’s start the Forza Horizon 5 Tier List guide.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List 2023

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List
Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Here are the Forza Horizon 5 cars rankings from best to worst that will help you to pick the best cars in the game.

SS Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Apollo Intensa Emozione “WP”Tier – SS
BMW X5 M FETier – SS
Ferrari FXX-K EvoTier – SS
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FETier – SS
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR FETier – SS
Pagani Huayra BC FETier – SS

S+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Apollo Intensa EmozioneTier – S+
Aston Martin Valhalla Concept CarTier – S+
Aston Martin Vulcan AMR ProTier – S+
Bugatti DivoTier – S+
Ferrari 599XX EvolutionTier – S+
Ferrari F50 GTTier – S+
Ferrari FXXTier – S+
Ferrari FXX KTier – S+
Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” MustangTier – S+
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Hoonicorn MustangTier – S+
Koenigsegg Agera RSTier – S+
Koenigsegg CCGTTier – S+
Koenigsegg JeskoTier – S+
Koenigsegg One:1Tier – S+
Koenigsegg RegeraTier – S+
Lotus EvijaTier – S+
Maserati MC12 Versione CorsaTier – S+
Pagani Zonda RTier – S+
RAESR Tachyon SpeedTier – S+
Rimac Concept TwoTier – S+
Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020Tier – S+

S Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Ariel Atom 500 V8Tier – S
Bugatti ChironTier – S
Bugatti Veyron Super SportTier – S
Ferrari F40 CompetizioneTier – S
Ferrari LaFerrariTier – S
Hennessey Venom GTTier – S
Hoonigan Ford RS200 EvolutionTier – S
Lamborghini Sesto ElementoTier – S
Lamborghini VenenoTier – S
McLaren P1Tier – S
McLaren SennaTier – S
McLaren SpeedtailTier – S
Mercedes-AMG OneTier – S
Mosler MT900STier – S
Pagani Huayra BCTier – S
Porsche 918 SpyderTier – S
Radical RXC TurboTier – S
Zenvo TSR-STier – S

A+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

BAC MonoTier – A+
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2015Tier – A+
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2019Tier – A+
Dodge Charger R/T FETier – A+
Dodge Viper ACRTier – A+
Ferrari 458 SpecialeTier – A+
Ferrari 488 GTBTier – A+
Ferrari 488 PistaTier – A+
Ferrari 812 SuperfastTier – A+
Ferrari Enzo FerrariTier – A+
Ferrari F12tdfTier – A+
Ferrari J50Tier – A+
Ferrari Monza SP2Tier – A+
Ford #14 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing GRC FiestaTier – A+
Ford GT 2017Tier – A+
Ford Racing Puma FETier – A+
Formula Drift #117 599 GTB FioranoTier – A+
Formula Drift #151 Toyota GR SupraTier – A+
Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry Stock CarTier – A+
Honda Civic CoupeTier – A+
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group ATier – A+
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’Tier – A+
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Focus RS RXTier – A+
Italdesign ZerounoTier – A+
Jaguar C-X75Tier – A+
Lamborghini Aventador SuperveloceTier – A+
Lamborghini Aventador SVJTier – A+
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4Tier – A+
Lamborghini Diablo GTRTier – A+
Lamborghini Huracán EvoTier – A+
Lamborghini Huracán PerformanteTier – A+
Maserati Gran Turismo S FETier – A+
McLaren 600LT CoupéTier – A+
McLaren 650S CoupéTier – A+
McLaren 720S CoupéTier – A+
McLaren 720S SpiderTier – A+
McLaren F1 GTTier – A+
Nissan R390 (GT1)Tier – A+
Pagani Zonda Cinque RoadsterTier – A+
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA FETier – A+
Porsche #3 917 LHTier – A+
Porsche 911 GT2 RS 2012Tier – A+
Porsche 911 GT2 RS 2018Tier – A+
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2016Tier – A+
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2019Tier – A+
Porsche 911 GT3 RS FETier – A+
Porsche Taycan Turbo S “WP”Tier – A+
Saleen S7Tier – A+
TVR Cerbera Speed 12Tier – A+
Volkswagen #34 Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross BeetleTier – A+
Volkswagen Beetle FETier – A+
VUHL 05RRTier – A+
Zenvo ST1Tier – A+

A Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Acura NSXTier – A
Aston Martin DBS SuperleggeraTier – A
Aston Martin VantageTier – A
Aston Martin Vantage GT12Tier – A
Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattroTier – A
Audi R8 V10 plusTier – A
BMW M4 GTSTier – A
Bugatti EB110 Super SportTier – A
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1Tier – A
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LETier – A
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray CoupéTier – A
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2009Tier – A
DeBerti Toyota Tacoma TRD “The Performance Truck”Tier – A
Dodge SRT Viper GTSTier – A
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACRTier – A
Donkervoort D8 GTOTier – A
Ferrari 430 ScuderiaTier – A
Ferrari 458 ItaliaTier – A
Ferrari 599 GTOTier – A
Ferrari GTC4LussoTier – A
Ferrari PortofinoTier – A
Ford #25 Mustang RTRTier – A
Ford #88 Mustang RTRTier – A
Ford M-Sport Fiesta RSTier – A
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500Tier – A
Ford RS200 EvolutionTier – A
Ford Shelby GT350RTier – A
Ford Supervan 3Tier – A
Formula Drift #13 Ford MustangTier – A
Formula Drift #34 Toyota Supra MkIVTier – A
Formula Drift #357 Chevrolet Corvette Z06Tier – A
Formula Drift #411 Toyota Corolla HatchbackTier – A
Formula Drift #43 Dodge Viper SRT10Tier – A
Formula Drift #530 HSV Maloo Gen-FTier – A
Formula Drift #64 Nissan 370ZTier – A
Formula Drift #777 Chevrolet CorvetteTier – A
Formula Drift #777 Nissan 240SXTier – A
Formula Drift #91 BMW M2Tier – A
Formula Drift #98 BMW 325iTier – A
Formula Drift #99 Mazda RX-8Tier – A
Funco Motorsports F9Tier – A
Hoonigan Ford Escort RS1800Tier – A
Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 TurboTier – A
Jaguar Sport XJR-15Tier – A
Jaguar XJ220S TWRTier – A
Koenigsegg CC8STier – A
KTM X-Bow RTier – A
Lamborghini Aventador JTier – A
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4Tier – A
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 SuperleggeraTier – A
Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4Tier – A
Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SVTier – A
Lamborghini ReventónTier – A
Lexus LFATier – A
Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIBTier – A
Lotus 3-ElevenTier – A
McLaren 570S CoupéTier – A
McLaren F1Tier – A
McLaren GTTier – A
Mercedes-AMG GT RTier – A
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTRTier – A
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGTier – A
MG Metro 6R4Tier – A
Nissan GT-R (R35)Tier – A
Nissan GT-R Black Edition (R35)Tier – A
Porsche 911 Carrera STier – A
Porsche 911 GT1 StrassenversionTier – A
Porsche 911 Turbo STier – A
Porsche Carrera GTTier – A
Porsche Cayman GT4Tier – A
Porsche Taycan Turbo STier – A
Saleen S1Tier – A
TVR GriffithTier – A

B+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Aston Martin DB11Tier – B+
Aston Martin V12 Vantage STier – B+
Audi RS 6 AvantTier – B+
Bentley Continental SupersportsTier – B+
BMW i8Tier – B+
BMW M4 CoupéTier – B+
BMW M5 2012Tier – B+
BMW M5 2018Tier – B+
BMW M6 CoupeTier – B+
BMW Z4Tier – B+
Cadillac CTS-V SedanTier – B+
Caterham Superlight R500Tier – B+
Chevrolet Camaro Z/28Tier – B+
Chevrolet Corvette FETier – B+
DeBerti Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Drift TruckTier – B+
Dodge Challenger SRT DemonTier – B+
Dodge Challenger SRT HellcatTier – B+
Dodge Charger Daytona HEMITier – B+
Dodge Charger SRT HellcatTier – B+
Exomotive Exocet Off-Road FETier – B+
Ferrari #24 Ferrari Spa 330 P4Tier – B+
Ferrari 288 GTOTier – B+
Ferrari 360 Challenge StradaleTier – B+
Ferrari F40Tier – B+
Ferrari F50Tier – B+
Ford #2 GT40 MK IITier – B+
Ford #2069 Ford Bronco R “WP”Tier – B+
Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe FETier – B+
Ford GT 2005Tier – B+
Ford GT40 Mk ITier – B+
Ford Mustang GTTier – B+
Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5Tier – B+
Ford Shelby GT500Tier – B+
Forsberg Racing Nissan “Gold Leader” Datsun 280ZTier – B+
Hoonigan Ford Escort Cosworth WRC “Cossie V2”Tier – B+
Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 TwerkstallionTier – B+
Hot Wheels Bone ShakerTier – B+
Hot Wheels Twin MillTier – B+
Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7Tier – B+
Jaguar F-TYPE R CoupéTier – B+
Jaguar XJ13Tier – B+
Jaguar XJ220Tier – B+
Jaguar XKR-STier – B+
Jaguar XKR-S GTTier – B+
Lamborghini Diablo SVTier – B+
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder PerformanteTier – B+
Lamborghini UrusTier – B+
Lotus Elise GT1Tier – B+
Lotus Exige STier – B+
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S CoupéTier – B+
Mercedes-AMG E 63 STier – B+
Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door CoupéTier – B+
Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck FETier – B+
Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Black SeriesTier – B+
Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMGTier – B+
Meyers Manx FETier – B+
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR “WP”Tier – B+
Morris Minor 1000 FETier – B+
Nissan Fairlady Z FETier – B+
Peugeot 207 Super 2000Tier – B+
Porsche 718 Cayman GTSTier – B+
Porsche 911 GT2Tier – B+
Porsche 911 GT3Tier – B+
Porsche 959Tier – B+
Porsche Cayman GTSTier – B+
Porsche Panamera TurboTier – B+
RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR-Rockstar Energy Pro 2 TruckTier – B+
Toyota Supra RZ “WP”Tier – B+
TVR SagarisTier – B+

B Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CSTTier – B
Ariel NomadTier – B
Audi RS 4Tier – B
Audi RS 4 Avant 2013Tier – B
Audi RS 5 CoupéTier – B
Audi RS 6 2009Tier – B
Audi RS 7 SportbackTier – B
Audi TT RSTier – B
Audi TT RS CoupéTier – B
Audi TTS CoupéTier – B
Bentley BentaygaTier – B
BMW 1 Series M CoupeTier – B
BMW M2 CoupéTier – B
BMW M3 2008Tier – B
BMW M3-GTRTier – B
BMW M5 2009Tier – B
Cadillac ATS-VTier – B
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2002Tier – B
DeBerti Wrangler UnlimitedTier – B
Dodge Viper GTS ACRTier – B
Ferrari 575M MaranelloTier – B
Ferrari F355 BerlinettaTier – B
Ford #11 Rockstar F-150 Trophy TruckTier – B
Ford #25 “Brocky” Ultra4 Bronco RTRTier – B
Ford Falcon GT F 351Tier – B
Ford Focus RS 2017Tier – B
Honda Civic Type R 2018Tier – B
Honda NSX-R GTTier – B
Hoonigan Chevrolet Napalm NovaTier – B
HSV Limited Edition Gen-F GTS MalooTier – B
Infiniti Q60 ConceptTier – B
Jaguar I-PaceTier – B
Jaguar XFR-STier – B
Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackhawkTier – B
Jeep TrailcatTier – B
Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QVTier – B
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVRTier – B
Lexus RC FTier – B
Local Motors Rally FighterTier – B
Lotus Elise Series 1 Sport 190Tier – B
Maserati Gran Turismo STier – B
Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing TruckTier – B
Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMGTier – B
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMGTier – B
Porsche #185 959 Prodrive Rally RaidTier – B
Porsche 968 Turbo STier – B
Porsche Cayenne TurboTier – B
Sierra Cars RX3Tier – B
Toyota GR SupraTier – B

C+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Alpine A110Tier – C+
Audi RS 3 SportbackTier – C+
Audi RS 4 Avant 2001Tier – C+
Audi RS 6 2003Tier – C+
Auto Union Type DTier – C+
BMW M3 1997Tier – C+
BMW M3 2005Tier – C+
BMW M5 2003Tier – C+
BMW X5 MTier – C+
BMW X6 MTier – C+
BMW Z3 M CoupeTier – C+
BMW Z4 M CoupeTier – C+
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 1995Tier – C+
DeBerti F-150 PrerunnerTier – C+
Dodge Dart HEMI Super StockTier – C+
Dodge Durango SRTTier – C+
Exomotive Exocet Off-RoadTier – C+
Ferrari 250 Testa RossaTier – C+
Ford #5 Escort RS1800 MKIITier – C+
Ford Focus RS 2009Tier – C+
Ford FPV Limited Edition Pursuit UteTier – C+
Ford GT70Tier – C+
Honda Civic Type R 2016Tier – C+
Honda NSX-R 1992Tier – C+
Honda NSX-R 2005Tier – C+
Jaguar F-PACE STier – C+
Jaguar Lightweight E-TypeTier – C+
Jaguar XE-STier – C+
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRTTier – C+
Maserati 8CTFTier – C+
Maserati Levante STier – C+
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-ATier – C+
Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer CoupeTier – C+
Mercedes-Benz W154Tier – C+
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSRTier – C+
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MRTier – C+
Nissan 370ZTier – C+
Nissan Fairlady ZTier – C+
Nissan Nismo GT-R LMTier – C+
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec IITier – C+
Opel Manta 400Tier – C+
Penhall The ChollaTier – C+
Porsche #65 Rothsport Racing 911 ‘Desert Flyer’Tier – C+
Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3Tier – C+
Porsche 944 TurboTier – C+
Porsche Macan TurboTier – C+
Renault Megane R.S.Tier – C+
Renault Mégane R26.RTier – C+
Shelby Cobra 427 S/CTier – C+
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2004Tier – C+
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2005Tier – C+
Subaru STI S209Tier – C+
Subaru WRX STI 2011Tier – C+
Subaru WRX STI 2015Tier – C+
Toyota #1 T100 Baja TruckTier – C+
Vauxhall Monaro VXRTier – C+
Volkswagen Golf RTier – C+
Volkswagen Scirocco RTier – C+
Volvo V60 PolestarTier – C+

C Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Alumi Craft Class 10 Race CarTier – C
Audi Avant RS2Tier – C
Audi S1Tier – C
Audi Sport quattroTier – C
BMW M1Tier – C
BMW M5 1995Tier – C
Can-Am Maverick X RS Turbo RTier – C
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427Tier – C
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 1970Tier – C
Ferrari 250 GTOTier – C
Ferrari 365 GTB/4Tier – C
Ford Falcon XA GT-HOTier – C
Ford Fiesta STTier – C
Ford Racing Escort Mk1Tier – C
Ford Ranger T6 Rally RaidTier – C
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500Tier – C
Ford SVT Cobra R 2000Tier – C
Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6Tier – C
Honda S2000Tier – C
Honda S2000 CRTier – C
Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel AirTier – C
Hyundai Veloster NTier – C
Jaguar D-TypeTier – C
Lamborghini Miura P400Tier – C
Land Rover Range Rover Velar First EditionTier – C
Mazda MX-5 2016Tier – C
Mazda RX-7Tier – C
Mazda RX-8 R3Tier – C
Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6Tier – C
Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMGTier – C
Mini John Cooper Works GPTier – C
Mini X-Raid All4 Racing CountrymanTier – C
Mini X-Raid John Cooper Works BuggyTier – C
Mitsubishi GTOTier – C
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MRTier – C
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSRTier – C
Napier Napier-RailtonTier – C
Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin TurboTier – C
Nissan Silvia K’sTier – C
Nissan Silvia K’s AEROTier – C
Nissan Silvia Spec-RTier – C
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 1993Tier – C
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 1997Tier – C
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16Tier – C
Porsche 911 Carrera RSTier – C
Porsche Macan LPR Rally RaidTier – C
Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupéTier – C
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi VersionTier – C
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008Tier – C
Toyota Supra RZTier – C
Vauxhall Lotus CarltonTier – C
Volkswagen Golf RTier – C
Volkswagen Golf R32Tier – C

