Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List 2023 : DBD Perks Sep. 2023

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Looking for Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List 2023 so you reached the right spot here you will get a complete list of all the Survivor Perks in Dead By Daylight Game.

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a multiplayer survival horror game where players have to kill or survive until the end. If you decide to take on the role of an assassin, you’ll have to sacrifice or kill as many survivors as possible. And if you choose to be one of the survivors, you’ll have to defend yourself from the killers and survive to the end.

Each survivor in the DBD receives certain perks that they can use to fight the killers and defend themselves. But there are over 90 survivor perks in the game and it can be confusing for players to choose the best.

Our DBD Survivor perk tier list includes all the survival benefits of the game. We’ve divided all the perks into different levels, from strongest to weakest, depending on your skill and niche.

Without further delay, let’s get the Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List started:

Tier List Update – 19th September 2023

Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List – Check Best Perks

Our DBD Survivor Perks Tier List and Ranking is completely based on our personal experience and may differ from yours. Every player’s skills and experience differ from one another and not all necessarily agree on the same thing.

Still, while you’re here, you can check out this tiered list and see what works best for you. There are total 6 levels in this list. Tier S is the highest tier with the best DBD perks, followed by Tier A with good, Tier B with average, Tier D poor, and Tier F last with the worst perks.

S Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
Lucky BreakTier – S
UnbreakableTier – S
Borrowed TimeTier – S
AdrenalineTier – S
Dead HardTier – S
Iron WillTier – S
Sprint BurstTier – S
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

A Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
We’re Gonna Live ForeverTier – A
ResilienceTier – A
LitheTier – A
Built To LastTier – A
DeliveranceTier – A
Soul GuardTier – A
KindredTier – A
We’ll Make ItTier – A
Spine ChillTier – A
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

B Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
Desperate MeasuresTier – B
Plunderer’s InstinctTier – B
Open HandedTier – B
Windows Of OpportunityTier – B
EmpathyTier – B
AlertTier – B
Inner StrengthTier – B
Prove ThyselfTier – B
Balanced LandingTier – B
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

C Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
Dance With MeTier – C
FixatedTier – C
LeaderTier – C
VisionaryTier – C
Off The RecordTier – C
Fast TrackTier – C
BondTier – C
Object Of ObsessionTier – C
Detective’s HunchTier – C
Head-OnTier – C
Blood PactTier – C
DeceptionTier – C
Quick & QuiteTier – C
Botany KnowledgeTier – C
VigilTier – C
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

D Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
Self CareTier – D
Better TogetherTier – D
HopeTier – D
For The PeopleTier – D
SolidarityTier – D
DiversionTier – D
Power StruggleTier – D
Repressed AllianceTier – D
Second WindTier – D
Small GameTier – D
Ace In The HoleTier – D
Urban EvasionTier – D
PharmacyTier – D
Up The AnteTier – D
Calm SpiritTier – D
StreetwiseTier – D
TenacityTier – D
No MitherTier – D
AftercareTier – D
Self-PreservationTier – D
Any Mean NecessaryTier – D
Decisive StrikeTier – D
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

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F Tier Perk List

Survivor PerksTier List
Sole SurvivorTier – F
BreakoutTier – F
Left BehindTier – F
Red HerringTier – F
Wake Up!Tier – F
CamaraderieTier – F
saboteurTier – F
BreakdownTier – F
PremonitionTier – F
Slippery MeatTier – F
Dark SenseTier – F
TechniciansTier – F
This Is Not HappeningTier – F
Buckle UpTier – F
DistortionTier – F
BabysitterTier – F
PoisedTier – F
Stake OutTier – F
AutodidactTier – F
No One Left BehindTier – F
Boil OverTier – F
Mettle of ManTier – F
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

Best Survivor Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

There’s a pretty polarizing viability tier list when it comes to the many Survivor perks in Dead by Daylight, most of which are unlocked by leveling up or Sanctuary of Secrets. Some perks have a steep learning curve to use them efficiently, some are better when combined with other perks or items, and some are useful only in extremely specific situations that render them useless.

The tier list is also pretty volatile, with occasional buffs/some perks, and new perks being added with almost every new survivor added to the game. For those unfamiliar with all the benefits of Dead By Daylight, this may seem overwhelming. But fear not because we have put in hours and sorted them out for you. This list will narrow down the top 10 survivor perks that are useful in most situations during a match.

Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List
Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List

All Survivors of Spine Chill

Spine chill is a mainstay for many DBD Gamers for a variety of different reasons. First, it’s an advantage that’s immediately available to all survivors, so there’s no need to find it in Sanctuary of Secrets or buy DLC characters to unlock it. Second, unlike its sister perk, Premonition, it has no cooldown. Spine Chill will always alert you when the killer is close and looking your way, and is invaluable for all kinds of play styles. Working on a generator and it gets activated? This is your escape signal. Being chased by the killer and seeing that he is still watching you? Perfect time to throw lollipops. This is a benefit with many potential uses.

All Survivors of Kindred

Another benefit that is accessible to all survivors, Kindred is a benefit that will certainly make life a lot easier for both you and your companions. When a survivor is placed on a hook, the halos of all other survivors are visible to each other, as well as the killer’s aura if they are near the hooked survivor. This opens up a variety of great uses. This allows survivors to strategically plan what objectives to continue working on, when someone tries to rescue a jilted survivor and if the survivors encounter a rowdy killer who takes his victims to keep in the camp.

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Empathy Claudette Morel

As a survivor, you can never go wrong with being able to track the locations of your companions. Empathy is a huge asset when it comes to this. This allows him to track the ages of wounded survivors within an impressive range, easily outpacing his similar advantage, Bond. Since you can count on your teammates to inevitably get hurt by the killer at some point in a match, you’ll find that this happens quite often (no cooldown). It indicates where the killer is, where the potential targets are, and where to find teammates who may need healing (or also can heal you).

Iron Will Jake Park

Iron Will, like Empathy, has another advantage that has no cooldown and can be counted multiple times during what is essentially the same match. The Iron Will can completely silence the pain of a survivor being injured. When struck by a killer, one of the main ways survivors can be tracked while fleeing is by the noise they make, so canceling out that noise makes the chances of survival very high.

For The People Zarina Kassir

While For The People does require a bit more of a specific situation to use, the payoff can be extremely rewarding. Go into a match equipped with this perk and medkit, and it will allow you to instantly heal a fellow survivor to full health by discarding the medkit. This means you can still use most of the medkit on yourself or others during the match, but make sure there’s still a little extra charge for using the perk.

Dead Hard David King

As mentioned above, there’s a bit of a learning curve to using some of the perks effectively, and Dead Hard is definitely one of them. Dead Hard allows you to advance and gain a brief impenetrability from any assassin attacks. It has a cooldown and can only be used while injured, but it’s an extraordinarily useful tool for moving an assassin if you can time it just right.

Lithe Feng Min

Similar to Dead Hard, Lithe is a great tool to have in your survivor arsenal when the killer is behind you. Lithe grants a sprint bonus after performing a vault, which can be especially useful for quickly finding a hiding place when exiting or entering a building. This can be especially useful when combined with Iron Will, as it allows him to quickly disappear without leaving any traces (besides scratch marks).

Prove Thyself Dwight Fairfield

It’s usually worth having at least one other survivor to tackle objectives, and proving yourself is a great passive addition to that time. Prove yourself that each nearby provides a repair speed bonus to the survivor. It has no cooldown, so it can be used multiple times during a match to accelerate spawning (quickly repair as many spawners as possible as a group).

Blast Mine Jill Valentine

One of the newer and more unique benefits, Blast Mine, is an effective way to counter an assassin that aggressively sees/damages generators. After repairing the generator for a total of 66%, it allows you to set a trap that blinds the killer when he returns to the generator and tries to damage it. This can allow an escape if you hide nearby, or a way to fight an assassin who is constantly damaging the same generator.

Decisive Strike Laurie Strode

Perhaps one of the best payoffs, one of the hardest gains to achieve with a decisive strike, is that it is so unpredictable. After escaping off the hook, if the killer catches you again, an extremely difficult skill check is triggered that stuns the killer and, if successful, allows you to escape. It can only be used once per match, but it is one of the most viable ways to distract a killer during a match, save another survivor, or even make one final escape attempt.


Here you will get Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List and the best Survivor perks in Dead by Daylight Game. Be sure to check back regularly to look at how your build could be improved so bookmark this page. Hopefully, you like this Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List post.

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