Disgaea RPG Tier List (March 2023) (Best Characters)

Looking for Disgaea RPG Tier List Guide? So don’t worry you reach the right spot here you will get the latest characters ranked Disgaea RPG Tier List. That will help out to choose the best character in the Disgaea RPG.

Disgaea is an amazing tactical role playing game that was 1st launched in the year 2003 for the PS2. The Disgaea RPG has been popular for its complex and deep gameplay, as well as its characters and humor. The Disgaea series has spawned several sequels or remakes and total spin-offs.

The Disgaea role playing game series is the best series with its own interesting and unique storyline. However, this does not mean that the characters we play as or battel against are really perfect, and sometimes we did like to see how different characters actually stack up against each other. So now we will be looking at the top characters in the series with the help of the Disgaea tier list.

Tier List Update – 14 March 2023

Disgaea RPG Tier List 2023

The Disgaea RPG tier list is a ranking of all the in-game characters. It ranks them from tier S (the best) to tier D (the worst). This Disgaea tier list was created by pro players and it is based on their experience with each character.

If you want to know which Disgaea RPG characters are worth leveling up, then without wasting time check the Disgaea characters tier list below.

S Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List

The tier S of the Disgaea RPG tier list characters are incredibly powerful. They will likely be your best characters for most of the in-game battles, as they have a significant advantage over all tier characters.

CharactersTier List
Attired KilliaTier-S
Attired RozalinTier-S
Awakened RozalinTier-S
Dark Santa UsaliaTier-S
Pure SicilyTier-S
Tyrant Overlord KillidiaTier-S
Tyrant ValvatorezTier-S

A Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List

The tier A of the Disgaea tier list characters are good to win percentage, but they are not powerful as tier S characters. If you want to have an ultimate party, then you need to level these characters up in the game.

CharactersTier List
Asagi Tier-A
Attired Seraphina Tier-A
Ban Tier-A
Champloo Tier-A
Dark Artina Tier-A
Devil Girl Elizabeth Tier-A
Diane Tier-A
Girl Laharl Tier-A
Gym Shorts Fuka Tier-A
King Tier-A
Laharl Tier-A
Majolene Tier-A
Santa Rozalin Tier-A
Sapphire Tier-A
Yukata Yukimaru Tier-A

B Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List

The tier B of the Disgaea tier list characters are decent performers, but it also contains a lot of in-game characters that are quickly countered. Gamers in this tier characters know how to use their abilities and basic skills very well, but they do not have a lot of unique tricks up.

CharactersTier List
Christo Tier-B
Dark Santa LaharlTier-B
Fenrich Tier-B
Fuka Tier-B
Gowther Tier-B
Majin Etna Tier-B
Mid BossTier-B
Salvatore Tier-B
Sicily Tier-B
Sister Artina Tier-B
Usalia Tier-B
Yukata ValvatorezTier-B

C Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List

The tier C of the Disgaea tier list characters are the weaker characters. They might not have any abilities or good skills, but these characters do know how to use their basic moves very well in the game.

CharactersTier List
Bunny SeraphinaTier-C
Easter MaoTier-C
Flonne(Fallen Angel)Tier-C
Pure FloneTier-C
Red MagnusTier-C
Santa UsaliaTier-C
Swimsuit EtnaTier-C

D Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List

These tier D characters are all those who do not much chance to win against others from higher-tier characters. If you are unlucky enough to have one of these tier D characters, then you will need to level them up or reroll the character.

CharactersTier List
Prinny Tier-D

Best Character in Disgaea RPG 2023

From our Disgaea RPG tier list, the best character at this time is Fuka in the game. No matter which variant—base, XENO, or Gym she comes out with the powerful attack stats in the whole game.

If you are looking for a definitive really good option, then Fuka XENO is the best. Boasting 149 HP, 49 ATK, and 34 DEF, she is a real all-rounder character who excels in all forms of combat in the game.

The Fuka base comes in a close second, with 116 HP, 47 ATK, and 31 DEF. There is a clear drop in Fuka health here, but some good skill boosts and upgrades should sort that out in no time.

