Final Gear Tier List : (July 2023) (Pilots Ranked!)

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Looking for Final Gear Tier List 2023? so you are at the best spot here you will get Final Gear Tier List that will help you to get the Final Gear tier list all rank pilots with Final Gear reroll process.

There are many games, many of which are filled with a large number of characters. A good example of this kind of game is Final Gear, which, as a strategy, role-playing game features a full roster of pilots, some of whom assist in combat, and some of whom are left behind.

If you love mechanical battles, this Final Gear game is for you, so check on to find out which pilots are the best fit for you.

With our guide of Final Gear tier list, we suggest which pilots are best and which ones should be left alone. Whenever you go to war, it is war. The only way to ensure victory is to take a strong team with you, but unfortunately, not every driver is worth it. We also give you tips on how to re-roll to final gear, so you have the best chance of getting the pilot you want.

Tier List Guide of Final Gear 2023

The following Final Gear tier list categorizes the characters SSR, SR, R, and N into five levels; Level OP > Level SSS (Best), Level SS (Good), Level S (Decent), Level A (OK), Level B (Average). In Final Gear pilots and characters are available in different grades; Grade R, Grade N, Grade SR, and Grade SSR.

SSR grade characters are mostly powerful, but they are hard to come by. SR characters have great potential but they are hard to come by. R-grade characters have a higher drop rate, but they are not very powerful. Grade N letters are also easily found, but they have little potential.

Final Gear Tier List – Best Characters List

Tier List Final Gear Characters
SSTaysia, Rin Kamiuezono, Nova, Shmily, Solveig
SSnowy, Elizabeth, Viorate
AViola, Natasha, Margaaret, Evelynn, Coreleah, Sumora, Nia, Danngo Kobayashi, Aya Kujyou, Flavia, Favia, Bernadette, PN26 Illeheath, A-16
BAlexa, Leigh, Aita, Murasaki, Cynthia,
CAkari Onikage, Rebeyrca, Grave, Chilino, Thea, Sweety, Rinbell, Phoenix, Paula, Sweety, Ariel, Amber, Patricia, Miroa, Jessie, Helena, Breeze Thallo

As you can see from the Final Gear tier list above, Nova is in a league of its own right now. Not only can she send out minions to attack additional enemies, but she actually gets stronger as her stamina wanes, making her incredibly useful for long periods of battle. With a ton of car fans at the top, there’s no reason Nova shouldn’t be on your team.

It’s not even worth accepting the existence of any rider on the bottom bracket. It’s unknown if general pilots might get top tier options in the future, so unless you’re forced to just build a meme team, don’t put resources on anyone in Tier E. Tier D pilots have their specific uses, but are very often mismatched with those above on the list.

Final Gear Tier List – SSR And SR Best Characters

Cynthia Tier B SSR
Danngo Kobayashi Tier A SSR
Garren Tier A SR
Nia Tier A SSR
Eloise Tier S SSR
Akari Onikage Tier B SR
α-16 Tier A SR
Miroa Tier B SR
Phoenix Tier B SR
Chilino Tier B SR
Aya Kujyo Tier A SSR
Sumora Tier A SSR
Rei Ayanami Tier SS SSR
Lilian Tier OP UR
Shinji Ikari Tier A SSR
Helena Tier B SR
Margaret Tier A SR
Shmily Tier SSS SR
Paula Tier B SR
PN26 Elizabeth Tier A SR
Rinbell Tier B SR
Natasha Tier A SR
Murasaki Tier B SSR
Patricia Tier B SR
Asuka Shikinami Langley Tier SS SSR
Thea Tier B SR
Krista Tier S SSR
Ariel Tier B SR
Rebeyrca Tier B SR
Sweety Tier B SR
Mari Makanami Illustrious S SSR
Flavia Tier A SSR
Grave Tier B SR
Snowy Tier S SSR
Viola Tier A SR
Taysia Graft Tier S SSR
Alexa Tier SS SSR
Evelynn Tier A SR
Leigh Tier B SR
Coreleah Tier A SR
Morgan Tier OP UR
A-16 Tier A SR
Rin Kamiuezono Tier S SSR
Elizabeth Tier S SSR
Shyaditty Tier B SR
Chalice N/A Tier R
Breeze Thallo Tier B SR
Nova Tier SS SSR
Karan Tier B SR
Viorate Tier S SSR
Bernadette Tier S SSR
Kaworu Nagisa Tier SS SSR
Amber Tier B SR
Jessie Tier B SR