D+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Acura Integra Type-RTier – D+
Acura RSX Type-STier – D+
Alpine A110 1600STier – D+
BMW M3 1991Tier – D+
BMW M5 1988Tier – D+
Buick GSXTier – D+
Buick Regal GNXTier – D+
Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport CoupeTier – D+
Dodge Challenger R/TTier – D+
Ferrari 250 CaliforniaTier – D+
Ford Bronco 2021Tier – D+
Ford Escort RS CosworthTier – D+
Ford F-150 RaptorTier – D+
Ford Focus RS 2003Tier – D+
Ford Mustang Boss 302Tier – D+
Honda Civic Type R 1997Tier – D+
Honda Civic Type R 2004Tier – D+
Honda Civic Type R 2007Tier – D+
Lamborghini Espada 400 GTTier – D+
Lamborghini LM 002Tier – D+
Lexus SC300Tier – D+
Mazda Mazdaspeed MX-5Tier – D+
Mazda Savanna RX-7Tier – D+
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution IITier – D+
Mini John Cooper WorksTier – D+
Nissan Pickup #23 Rally RaidTier – D+
Nissan Pulsar GTI-RTier – D+
Renault Clio R.S. 200 EDCTier – D+
Subaru BRZTier – D+
Toyota 86Tier – D+
Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205Tier – D+
Toyota Celica SS-ITier – D+
Toyota Supra 2.0 GTTier – D+
Vauxhall Corsa VXRTier – D+

D Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Aston Martin DB5Tier – D
BMW 2002 TurboTier – D
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1970Tier – D
Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 454Tier – D
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2Tier – D
Chevrolet Corvette 1960Tier – D
Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 454Tier – D
Chevrolet Impala Super SportTier – D
Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409Tier – D
Chevrolet Nova Super Sport 396Tier – D
Dodge Charger R/TTier – D
Ferrari Dino 246 GTTier – D
Ford #2069 Ford Performance Bronco RTier – D
Ford Escort RS TurboTier – D
Ford F-150 SVT RaptorTier – D
Ford Mustang Mach 1Tier – D
Ford Racing PumaTier – D
Ford SVT Cobra R 1993Tier – D
GMC JimmyTier – D
Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350Tier – D
Holden Sandman HQ PanelvanTier – D
Holden Torana A9XTier – D
Honda CR-X SiRTier – D
Honda Prelude SiTier – D
Jaguar E-type S1Tier – D
Land Rover Defender 110 XTier – D
Mazda MX-5 2013Tier – D
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman All4Tier – D
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSXTier – D
Mitsubishi Starion ESI-RTier – D
Nissan Silvia CLUB K’sTier – D
Nissan Skyline GTS-R (HR31)Tier – D
Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-RTier – D
Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMITier – D
Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPSTier – D
Renault 5 TurboTier – D
Renault Clio WilliamsTier – D
Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185Tier – D
Toyota MR2 SCTier – D
Volkswagen Corrado VR6Tier – D
Volkswagen GTI VR6 Mk3Tier – D
Volvo 242 Turbo EvolutionTier – D
Volvo 850 RTier – D

E+ Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1979Tier – E+
DeLorean DMC-12Tier – E+
Ford Capri RS3100Tier – E+
Ford Crown Victoria Police InterceptorTier – E+
Ford Escort RS1600Tier – E+
Ford Escort RS1800Tier – E+
Ford Mustang GT 2+2 FastbackTier – E+
Ford Mustang GT CoupeTier – E+
Ford Ranger RaptorTier – E+
Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW PlatinumTier – E+
Honda Civic CRX MugenTier – E+
Jeep CJ5 RenegadeTier – E+
Jeep Gladiator RubiconTier – E+
Jeep Wrangler RubiconTier – E+
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL CoupéTier – E+
Mercury Cyclone SpoilerTier – E+
Morgan 3 WheelerTier – E+
Nissan Fairlady Z 432Tier – E+
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-RTier – E+
Nissan TITAN Warrior ConceptTier – E+
Peugeot 205 RallyeTier – E+
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTATier – E+
Pontiac GTOTier – E+
RAM 2500 Power WagonTier – E+
Toyota 2000GTTier – E+
Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT38Tier – E+
Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT ApexTier – E+
AMC Gremlin XTier – E+
Bentley 4-1/2 Litre SuperchargedTier – E+
Bugatti Type 35 CTier – E+

E Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Chevrolet 150 Utility SedanTier – E
Chevrolet Bel AirTier – E
Chevrolet Corvette 1953Tier – E
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super SportTier – E
Datsun 510Tier – E
Ford Bronco 1975Tier – E
Ford F-100Tier – E
Ford Fiesta XR2Tier – E
Ford Lotus CortinaTier – E
Ford Transit SuperSportVanTier – E
GMC Vandura G-1500Tier – E
Honda Civic RSTier – E
Hummer H1 AlphaTier – E
International Scout 800ATier – E
Jaguar Mk II 3.8Tier – E
Land Rover Defender 90Tier – E
Land Rover Range RoverTier – E
Lotus Elan SprintTier – E
Mazda MX-5 MiataTier – E
Mercedes-Benz SSKTier – E
Mercedes-Benz X-ClassTier – E
Meyers ManxTier – E
Mini Cooper STier – E
Nissan 240SX SETier – E
Pontiac Firebird Trans AmTier – E
Porsche 356 A 1600 SuperTier – E
Porsche 914/6Tier – E
Renault 8 GordiniTier – E
Toyota Celica GTTier – E
Toyota FJ40Tier – E
Toyota Land Cruiser Arctic Trucks AT37Tier – E
Volkswagen #1107 Desert Dingo Racing Stock BugTier – E
Volkswagen Class 5/1600 Baja BugTier – E
Volkswagen Golf GTITier – E
Volkswagen Golf Gti 16v Mk2Tier – E
Volkswagen Scirocco STier – E

