Da Piece Tier List for September 2023

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Looking for Da Piece Tier List 2023 so you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the updated Da Piece Tier List to know the best in-game items and characters.

Da Pieceor True Piece is actually based on the popular One Piece anime we all love. So similar to anime, this Roblox game revolves around Devil fruits you can collect for in-game special powers. That is just putting the plot in a short and simple one-liner, and the anime is far more than the devil fruits.

But in this Roblox game experience, collecting these in-game fruits kind of determines how good a player you are in PvP, apart from your ability to plan your in-game attacks. So if you trying to find the best abilities and powers to get into the game, Now without wasting time let’s start the Da Piece Tier List.

Da Piece Tier List 2023

Da Piece Tier List

Here we mentioned the complete ranking of all the Da Piece Devil Fruits through different tiers from Tier – S to Tier – D. So let’s start the Da Piece Tier List with Tier – S.

S Tier – Da Piece Tier List

Devil FruitsTier List
Phoenix FruitTier – S
Mochi FruitTier – S
Rubber FruitTier – S

A Tier – Da Piece Tier List

Devil FruitsTier List
Dark FruitTier – A
Ice FruitTier – A
Lightning FruitTier – A
Magma FruitTier – A
Snow FruitTier – A
Tremor FruiTier – A

B Tier – Da Piece Tier List

Devil FruitsTier List
Fire FruitTier – B
Gravity FruitTier – B
Light FruitTier – B
Spino FruitTier – B
String FruitTier – B

C Tier – Da Piece Tier List

Devil FruitsTier List
Barrier FruitTier – C
Operation FruitTier – C
Sand FruitTier – C
Smoke FruitTier – C

D Tier – Da Piece Tier List

Devil FruitsTier List
Bomb FruitTier – D
Chop FruitTier – D

Da Piece Tier List (All Races)

Here we mentioned all the Races of True Piece game

Fishman – As you did expect, Fishman works best in the water. They move more quickly through the smaller bodies and seas of water. You can also use exclusive Fishman karate skills in the game combat.

Human – In the game humans are fairly balanced and their move speed is actually average across the board, but they do have access to exclusive Black Leg in-game skills

Skypiean – On top of having access to in-game Race Dial skills, Skypieans can add an extra Geppo charge.

Cyborg – Beyond special Cyborg skills, this race also has additional base HP. You probably would not notice it later in the True Piece game, but they get the best head start. They are actually a safe choice for beginners.

It’s actually too early to grade each True Piece race right now. Again, they all excel in different scenarios and synergize well with different strategies and fruits. As such, we have simply put together a list of all in-game races right now.

They are sure to add more over time, after all, this True Piece game has only just been released, but the four on offer for launch should provide you enough ways to theorycraft new loadouts and builds for the time being.

How To Change Da Piece Race?

Here is the complete process of how to change Da Piece Race

  • First, go to the Edit screen from the main menu in the game
  • Then click the Race button in the bottom-left to spin for a new in-game race
  • Now again spin if you don’t get the right race that you want

Like other anime-inspired Roblox games out there, the way to change the True Piece race is an easy one. Simply you spin. By in-game earning spins, buying with Robux, or using the True Piece promo codes. You can take a chance on rolling for a new in-game race. There is every possibility you will land on the 3 you do not want over and over again, but it can not be actually helped.

Once you have in-game True Piece spins to use, you will want to exit back to the main menu. Then you can do this by simply quitting the True Piece game and launching it again back up. Now from here, go onto the ‘Edit’ screen and next you should see a way to spin for a new True Piece race. Finally, click that button and see what you get.

When you are actually happy with the result, consider keeping hold of any extra in-game spins you may have. They will become harder and harder to get for free, and you never know when a game-breaking latest race might come along.

Roblox Da Piece Updated

Roblox Da Piece is one of the popular Adventure games that is created by Handsome Studios and launched on 14th Feb 2022 and the Last updated game on 07 June 2023. Currently Roblox Da Piece game has approx 7M+ Visits.

Final Words

Hopefully, you like this Da Piece Tier List. In this Tier List for Da Piece, we mentioned every character ranking that will help you to know more about the Roblox Da Piece game.

If you have any questions related to Da Piece Tier List so do comment on us we love to hear your feedback.

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