Eternal Evolution Tier List 2022 (Update!) (Best Heroes)

Eternal Evolution Tier List

Looking for Eternal Evolution Tier List 2022? So you reach the best spot here in this post you will get the Eternal Evolution best heroes ranking with the Eternal Evolution Tier List.

Eternal Evolution is an amazing idle strategy role-playing game. In this game, players can rank up their characters and dominate the in-game battlegrounds.

There are 6 classes of characters in the Eternal Evolution game. These include the Assassin, Hunter, Tank, Vanguard, Support, and Energy units.


However, with so many different characters to choose from, players actually might be confused. Therefore, we prepare this Tier List to rank the best Eternal Evolution characters. Now without any delay let’s start the Eternal Evolution Tier List guide.

Tier List Update – 25th October 2022

Eternal Evolution Tier List 2022

Eternal Evolution Tier List

There are only a few fair heroes in the higher ranks in the Eternal Evolution tier list, and it is worth trying out any of them to actually figure out your own in-game playstyle. Here is the detail of the Eternal Evolution Tier List


Tier S – These characters are IMBA heroes. You should sell your in-game soul for them. Unique, Universal, and OP heroes. But it will be actually difficult for F2P players to collect those heroes.

Tier A – Best heroes with whom you can actually complete the whole in-game story. Never feed them into the evolution of other characters.

The good news is that you can simply get them all in the Eternal Evolution game without donating. Yes, someone is common, someone is rarer, but nevertheless, it is easy to collect them.


Tier B – These tier characters are good heroes, but less universal. Don’t assume that they are actually useless. Many of them even help to start the game quickly and easily.

But all of them are situated in tier B-rank because they either have a stronger S-analogue or they lose impact after thirteen to fifteen chapters of the campaign.

Tier C – These characters are the weakest characters in the Eternal Evolution game. Character Kuite rises from this rank to A-rank only after getting his talents. Until then, he is a piece of meat.


Eternal Evolution Tier List Wiki

Tier ListHeroes
Tier – SRez, Bailey Hudson, Crete, Luke, Poluna, 
Tier – ASerena, Taylor, Zander, Hercules, Nadilus, Omar,Aniruddha, Oak, Bohr, Hyupnos, Khalazza, Liran, Rakkana 
Tier – BKuite, Langel, Oisa, Randall, Sorietta, Muka, Murphyro, 
Tier – CBot Mark II, Orn, Kar Maw

Eternal Evolution Tier List – DPS

Tier ListHeroes
Tier – SLuke, Nadilus, Bailey Hudson, Poluna, 
Tier – ARakkana, Taylor, Khalazza, Omar, Zander
Tier – BOrn, Randall, Muka, Murphyo, Sorietta
Tier – CKar Maw, Bot Mark II

Eternal Evolution Tier List – Support 

Tier ListHeroes
Tier – SRez
Tier – ALiran, Hyupnos, Serena
Tier – B—–
Tier – C—–

Eternal Evolution Tier List – Defender 

Tier ListHeroes
Tier – SCrete
Tier – AHercules, Bohr, Oak
Tier – BLangel, Kuite, Oisa 
Tier – C—–


Here are some questions and answers related to Eternal Evolution Tier List

Eternal Evolution Tier List

Q. Who Are The Best Characters In Eternal Evolution?

Tier – S characters are the best characters in the Eternal Evolution game some of them are Luke, Nadilus, Aniruddha, Crete, Bailey Hudson, and Rez.

Q. Eternal Evolution Characters Tier List Are Actually Helpful?

Yes, Eternal Evolution Characters Tier List is really helpful because it helps to choose the best character in the game.


Q. Who Are The Worst Characters In Eternal Evolution?

Murphyro, Orn, Kar Maw, and Bot Mark ll are the worst characters in the Eternal Evolution game you should avoid choosing these.


Hopefully, you like this Eternal Evolution Tier List guide. In this post, we covered all the Eternal Evolution characters ranking from best to worst. That Eternal Evolution Characters Tier List helps you to choose the best character and improve gameplay.

If you want to share any suggestions related to the Eternal Evolution Tier List so comment section is always open for you.


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