Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List (Best Characters!)

Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List

If you are looking for Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List then your search is over. In the action role-playing game Deadly Sins Retribution, you’ll have to level up your characters to become the greatest warrior ever. Like other RPG games, this game has a cast of characters.

A Roblox game called Deadly Sins Retribution is based on the famous anime series Seven Deadly Sins. The focus of the game is on the different races and the magical abilities they use to repel enemies.

Magic Spins are used to gain specific types of magical abilities. Because of the variety of magical abilities in this game, you feel confused. The best magic in retribution for Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List is listed in this guide’s magic tier list from lowest to highest.

The magic you get in Deadly Sins Retribution Magic is a key element that determines how your game.

There are currently 12 different spells in the game, each of which benefits the user. While all magic is viable if used effectively, some are more effective than others.

To help you decide which spell to prioritize, we’ve created a tier list ranking each spell in Deadly Sins Retribution Magic.

Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List 2022 – Best Magic

Tier ListMagic
S – Tier ListSunshine, Infinity, Babylon
A – Tier ListMagma, Wind
B – Tier ListFrostbite, Lightning
C – Tier ListEarth, Dark, Nitro
D – Tier ListBlaze

One of the most unique magic of the game is Sunshine. Sunshine users have access to the Brutal Sun ability, which improves both offense and defense. The Crazy Prominence ability, on the other hand, enables users to throw a bomb that explodes after a brief period, inflicting significant damage on nearby enemies.

Users of Infinity Magic have the ability to use the space around them to their advantage. This makes Infinity a very effective magic class as it can be used for both offense and defense. Lastly, Babylon Magic is more focused on doing damage and has the power to completely destroy opponents. Users can throw treasures that will eliminate every obstacle on the course with the Treasure Barrage move. Similarly, users can use the Treasure Eclipse move to launch archived chests in every direction.

S Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List Magics are all unusual and challenging to obtain. If so, you may want to consider other options, such as Magma, a powerful form of magic that combines the elements of Earth and Fire. Even though it only has access to two moves, it can do a lot of damage. If you want to take a defensive stance, Lightning Magic can be an effective option.

Earth Magic has improved since its recent resale, but it still lacks the influence of most of the game’s Magic. There is also Christmas Magic, but it is not mentioned in the Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List table as it is event related and not available in the game.

Deadly Sins Retribution Races Character List 2022

  • Royal Demon – Legendary
  • Goddess – Epic
  • Deity – Legendary
  • Fairy – Uncommon
  • Curse – Legendary
  • Vampire – Rare
  • Demon – Epic
  • Human – Common

Royal Demon Legendary – Tier 1 

The legendary grade, known as Royal Demon, has powerful abilities that increase stats such as armor and DMGs. The ability to enhance the DMG and armor is unlocked at Clan level 20. The same skill is unlocked at Clan level 85. You have the ability to fly at Clan level 28. You get the same kind of boost at Clan level 500 for DMGs and armor as you do for unlocked abilities at level 20 and 85.

Curse – Legendary – Tier 1 

Curse have a great grade with excellent skill. Your healing ability is unlocked at level 1 of the clan. A small AoE striking ability becomes available at Clan level 40. An incredibly powerful striking skill becomes available at Clan level 100. (AoE).

Deity – Legendary – Tier 1

Deity is a Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List 1 Legendary character with a wide range of skills. You can heal yourself at Clan level 65. At Clan level 150, you gain access to a powerful ATK skill. You gain a pair of wings and a significant magical boost from the Clan level 500 ability.

Demon – Epic – Tier 2

Demon, which can be unlocked at level 20/28/85, is another Epic Grade Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List 2 character with X4 abilities. At Clan level 20, two abilities become available; They increase magic and PHY DMG + PHY armor. The one that gives you the ability to fly is unlocked at level 28 of the clan. One that becomes available at level 85 increases PHY armor and DMG.

Goddess – Epic – Tier 2

Goddess available at clan level 18/508/80. Goddess, an Epic Grade Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List 2 character with X3 unique abilities. The first one provides a set of feathers while increasing the magic DMG by 100%. The second one has given more magic dmg. The third person throws a ball of heavenly energy that destroys opponents.

Vampire – Rare – Tier 3

Becomes available at Clan level 4/35/60. Vampire, a rare grade Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List 3 character with three abilities. The first power restores health gradually. The second power also heals, but it does so by using 1/5 of the damage. The third force calls on the bats for help.

Fairy – Uncommon – Tier 4

In Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List, the fairy character is an unusual grade race with two abilities. The first clan becomes available at level 6 and the second clan becomes available at level 25. You receive a set of angel wings from the first one, which increases the magic DMG. The second one is similar but comes with bigger wings and a more magical DMG.

Human – Common – Tier 5

Human is a normal grade Tier List 5 character Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List. And has the Mana Blessing ability at the Clan level. Due to this power, the hero’s magical defense and ATK increase while regenerating mana for a predetermined period of time.

Deadly Sins Retribution Reroll Guide

In retaliation for deadly sins, rerolling is a fairly simple process. Here are all the instructions for doing so, in full:

  • Start the game by going to Roblox.
  • Use a guest account to log in to the game.
  • Now complete the game’s prologue and tutorial. on the next screen.
  • Finally, summon the character.

For a strong start, we recommend taking out the S-Tier characters. Those characters greatly improve your chances of winning and are the best characters in the game. In Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List If you are unable to summon any S-Tier characters, log out of the game, and then delete the game’s data, to resume the reroll process.

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