F Tier – Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Austin-Healey Sprite MkITier – F
Bentley 8 LitreTier – F
BMW Isetta 300 ExportTier – F
Ford Anglia 105ETier – F
Ford De Luxe CoupeTier – F
Ford De Luxe Five-Window CoupeTier – F
Ford TransitTier – F
Land Rover Series IIITier – F
Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023Tier – F
Morris Minor 1000Tier – F
Peel P50Tier – F
Peel TridentTier – F
Reliant Supervan IIITier – F
Renault 4L ExportTier – F
Volkswagen BeetleTier – F
Volkswagen Type 2 De LuxeTier – F
Willys MB JeepTier – F

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Forza Horizon 5 Tier List
Forza Horizon 5 Tier List

Here are all the Forza Horizon 5 Cars with complete details tier wise


Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier SS+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FE8.4101010105.1
BMW X5 M FE81010109.44.4
Ferrari FXX-K Evo8.18.39.110104
Apollo Intensa Emozione “WP”
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR FE7.88.2910103.7
Pagani Huayra BC FE8.188.810103.7

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier SS

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Koenigsegg Jesko106.97.41094.4
Koenigsegg One:11077.59.5104.3
RAESR Tachyon Speed8.
Koenigsegg Agera RS1077.
Ferrari FXX K8.18.1910103.6
Ferrari F50 GT8.177.110104.1
Lotus Evija7.
Koenigsegg Regera9.
Koenigsegg CCGT7.86.87.110103.9
Apollo Intensa Emozione7.47.78.410103.9
Rimac Concept Two9.19.9107.59.33.8
Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa7.68.18.810103.9
Ultima Evolution Coupe 10208.
Aston Martin Valhalla Concept Car8.510109.29.44.6
Pagani Zonda R87.37.910103.9
Bugatti Divo9.6106.
Ferrari FXX8.48.18.910104.4
Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro7.76.579.6103.2
Ferrari 599XX Evolution87.37.99.8103.8
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Hoonicorn Mustang8.8107.
Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang9.2107.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier S+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Ferrari F40 Competizione8.36.61.7108.54.4
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento7.8101010104.6
Ferrari LaFerrari9.47.27.999.64.4
McLaren Senna87.27.89.3104.2
Pagani Huayra BC8.477.69.1104.2
McLaren P19.
Radical RXC Turbo77.15.89.694
Bugatti Chiron109.
Mercedes-AMG One7.
Zenvo TSR-S96.
Ariel Atom 500 V86.
Porsche 918 Spyder8.810108.99.34.6
Mosler MT900S8.
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport9.9105.
Hennessey Venom GT9.
Lamborghini Veneno8.
McLaren Speedtail9.
Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution7.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier S

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Porsche 911 GT3 RS FE7101077.88.1
Ford Racing Puma FE5.79.466.35.88
Volkswagen Beetle FE6.188.88.8104.4
Porsche Taycan Turbo S “WP”109.7107.87.24.4
Dodge Charger R/T FE6.
Maserati Gran Turismo S FE7.
Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry Stock Car8.
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA FE6.
McLaren 720S Coupé8.
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster7.46.56.988.94.5
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ88.
Ferrari 488 Pista7.677.
Porsche 911 GT2 RS 201887.
McLaren 720S Spider7.
Ferrari F12tdf8.86.577.68.44.8
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-48.38.788.78.94.6
Zenvo ST18.
Lamborghini Diablo GTR7.86.85.997.84.1
Jaguar C-X758.19.4107.884.1
Ferrari 812 Superfast7.
Lamborghini Huracán Performante7.69.8108.27.94.7
Dodge Viper ACR6.
Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce8.58.787.98.15
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 20197.86.577.77.94
Italdesign Zerouno7.
McLaren 600LT Coupé7.
BAC Mono6.
Ferrari Monza SP28.
McLaren F1 GT8.
Ferrari 458 Speciale7.76.97.587.93.7
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Focus RS RX5.19.2105.76.47.2
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 20167.
Ferrari 488 GTB8.
Ford GT 20178.
Formula Drift #151 Toyota GR Supra6.
Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A7.
Honda Civic Coupe59.
TVR Cerbera Speed
Ford #14 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing GRC Fiesta59.2105.65.97.6
Porsche 911 GT2 RS 20127.786.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 20197.
McLaren 650S Coupé7.
Nissan R390 (GT1)
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari8.
Ferrari J508.
Porsche #3 917 LH8.
Saleen S77.
Formula Drift #117 599 GTB Fiorano6.
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 20157.866.577.74.4
Volkswagen #34 Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle4.
Lamborghini Huracán Evo7.39.3107.77.44.6

