For Honor Codes 2023 : (Update!) (June Codes)

Are you searching For Honor Codes 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the working For Honor Codes to use these codes you will get free exclusive in-game content and amazing discounts when you check out at the Ubisoft store.

The For Honor story is an amazing ultimate game entitled the tale of warriors who were actually shaken by a cataclysm that reshaped their game world. As these survivors struggled in a desolate land and they actually turned on each other in a bid for existence.

A long time after the event took place, the three factions Vikings, Knights, and Samurais are still at war, continuing the battle against their past. In a game that screams chaos, gamers will be delighted that there is a heart in the For Honor campaign that actually seems all armor chiming and battle cries.

Last Update On – 05 June 2023

For Honor Codes 2023 List

For Honor Codes

Here is the list of all the working For Honor Codes

  • 744-NRY-264 – Redeem the code and get a chance to get 1200 Steel
  • 859-KUH-562 – Redeem the code and get a chance to get 800 Coins
  • 422-JKW-359 – Redeem the code and get a chance to get a random Gear Setup
  • C39-JEE-895 – Redeem the code and get a chance to get 450 Azarus Credits

For Honor codes are only available for a short period of time so redeem these codes as soon as possible before expired.

Also, remember that the For Honor promo codes are case-sensitive. Therefore, you should currectly enter as shown above, including upper and lower case letters and additional characters.

Expired For Honor Codes

Here is the list of Expired For Honor Promo Codes

  • 2̶3̶R6̶-̶E̶F̶XZ̶-̶8̶5̶S2̶
  • 7̶C6̶4̶-̶V̶QQ̶W̶-̶4̶9̶X5̶
  • ̶3̶K4̶6̶-̶F̶R̶W̶-̶3̶8̶S7̶ ̶

If you get any expired For Honor Redeem Codes from our active codes list so mentioned the code in the comment section. After getting your comment we removed the expired For Honor code from the active codes list and mentioned it here for information purposes.

How To Get For Honor Promo Codes?

For Honor Codes

If you want to get new For Honor Promo Codes so we have two best methods so without any delay let’s start

1. Get a Ubisoft 20% Off Promo Code

Ubisoft launches an amazing rewards program that allows you to redeem 100 Uplay units to get twenty percent off your next purchase.

Earn Uplay Units –

  • First complete in-game challenges
  • You can complete classic challenges, in which you can gain at least ten units per challenge.
  • Get one Unit for one dollar spent on the Ubisoft Store

Redeem 20% Discount –

  • First, add For Honor to the cart
  • Then click on VIEW CART
Honor Promo Codes
  • If you have at least a hundred Club Units and all items in your cart are actually eligible then you will note the Club box.
  • Next tick the box I accept Ubisoft Club Terms of Use and then click on redeem 100 U NOW.
Honor Promo Codes
  • Finally, your 20% discount is successfully applied!

This method is really easy as long as you complete some classic challenges and each challenge will earn you ten Units.

2. Claim Your Azarus Rewards

AZA credits are redeemable for tangible items such as gaming-related items and in-game goods. You can simply earn AZA credits by answering some challenge questions.

Earn AZA Credits –

  • First Go to Azarus and connect with Twitch or log in.
  • Once logged in then you will see active Azarus streams and how many questions are actually included in each of them.
  • Next, choose the one you are most interested in.
  • When streaming, you will be rewarded with one credit if you correctly answer a question.
Azarus Rewards
  • After collecting enough credits then click on Shop and you will be able to shop game credits, game packs, or boosters.
Azarus Rewards

How To Redeem For Honor Codes?

If you do not know how to redeem For Honor Codes so here is the complete process:

  • First Go to Redeem For Honor and log in.
For Honor Codes
  • Then select your gaming platform and type your code (24-digit promo code) and next click SUBMIT MY CODE.
For Honor Codes

Note – You will be prompted to link your Xbox Live account or PlayStation account when you select them. A maximum number of ten codes can be actually redeemed per account.

About For Honor Game

For Honor is an amazing Fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft. The For Honor game is released on 14th February 2017. The For Honor game rating is 8/10 from and 76/100 from Metacritic.

In this game, gamers can play as a character from one of four different factions, namely the Warborn, the Dawn Empire, the Iron Legion, and the Wu Lin.


Hopefully, you like these For Honor Codes. In this post, we covered the working For Honor Codes to use these codes you will get free exclusive in-game content and amazing discounts when you check out at the Ubisoft store.

If you want to ask any questions related to For Honor Codes so comment section is always open fro your queries and feedback.

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