Digimon Rearise Tier List 2023 – (Update!) (Best Characters)

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Hello friends, here is our Digimon Rearise Tier List that helps you to find out the Best characters of the game and also helps the worst characters to stop using in the Digimon Rearise game.

Digimon Rearise tier list can be pretty difficult to figure out on your own, given the number of characters in the game. The game was released in Japan on June 25, 2018 and worldwide between October 7 and 9, 2019. Even today, after all these years, this RPG has a lot of fans all over the world. So let’s try to figure out which Digimon is the best that you can pick up in the game.

Tier List Update – July 15, 2023

Digimon Rearise Tier List 2023 (Characters)⇩

Digimon Rearise is a role-playing video game released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for mobile phone gamers around the world. The game is built with the original Digimon characters and some new characters are being introduced for the first time. There are several playable Digimon in the game and the main Digimon in Digimon Rearise is Herissmon. The story of the game is based on the bond of friendship between Digimon and Tamers.

You can select Digimon and form a team of up to five characters to fight against an opponent. It will be a five vs five fight. You can download Digimon Rearise from Play Store and Ios App Store for free anytime and entertain yourself with an interesting Digimon mobile game.

Digimon Rearise Tier List
Digimon Rearise Tier List

The characters of the Digimon Rearise game are categorized below check now.

Tier S – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
ChaosDukemonS Tier
CreepymonS Tier
DukemonS Tier
GaimonS Tier
GranKuwagamonS Tier
ImperialdramonS Tier
MachinedramonS Tier
OmegamonS Tier
PiedmonS Tier
RasenmonS Tier

Tier A – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
AerobudramonA Tier
AlforceBoudramonA Tier
AlphamonA Tier
ArmagemonA Tier
BeelzebumonA Tier
DaemonA Tier
EbemonA Tier
FrankWagermonA Tier
GankoomonA Tier
GunkumonA Tier
HiAndromonA Tier
HohomonA Tier
KaiserGreymonA Tier
LastTyrannomonA Tier
MagnamonA Tier
MarineAngemonA Tier
MegaGargomonA Tier
MegidramonA Tier
MetalEtemonA Tier
MetalGarurumonA Tier
MetalSeadramonA Tier
MinervamonA Tier
MirageGaogamonA Tier
MugendramonA Tier
NoblePumpkinmonA Tier
OmegaMonswaldA Tier
PhoenixmonA Tier
PrinceMamemonA Tier
PuppetmonA Tier
RotosmonA Tier
SaberLeomonA Tier
SakuyamonA Tier
SlayerDrummonA Tier
SrapemonA Tier
TitamonA Tier
VaimontA Tier
ValkyrimonA Tier
VenomMyotismonA Tier

Tier B – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
AeroVeedramonB Tier
AndromonB Tier
BanchoLeomonB Tier
BlackWarGreymonB Tier
BlueMeramonB Tier
BoltmonB Tier
BreakDrummonB Tier
CherrymonB Tier
CherubimonB Tier
CleniummonB Tier
CrowmonB Tier
DatamonB Tier
DunasmonB Tier
EtemonB Tier
ExamonB Tier
GarudamonB Tier
GigadramonB Tier
GroundramonB Tier
HerakuruKabuterimonB Tier
HighAndromonB Tier
InfermonB Tier
LadyDevimonB Tier
LilamonB Tier
LilithmonB Tier
LillymonB Tier
MachGaogamonB Tier
MagnaAngemonB Tier
MagnagarurumonB Tier
MamemonB Tier
MegadramonB Tier
MegaKabuterimonB Tier
MegaSeadramonB Tier
MetalGreymonB Tier
MetalSeedRamonB Tier
NightmonB Tier
OfanimonB Tier
PiemonB Tier
PlesiomonB Tier
RadielmonB Tier
RaguermontB Tier
RavemonB Tier
RhodeKnightmonB Tier
RosemonB Tier
St.GargomonB Tier
WingdramonB Tier

