Dragon Quest Tact Tier List : Best Monsters October 2023

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Choose the best monsters with help from our Dragon Quest Tact tier list and also you learn how to reroll Dragon Quest Tact.

If you’re new to Dragon Quest Tact and want to find out which monsters will make the best additions to your party, we’re here to help. The latest title in the Dragon Quest series is a bit different from the main games and sees you control monsters in tactical grid-based combat.

There’s a massive roster of characters available, including some familiar faces from Dragon Quest’s other titles, all with varying levels of rarity, which means it can be difficult to pick your favorite. You can get some lower-level monsters as you progress through the game, although the higher-level animals come from explorers.

Tier List Update – 04 October 2023

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List – Best Monsters List 2023

When you first start out, we recommend re-rolling until you find an S-rank monster of your choice, and then building a team around it. The best gear is usually all-magic or all-physical, so the S-rank monster you land on will decide which path you take.

Here’s a list of monsters you can choose from the Dragon Quest Tact Tier List:

Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

S Tier – Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

CharactersTier List
ArchdemonTier – S
DragaurTier – S
DragonlordTier – S
Dragonlord’s True FormTier – S
Dread DragonTier – S
Emperor SlimeTier – S
Great DragonTier – S
Great TrollTier – S
Hell GladiatorTier – S
HybridTier – S
Killing MachineTier – S
King She-SlimeTier – S
Metal DragonTier – S
Night ClubberTier – S
Prism PeacockTier – S
Royal ReptileTier – S
SquidzillaTier – S
Wigth KnightTier – S
ZomaTier – S

A Tier – Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

CharactersTier List
AxesaurasTier – A
Bone BarronTier – A
Boss TrollTier – A
Cosmic ChimaeraTier – A
Dark SkeletonTier – A
DevilmouthTier – A
Dragon ZombieTier – A
EwwnicornTier – A
GigantesTier – A
Handsome CrabTier – A
HellionTier – A
Lethal ArmourTier – A
Living StatusTier – A
SilvapithecusTier – A
SlimecicleTier – A
SlimeshroomTier – A
Striking SabrecatTier – A
WyrtoiseTier – A

B Tier – Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

CharactersTier List
Bad KarmourTier – B
Cyber SlimeTier – B
DragurnTier – B
Drohl DroneTier – B
GargoyleTier – B
Hades CondorTier – B
Knight AbhorrentTier – B
Lemon SlimeTier – B
Orc ChieftonTier – B
Raving LunatickTier – B
Skeleton SoldierTier – B
Stone GolemTier – B
TearwolfTier – B
WharfhorseTier – B

C Tier – Dragon Quest Tact Tier List

CharactersTier List
Angel SlimeTier – C
Bodkin FeatherTier – C
Buffalo WingTier – C
ClawcereTier – C
FightgeistTier – C
LipsTier – C
Man O’ WarTier – C
Mandrake MercenaryTier – C
MinidemonTier – C
Mud MannequinTier – C
Mummy BoyTier – C
Mushroom MageTier – C
Salamander FryTier – C
ShadowTier – C

About Dragon Quest Tact Reroll – Guide

Killing Machine SP Scout currently has unlimited retries, so you can pick up that banner without going through the replay process. If you’ve chosen a different banner, the re-rolling process in Dragon Quest Tact may take a while, but it’s possible. If you found a low-level monster, follow the instructions below to try again.

  • First Open the Dragon Quest Tact game & proceed through the tutorial
  • After completing chapter 2, episode 1, the scout tutorial will begin
  • After the tutorial, head to your present box & press claim all
  • Spend your in-game gems or tickets on scouts
  • Received the best high-tier monster? feel free to continue without rerolling the game
  • Got a bad low-tier monster instead? You’ll need to delete the game all data off your mobile and again restart the game
  • Then repeat these steps until you get the best monster you want really!

Dragon Quest Tact – Reroll

In this part of the Dragon Quest Tact tier list, we’re going to show you a list of units you should re-enroll for; Please note that the global version of the game does not contain all the units that are available in the JP version of the game. Please refer to the in-game banner/banner rate information for a list of units available upon global release. We recommend converting these units to a global version –

  • Wight King – a top Dragon Quest Tact tier unit to reroll for. It’s an S-rank monsters in Dragon Quest Tact that’s known for its leader characteristics. Probably the good leader for the spell-based team
  • Killing Machine – Best Ranged attacker.
  • Prism Peacock (Optional) – this unit has 2 element attacks blaze & lightning
  • Squidzilla: Best worthy unit
  • Also aim for X2 S Rank best characters

JP Reroll Tier List

As we said above, the global version Dragon Quest Tact does not have all the units that are available in the only JP version so take this reroll tier list with grain of salt.

Killing Machine S Rank
Flora S Rank
Snowbird A Rank
Dragonlord Human Form S Rank
Slionheart S Rank
Estrak S Rank
Bianca S Rank
Festival Juliante S Rank
Zoma S Rank
Hell Gladiator S Rank
Silbapithecus A Rank
Dragonlord S Rank
Baramos S Rank
Bone Baron A Rank
Deborah S Rank
Mushy Slime A Rank
Arena S Rank
Draguar S Rank
Clift S Rank
Prism Peacock S Rank
Psaro the Manslayer S Rank
Emperor Slime S Rank
Trick Greetzel S Rank
Hellion A Rank
Wight King S Rank
Grandmaster Nimzo S Rank
Santa Leeslet S Rank


Hopefully, you like this Dragon Quest Tact Tier List post that helps to choose the best monsters. Our Dragon Quest Tact tier list is a work in progress, so check back frequently for new updates on how to perfect your in-game team. You should also follow the Dragon Quest Tact Reddit > Click Here and Dragon Quest Tact Discord > Click Here for the latest updates.

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