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier A+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Acura NSX79.21077.14.7
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera7.
Aston Martin Vantage766.
Aston Martin Vantage GT126.
Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro7.37.16.676.95
Audi R8 V10 plus7.
BMW M4 GTS7.25.767.674
Bugatti EB110 Super Sport8.383.
Chevrolet Camaro ZL17.
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE6.
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupé7.26.97.675.24.8
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 20097.
DeBerti Toyota Tacoma TRD “The Performance Truck”
Dodge SRT Viper GTS7.
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR7.
Donkervoort D8 GTO6.
Ferrari 430 Scuderia7.
Ferrari 458 Italia7.
Ferrari 599 GTO7.966.
Ferrari GTC4Lusso7.
Ferrari Portofino7.
Ford #25 Mustang RTR5.
Ford #88 Mustang RTR5.
Ford M-Sport Fiesta RS5.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT5007.
Ford RS200 Evolution5.
Ford Shelby GT350R7.
Ford Supervan
Formula Drift #13 Ford Mustang5.
Formula Drift #34 Toyota Supra MkIV7.
Formula Drift #357 Chevrolet Corvette Z068.
Formula Drift #411 Toyota Corolla Hatchback755.
Formula Drift #43 Dodge Viper SRT107.
Formula Drift #530 HSV Maloo Gen-F7.
Formula Drift #64 Nissan 370Z7.
Formula Drift #777 Chevrolet Corvette6.
Formula Drift #777 Nissan 240SX6.
Formula Drift #91 BMW M26.
Formula Drift #98 BMW 325i6.955.
Formula Drift #99 Mazda RX-
Funco Motorsports F95.
Hoonigan Ford Escort RS18006.
Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo6.
Jaguar Sport XJR-157.566.386.84.7
Jaguar XJ220S TWR8.
Koenigsegg CC8S8.
KTM X-Bow R5.26.87.487.83.9
Lamborghini Aventador J7.97.777.17.15.1
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera7.
Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-
Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV7.
Lamborghini Reventón7.85.24.477.15.1
Lexus LFA7.45.866.674.5
Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIB7.
Lotus 3-Eleven6.
McLaren 570S Coupé7.
McLaren F18.
McLaren GT7.
Mercedes-AMG GT R7.56.4777.24.5
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR7.
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG7.
MG Metro 6R44.
Nissan GT-R (R35)
Nissan GT-R Black Edition (R35)
Porsche 911 Carrera S7.
Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion7.
Porsche 911 Turbo S7.
Porsche Carrera GT7.
Porsche Cayman GT476.
Porsche Taycan Turbo S6.
Saleen S16.
TVR Griffith7.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier A

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Aston Martin DB117.
Aston Martin V12 Vantage S7.
Audi RS 6 Avant7.47.58.365.35.2
Bentley Continental Supersports7.689.
BMW i87.
BMW M4 Coupé7.
BMW M5 20127.45.35.664.84.6
BMW M5 20187.
BMW M6 Coupe7.555.
BMW Z46.75.6664.44.6
Cadillac CTS-V Sedan7.
Caterham Superlight R5005.
Chevrolet Camaro Z/
Chevrolet Corvette FE6.
DeBerti Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Drift Truck6.
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon7.84.855.55.34.6
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat7.
Dodge Charger Daytona HEMI7.
Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat7.
Exomotive Exocet Off-Road FE4.59.4105.67.37.6
Ferrari #24 Ferrari Spa 330 P47.
Ferrari 288 GTO7.
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale76.
Ferrari F407.
Ferrari F507.35.756.55.64.8
Ford #2 GT40 MK II7.54.33.553.84.7
Ford #2069 Ford Bronco R “WP”
Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe FE6.65.86.335.88.5
Ford GT 20057.
Ford GT40 Mk I6.
Ford Mustang GT6.
Ford Mustang RTR Spec
Ford Shelby GT5007.
Forsberg Racing Nissan “Gold Leader” Datsun 280Z6.
Hoonigan Ford Escort Cosworth WRC “Cossie V2”5.57.746.15.97.4
Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion8.
Hot Wheels Bone Shaker65.
Hot Wheels Twin Mill8.
Jaguar F-TYPE Project 775.
Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé7.
Jaguar XJ137.
Jaguar XJ2207.
Jaguar XKR-S7.
Jaguar XKR-S GT7.25.25.466.44.5
Lamborghini Diablo SV7.
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante7.
Lamborghini Urus7.
Lotus Elise GT16.
Lotus Exige S6.
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé75.
Mercedes-AMG E 63 S7.68.79.764.85.1
Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé88.
Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck FE6.18.8103.35.39.7
Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series7.
Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG7.777.864.55.2
Meyers Manx FE5.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR “WP”
Morris Minor 1000 FE4.
Nissan Fairlady Z FE55.45.536.48.3
Peugeot 207 Super 20005.
Porsche 718 Cayman GTS6.86.477.35.64.4
Porsche 911 GT26.
Porsche 911 GT37.
Porsche 9597.
Porsche Cayman GTS6.
Porsche Panamera Turbo7.
RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR-Rockstar Energy Pro 2 Truck5.
Toyota Supra RZ “WP”
TVR Sagaris6.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier B+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST4.28.6104.16.710
Ariel Nomad5.
Audi RS 46.965.
Audi RS 4 Avant 201375.
Audi RS 5 Coupé6.
Audi RS 6 20097.56.16.765.85.5
Audi RS 7 Sportback7.678.
Audi TT RS6.
Audi TT RS Coupé6.65.876.14.45.4
Audi TTS Coupé6.
Bentley Bentayga76.27.4546.5
BMW 1 Series M Coupe6.
BMW M2 Coupé6.
BMW M3 20086.855.
BMW M5 20097.
Cadillac ATS-V75.
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 20027.
DeBerti Wrangler Unlimited4.76.34.844.49.3
Dodge Viper GTS ACR6.
Ferrari 575M Maranello7.
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta6.
Ford #11 Rockstar F-150 Trophy Truck5.
Ford #25 “Brocky” Ultra4 Bronco RTR4.
Ford Falcon GT F 3517.14.855.54.44.7
Ford Focus RS 20176.25.83.764.25.5
Honda Civic Type R 20186.84.64.864.64.6
Honda NSX-R GT6.
Hoonigan Chevrolet Napalm Nova6.755.35.24.75
HSV GEN-F GTS74.845.54.54.8
HSV Limited Edition Gen-F GTS Maloo6.
Infiniti Q60 Concept6.84.855.64.74.6
Jaguar I-Pace4.
Jaguar XFR-S7.555.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk6.
Jeep Trailcat6.
Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV6.
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR6.566.244.17.2
Lexus RC F6.755.
Local Motors Rally Fighter64.53.63.8410
Lotus Elise Series 1 Sport 1905.35.84.865.14.8
Maserati Gran Turismo S6.95.44.864.55
Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck5.
Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG6.
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG7.
Porsche #185 959 Prodrive Rally Raid6.
Porsche 968 Turbo S6.
Porsche Cayenne Turbo6.
Sierra Cars RX34.
Toyota GR Supra6.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier B