Tier C – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
AnkylomonC Tier
BarbamonC Tier
BirdramonC Tier
BlackKingNumemonC Tier
ClockmonC Tier
DeathMelamonC Tier
DevimonC Tier
DiaboromonC Tier
DigitamonC Tier
EbermonC Tier
HolydramonC Tier
MachGaogamonC Tier
MarineAngelmonC Tier
MonzaemonC Tier
MyotismonC Tier
OkuwamonC Tier
PileDrummonC Tier
PinocchimonC Tier
PiximonC Tier
PlatinumNumemonC Tier
PumpkinmonC Tier
RapidmonC Tier
RizeGreymonC Tier
SchakkomonC Tier
SerafimonC Tier
ShogunGekomonC Tier
SkullMeramonC Tier
SuperStarmonC Tier
TaomonC Tier
VademonC Tier
WalseedRamonC Tier
WargarLemonC Tier
WaruSeadramonC Tier
WisemonC Tier
ZudomonC Tier

Tier D – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
AngemonD Tier
BakemonD Tier
BlackGatomonD Tier
ChrysalimonD Tier
CoredramonD Tier
CyclonemonD Tier
FilmonD Tier
FrigimonD Tier
GargomonD Tier
GarurumonD Tier
GekomonD Tier
GeoGreymonD Tier
GeremonD Tier
GoldNumemonD Tier
GuardromonD Tier
PandamonD Tier
PhantomonD Tier
SkullSatamonD Tier
VenomVandemonD Tier
WereGarurumonD Tier

Tier E – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
GreymonE Tier
HagurumonE Tier
IkkakumonE Tier
ImpmonE Tier
KuwagamonE Tier
KyubimonE Tier
MeramonE Tier
NanimonE Tier
NumemonE Tier
PeckmonE Tier
PlatinumSukamonE Tier
RaremonE Tier
SeadramonE Tier
SolarmonE Tier
SorcermonE Tier
StarmonE Tier
SukamonE Tier
SunflowmonE Tier
SylphimonE Tier
TankmonE Tier
VeedramonE Tier
WizardmonE Tier
WoodmonE Tier
WormmonE Tier

Tier F – Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon ReArise CharactersTier List
AgumonF Tier
ArmadillomonF Tier
BetamonF Tier
BiyomonF Tier
DemiDevimonF Tier
DracomonF Tier
ElecmonF Tier
FalcomonF Tier
GabumonF Tier
GaomonF Tier
GazimonF Tier
GoblimonF Tier
GomamonF Tier
GotsumonF Tier
HerissmonF Tier
KabuterimonF Tier
KeramonF Tier
LalamonF Tier
OgremonF Tier
OtamamonF Tier
PalmonF Tier
PatamonF Tier
RenamonF Tier
SalamonF Tier
SyakomonF Tier
TentomonF Tier
TerriermonF Tier
TogemonF Tier
VeemonF Tier
VegiemonF Tier

Digimon Rearise Tier List Character Details (Best)⇩

Below we list some Digimon Rearise character details that help many players to know more about the Digimon Rearise characters.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Creepymon

Creepymon is a Dark Demon Lord in the Digimon Rearise game who can immunize his allies with poison and burns. His main ability is burning, he can burn all his enemies and he can also heal up to 500 HP. Creepymon has the ability to deal up to 320% damage to two enemies at the same time. With his passive ability, he can protect his allies from burns and poisons and can increase his own power stats from 15 to 75%. If you are going to build a purple team then Creepymon is the best possible option for you as it will prove to be a game-changer in tough encounters due to his great abilities. You can also choose Creepymon on any team combination because of his ability to absorb massive amounts of damage.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Piedmon

Piedmon is a Techno-type Digimon character with the ability to increase his self-determination rate by 40%. With his main ability, he can deal 370% damage to two enemies at the same time and can also make enemies shine. The secondary ability allows Piedmon to deal 210% damage to three enemies and a 50% chance of blinding them. He can increase his own rate with his passive ability. Piedmon’s defensive abilities are also excellent. Players can pick him up in Tac Gear or Purple Gear to make him look his best.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Machinedramon

Machinedramon is a Machine Digimon, it can increase the counter attack of all allies by 205% with its passive ability. Her main attack ability allows her to deal 180% damage to enemies. With the secondary ability, Machinedramon can deal 260% damage to two enemies at the same time and has a 55% chance of paralyzing them. All of these abilities make Machinedramon a very useful character capable of playing an important role in the team.


We hope you enjoy this Digimon Rearise Tier List post. In this post, we provide everything you need to know about Digimon Rearise Tier List best characters. You can Download Digimon Rearise game through the play store and app store. While you are here, make sure to read out more of other game tier lists to know our best rankings for heroes in all other famous games.

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