Final Gear Tier List – Characters Of Best Attackers

Asuka Shikinami Langley Tier A SSR
Alexa Tier A SSR
Kaworu Nagisa Tier S SSR
Lilian Tier S UR
Flavia Tier B SSR
Danngo Kobayashi Tier B SSR
Taysia Graft Tier A SSR
Viorate Tier A SSR
Mari Makanami Illustrious A SSR
Evelynn Tier B SSR
α-16 Tier B SR
Rin Kamiuezono Tier A SSR
Nova Tier S SSR
Shinji Ikari Tier B SSR
Eloise Tier A SSR
Leigh Tier B SR
Nia Tier B SSR

Best Healers – Final Gear Tier List

Esmeralda Tier B R
Brittany Tier B R
Margaret Tier A SR
Karan Tier B SR
Viola Tier A SR
Shmily S Tier SR

Best Tanks – Final Gear Tier List

Sumora A Tier SSR
Rei Ayanami Tier S SSR
Solveig S Tier R
Roxanne Tier B SR
Rebeyrca Tier B SR
Margaret Tier A SR
Coreleah Tier A SR

Best Supporters – Final Gear Tier List

Sweety Tier B SR
Snowy Tier S SSR
Krista Tier S SSR
Evelynn Tier A SR
PN26 Elizabeth Tier A SR
Natasha Tier A SR
Eggy & Peggy Tier B R
Elizabeth S Tier SSR

R Grade Characters – Final Gear Tier List

Scheer Tier Ratings 6.7/10
Jasmine Tier Ratings 6.8/10
Keyla Tier Ratings 6.5/10
Kristina Tier Ratings 6.6/10
Lollar Tier Ratings 6.8/10
Xime Tier Ratings 6.5/10
Veronica Tier Ratings 6.6/10
Mama Tier Ratings 7/10
Brittany Tier Ratings 7.5/10
Millyna Tier Ratings 6.8/10
Audrey Tier Ratings 6.7/10
Eggy & Peggy Tier Ratings 7.5/10
Bathory Tier Ratings 6.8/10
Roxanne Tier Ratings 8/10
Solveig Tier Ratings 9/10
Neplim Tier Ratings 7.2/10
Memay Tier Ratings N/A
Esmeralda Tier Ratings 7.8/10

N Grade Characters – Final Gear Tier List

Mary Tier Ratings 6.4/10
Ada Tier Ratings 7/10
Whitney Tier Ratings 6.3/10
Maggie Tier Ratings 6/10
Joranda Tier Ratings 6/10
Priscilla Tier Ratings 6.2/10
Trang Tier Ratings 6.2/10
Fulla Tier Ratings 6.5/10
Adrienne Tier Ratings 6.2/10
Aurora Tier Ratings 6.5/10
Nizzy Tier Ratings 6.3/10
Aoife Tier Ratings 7/10
Zoi Tier Ratings 6.3/10
Vivine Tier Ratings 6.4/10

About Final Gear Reroll Process

If you have a specific pilot in mind but are having trouble getting it, follow these simple steps to re-roll until the character is unlocked.

  • First Open the Final Gear Game
  • Then complete the tutorial
  • Next progress far enough in the campaign to unlock recruitment, and get login free rewards
  • Also, complete the recruitment tutorial process
  • Now head to the recruitment tab to draw pilots
  • If you don’t get your chosen favorite character you have an infinite no. of rerolls at this stage
  • Keep re-rolling until you get your best pilot
  • Finally, spend the crystals you received earlier
  • If you did not pick up a top-tier character through the gacha game system, you can log out of the current account and sign in with a new one to retry.


In this guide, we have covered Final Gear Tier List for choosing your best character and all pilots ranked. Also we add all the characters tier lists of Final Gear game from SS to C. We discuss the Final Gear tier list ranks all pilots and tell you how to Final Gear reroll guide. Final Gear is an amazing game you can easily download from play store.

Hope you enjoy this Final Gear Tier List so check our other tier lists.

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