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Alpine A11065.
Audi RS 3 Sportback65.
Audi RS 4 Avant 20016.
Audi RS 6 20036.
Auto Union Type D8.
BMW M3 19976.
BMW M3 20056.4555.33.85
BMW M5 20037.
BMW X5 M6.
BMW X6 M6.566.
BMW Z3 M Coupe6.14.955.33.74.9
BMW Z4 M Coupe6.
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 19956.54.845.23.74.5
DeBerti F-150 Prerunner5.
Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock4.
Dodge Durango SRT6.
Exomotive Exocet Off-Road4.
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa6.
Ford #5 Escort RS1800 MKII4.455.34.53.87
Ford Focus RS 20095.
Ford FPV Limited Edition Pursuit Ute6.34.74.953.75.1
Ford GT705.
Honda Civic Type R 20166.54.74.864.34.6
Honda NSX-R 19926.
Honda NSX-R 20056.453.
Jaguar F-PACE S65.44.853.86.5
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type6.
Jaguar XE-S6.
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT665.84.146.7
Maserati 8CTF6.
Maserati Levante S6.65.12.454.36.4
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-A6.553.55.74.15
Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe7.
Mercedes-Benz W1547.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR5.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR6.
Nissan 370Z6.
Nissan Fairlady Z6.54.645.53.54.8
Nissan Nismo GT-R LM5.94.536.644
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II6.
Opel Manta 4005.
Penhall The Cholla4.
Porsche #65 Rothsport Racing 911 ‘Desert Flyer’
Porsche 911 Turbo
Porsche 944 Turbo5.
Porsche Macan Turbo6.
Renault Megane R.S.
Renault Mégane R26.R5.44.8465.24.7
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C5.
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 20045.963.
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 20056.
Subaru STI S20965.
Subaru WRX STI 201165.
Subaru WRX STI 201565.
Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck4.75.963.74.710
Vauxhall Monaro VXR7.
Volkswagen Golf R5.
Volkswagen Scirocco R5.
Volvo V60 Polestar6.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier C+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Alumi Craft Class 10 Race Car4.454.13.84.810
Audi Avant RS2655.
Audi S15.
Audi Sport quattro5.75.52.9545.7
BMW M15.
BMW M5 19956.
Can-Am Maverick X RS Turbo R3.
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 4275.53.934.33.15.8
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 19704.
Ferrari 250 GTO6.
Ferrari 365 GTB/474.43.14.435.4
Ford Falcon XA GT-HO6.343.
Ford Fiesta ST5.
Ford Racing Escort Mk14.
Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid4.
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS5005.
Ford SVT Cobra R 20006.74453.44.5
Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×
Honda S200064.
Honda S2000 CR5.
Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air5.
Hyundai Veloster N64.
Jaguar D-Type5.
Lamborghini Miura P4005.
Land Rover Range Rover Velar First Edition64.
Mazda MX-5 20165.
Mazda RX-76.64.835.53.35
Mazda RX-8 R35.
Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×65.646.
Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG5.96.683.23.28
Mini John Cooper Works GP5.
Mini X-Raid All4 Racing Countryman3.
Mini X-Raid John Cooper Works Buggy4.
Mitsubishi GTO6.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR5.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR5.
Napier Napier-Railton6.
Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo64.
Nissan Silvia K’s5.
Nissan Silvia K’s AERO5.
Nissan Silvia Spec-R5.
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 19935.
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 19976.
Peugeot 205 Turbo 1654.41.653.67.2
Porsche 911 Carrera RS5.
Porsche Macan LPR Rally Raid5.
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé6.
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Version5.653.
Subaru Impreza WRX STI 20085.
Toyota Supra RZ6.
Vauxhall Lotus Carlton6.
Volkswagen Golf R5.853.
Volkswagen Golf R325.655.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier C