Get More Characters in Disgaea RPG

As a gacha gamer, you will always have the option to grab some best characters in the game. As with this genre most games, come in the form of the cool Summon mechanic. They cost Quartz “in-game currency”, so you can not always roll for free.

To spin for the latest and best Disgaea RPG characters, all you should do is head to the Summon menu and choose the type of Summon you want to buy in the game.

There is a different range available, with some time pulls containing in-game characters that will gradually dip out of the roster. They are typically the best tier, so if you are actually serious about having a solid roster then pull for these before they go away.

Summon banners premium always stays in rotation, so you will always provide an option to get the characters. Drop rates can be quite low, with 4-star characters having just a 0.13 percent drop rate, but the in-game range in these general pulls should always net you something great. Their standing on the Disgaea mobile tier list, however, may not always be perfect.

For the Free to play players, look out for the latest Disgaea characters as you play through the in-game campaign mode. They are generally the low abilities characters, but they are typically able to get you through the core game upgrades.

Benefits of using Disgaea RPG Tier List

Disgaea RPG Tier List

Here are some benefits of using Disgaea RPG Tier List

  • Provides the best guideline to suggest which kinds of characters are better in the Disgaea game.
  • Helps to create effective plan parties by assessing the overall powers of your in-game characters.
  • A simple guide to knowing which character types are suitable for use in each in-game battle.
  • Guides the players on what type of opponents they should be more complex about facing

Disgaea RPG Wiki

Disgaea RPG is a F2P, tactical game launched by Nippon Ichi Software. The Japanese version of the game was launched on 19th March 2019, while the global version hit shelves 2 years later on 13th April 2021.

The exclusively intriguing Disgaea RPG makes it one of the best tactical role-playing games available for mobile and PC gamers.

The Disgaea Role playing game is a spin-off of the original game, and it actually focuses on a more cool gaming experience. It has been praised for its characters and humor, but many gamers have complained about the difficulty level of the game. But overall this Disgaea game is really interesting.

Reroll Disgaea RPG

If you have some bad luck in-game with your gacha spins and wish to restart Disgaea RPG from the beginning, then it is actually possible to follow the Disgaea RPG reroll guide.

This is where you manually reset your game data, starting back and letting another free spin. Also, it is quite a simple process, involving just a few steps on the main menu. Here is the complete process of how to do it quickly:

  • First, boot up Disgaea RPG and click on the Menu button in the top-right of the page.
  • Then click on User Center to GDPR then Delete Account.
  • Now simply follow the steps on this screen, and your progress from all Boltrend RPG will be deleted.

Note – This process will also remove save data from other games, so be sure you definitely want to do this before continuing.

Follow these above steps to delete your game account, create a new one then log in, and play the game again up to a point where you have enough in-game resources to perform a few free pulls “typically no more than 30 minutes”.

Again repeat the whole process until you get at least one high-tier character in the Disgaea RPG and tie the game account to your social media or e-mail platform of your own choice.

FAQ Of Disgaea RPG Tier List

Here are some FAQs about the Disgaea RPG Tier List

What is the Disgaea RPG JP Tier List?

Disgaea RPG JP Tier List is the characters ranked tier list from the Japanese version of the Disgaea role-playing game.

What is the Purpose of the Disgaea Mobile Tier List?

The purpose of the Disgaea mobile tier list is to provide gamers with the best-referenced tier list that ranks all in-game characters. Also Disgaea mobile and pc version game characters are the totally same.

Why is the Disgaea tier S at the top?

This is because the Disgaea Rpg tier list was made based on the characters’ respective in-game viability.

Who is the Best Characters in Disgaea RPG?

Tier S characters are the best characters in the Disgaea RPG specifically Meliodas and Attired Killia.

Who is the worst Characters in Disgaea RPG?

Tier D Characters are the worst characters in the Disgaea RPG specifically Ayame, Prinny, and Kurtis.


We hope guys you like this Disgaea RPG Tier List. In this post we covered all the Disgaea characters tier-wise from best to worst and also talk about how to reroll.

If you have any questions and want some other games tier list like this Disgaea RPG Tier List then comment on us we love to hear your feedback.

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