Demon Slayer Tier List 2023 : (Best Characters) – AUG UPDATE!

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Searching for Demon Slayer Tier List 2023? So you reach the perfect spot here in this post you will get the Demon Slayer characters ranking that helps you to choose the most powerful character in the game.

Demon Slayer Tier List is a ranked list of characters based on their skills, strengths, powers, weaknesses, and other criteria. Demon Slayer Tier List is useful for understanding what characters are more strong than others and who you should pick to play with.

Now without further delay let’s start the Demon Slayer Tier List guide.

Demon Slayer Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

Demon Slayer Tier List

Here we categorize Demon Slayer characters ranking into 5 tiers from Tier S to Tier D. The Demon Slayer Tier S characters are the best characters in the game.

Also, Demon Slayer Tier D characters are actually not so good to choose from in the game. Now start the Demon Slayer Tier List with Tier S characters.

S Tier – Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer Tier S is the highest tier. Characters here have incredible meter usage, great pressure/zoning capabilities, and strong attacks, and are also fan favorites. These Demon Slayer characters dominate the meta and make major changes to the gameplay’s current situation.

Characters Tier
AkazaTier – S
EnmuTier – S
SusamaruTier – S
Nezuko KamadoTier – S
Zenitsu AgatsumaTier – S

A Tier – Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer Tier A is the second-highest tier. Characters in this Tier A are also very strong and have similar perks to the Tier S characters. However, these characters have some minor flaws that hold them back from reaching the best characters.

Characters Tier
Hinokami TanjiroTier – A
Giyu TomiokaTier – A
Kyojuro RengokuTier – A
Water TanjiroTier – A

B Tier – Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer Tier B is the third tier and is considered to be the average character. Those in this tier are decent characters to choose from and play with.

They are mainly easy to learn and can bring you some wins in-game situations but will not be excellent in any specific regard in the game.

Characters Tier
RuiTier – B
YahabaTier – B
MurataTier – B
Sakonji UrokodakiTier – B
InosukeTier – B

C Tier – Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer Tier C is the second last tier. Characters in this Tier C are below-average. The characters have a few abilities that they excel at but they can not compete with the current meta in the game.

Characters Tier
Shinobu KochoTier – C
MakomoTier – C

D Tier – Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer Tier D is the last tier and contains characters who don’t excel at any mechanic. They typically have poor pressure, poor meter usage, poor damage, and can’t compete in the meta at all.

Characters Tier
SabitoTier – D
YushioTier – D

Demon Slayer Best Characters

Here are the Demon Slayer Best Characters descriptions



Akaza is really amazing when compared to his fellow roster mates and it actually shows. Nearly every in-game tournament is dominated by this Demon and recent updates have only made him more powerful.

He has the awesome neutral in the game and incredible agility due to his Dash Speed buff. Also, he has a quick grab and is a powerful damage character; furthermore, he is the only character in the game with an anti-air mechanic.

These factors, along with his high regeneration capabilities and intimidating play style, push him to the very top of our tier list ranking.



Enmu is the most effective zoner in the game and also has great resets thanks to his range. His powerful ranged attacks are what truly keep him in Tier S as they quickly charge, strike quicker, and keep his opponents at a far enough distance to keep you and your health bar actually safe.



Susamaru is the 2nd best zoner and she is the one with the top damage output. You might think that means she should be actually higher than Enmu, but her in-game damage capabilities are a double-edged sword as it is quite risky to actually pull it off.

Having said that, she has free and meter projectiles which provide you the versatility necessary to adapt to numerous in-game situations.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko has an excellent neutral game and is probably one of the most consistent characters in Demon Slayer. It does not take many meters to pull off an insane amount of in-game damage and her amazing skills combo well into one another.

Nezuko is really oppressive, but her powerful attack can be baited with walls – which can actually put her in a punishable state in the game.

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Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is really safe character in the game to play as and has a considerably high damage output. He can actually cancel anything he does into an Air flip and has a superb grab, meaning that he has the high recovery rates of the characters in the game.

Good Zenitsu gamers are hard to catch and punish, giving them enough time to pull off a powerful combo.

Demon Slayer Wiki & Key Features

Exhilarating Arena Battles – Players can Master the stunning skills of a diverse cast of anime characters, like Nezuko and Tanjiro, to defeat enemies in head-to-head battles both online and offline.

Take up the powerful Tanjiro Kamado’s sword and guide him on his in-game mission to become a Demon Slayer and transform his sister Nezuko back into a human in the game.

Thrilling Boss Encounters – The drama and action reach a climax in mainly crafted battles against powerful in-game demons that will actually put Tanjiro to the test.

Anime Voice Cast – The anime’s original Japanese and English casts return to actually deliver their true depictions of the game.

FAQs Of Demon Slayer Tier List

Here are some questions and answers related to Demon Slayer Tier List

Q. Who Are The Best Characters In Demon Slayer?

Ans – Demon Slayer Tier S characters are the best characters in the game some of these are Akaza, Enmu, Susamaru, and other Tier S characters.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Demon Slayer Tier List?

Ans – Demon Slayer Tier List helps the players for select the best characters in the Demon Slayer game and improve their gaming skills and gameplay.

Q. Who Are The Worst Characters In Demon Slayer?

Ans – Sabito and Yushio are the weakest characters in the Demon Slayer game you should avoid choosing them.


We hope you really enjoy this Demon Slayer Tier List guide. In this post, we covered Demon Slayer character ranking which helps you to choose the best character according to your gameplay.

If you have any doubts or share some suggestions about the Demon Slayer Tier List so comment section is always open for your feedback.

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