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Acura Integra Type-R5.
Acura RSX Type-S5.63.935.13.55.3
Alpine A110 1600S54.13.14.435.3
BMW M3 19915.
BMW M5 19885.
Buick GSX5.
Buick Regal GNX5.73.82.542.55.5
Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport Coupe53.
Dodge Challenger R/T5.
Ferrari 250 California5.43.42.342.85.7
Ford Bronco 20214.946.
Ford Escort RS Cosworth5.
Ford F-150 Raptor4.94.843.33.38.7
Ford Focus RS 20035.
Ford Mustang Boss 3025.
Honda Civic Type R 19975.53.734.834.7
Honda Civic Type R 20045.44.13.753.55.1
Honda Civic Type R 20075.343.
Lamborghini Espada 400 GT5.
Lamborghini LM 0025.
Lexus SC3005.643.15.135.5
Mazda Mazdaspeed MX-
Mazda Savanna RX-
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II6.
Mini John Cooper Works5.
Nissan Pickup #23 Rally Raid4.
Nissan Pulsar GTI-R5.
Renault Clio R.S. 200 EDC5.
Subaru BRZ5.
Toyota 865.
Toyota Celica GT-Four ST2056.
Toyota Celica SS-I5.53.834.835.2
Toyota Supra 2.0 GT5.
Vauxhall Corsa VXR5.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier D+

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Aston Martin DB55.443.442.75.4
BMW 2002 Turbo4.
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 19705.
Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 4544.
Chevrolet Colorado ZR25.43.93.4338.2
Chevrolet Corvette 19605.43.62.842.55.6
Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 4545.
Chevrolet Impala Super Sport53.
Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 4095.53.433.62.35.4
Chevrolet Nova Super Sport 3965.
Dodge Charger R/T5.
Ferrari Dino 246 GT5.
Ford #2069 Ford Performance Bronco R4.
Ford Escort RS Turbo4.
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor5.
Ford Mustang Mach
Ford Racing Puma4.
Ford SVT Cobra R 19935.
GMC Jimmy4.
Holden HQ Monaro GTS 3504.
Holden Sandman HQ Panelvan4.
Holden Torana A9X4.93.42.842.75.2
Honda CR-X SiR5.
Honda Prelude Si53.
Jaguar E-type S15.
Land Rover Defender 110 X5.44.753.12.97.2
Mazda MX-5 20134.
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman All45.13.85.3535.7
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX5.
Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R5.24.23.552.95.3
Nissan Silvia CLUB K’s5.
Nissan Skyline GTS-R (HR31)5.742.
Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R4.
Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMI5.
Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS3.
Renault 5 Turbo4.
Renault Clio Williams4.743.
Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST1855.
Toyota MR2 SC5.
Volkswagen Corrado VR65.
Volkswagen GTI VR6 Mk35.
Volvo 242 Turbo Evolution543.643.15.5
Volvo 850 R5.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier D

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 19794.
DeLorean DMC-
Ford Capri RS31004.
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor5.
Ford Escort RS16004.
Ford Escort RS18004.23.634.22.86
Ford Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback5.
Ford Mustang GT Coupe5.
Ford Ranger Raptor4.
Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum4.
Honda Civic CRX Mugen4.831.
Jeep CJ5 Renegade4.643.23.12.48
Jeep Gladiator Rubicon4.
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon4.643.23.12.48
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé5.
Mercury Cyclone Spoiler5.
Morgan 3 Wheeler43.
Nissan Fairlady Z 4324.
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R4.
Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept4.
Peugeot 205 Rallye4.
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA5.
Pontiac GTO4.
RAM 2500 Power Wagon5.
Toyota 2000GT5.
Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT3842.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex4.543.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier E

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
AMC Gremlin X43.
Bentley 4-1/2 Litre Supercharged3.
Bugatti Type 35 C42.
Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan4.
Chevrolet Bel Air4.
Chevrolet Corvette 19533.62.31.1425.6
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport53.12.3425
Datsun 5103.
Ford Bronco 19754.33.52.832.18
Ford F-1003.
Ford Fiesta XR23.
Ford Lotus Cortina43.
Ford Transit SuperSportVan4.
GMC Vandura G-15003.
Honda Civic RS3.92.434.22.45.1
Hummer H1 Alpha4.
International Scout 800A4.12.73.632.17.8
Jaguar Mk II
Land Rover Defender 903.
Land Rover Range Rover3.
Lotus Elan Sprint4.63.52.542.44.9
Mazda MX-5 Miata4.
Mercedes-Benz SSK4.
Mercedes-Benz X-Class4.
Meyers Manx3.
Mini Cooper S3.
Nissan 240SX SE5.
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am5.
Porsche 356 A 1600 Super3.
Porsche 914/
Renault 8 Gordini43.
Toyota Celica GT42.72.53.824.9
Toyota FJ403.42.43.432.37.5
Toyota Land Cruiser Arctic Trucks AT374.
Volkswagen #1107 Desert Dingo Racing Stock Bug3.
Volkswagen Class 5/1600 Baja Bug3.
Volkswagen Golf GTI4.
Volkswagen Golf Gti 16v Mk24.
Volkswagen Scirocco S3.

Forza Horizon 5 Tier List – Tier F

FH5 CarsSpeedAccelLaunchHandlBrakingOffroad
Austin-Healey Sprite MkI3.
Bentley 8 Litre3.
BMW Isetta 300 Export1.
Ford Anglia 105E2.
Ford De Luxe Coupe3.
Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe3.
Ford Transit2.
Land Rover Series III2.61.62.3327.2
Mercedes-Benz Unimog U50232.81.333.32.78.7
Morris Minor 10002.
Peel P501.212.333.94.5
Peel Trident1.312.532.65.5
Reliant Supervan III2.
Renault 4L Export2.
Volkswagen Beetle2.
Volkswagen Type 2 De Luxe2.61.533.625.7
Willys MB Jeep2.623.


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