Counterside Ship Tier List 2023 – (Global & SEA) [PvE & PvP!]

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Counterside Ship Tier List is a good way to know the best PvE & PvP character. Here you will get the complete Counterside Ship Tier List that will help you to choose the best character in the game.

Counter Side is an amazing futuristic sci-fi gacha role-playing game with a gaming style that can be categorized as 2D side-scrolling tower defense mixed with elements of Clash Royale game.

You build a deck of eight units, assign them each a deployment cost, and march into the battlefield in the game.

Now without further delay let’s start the Counterside Ship Tier List guide.

Counterside Ship Tier List PvE 2023

Counterside Ship Tier List
Counterside Ship Tier List

Here are the complete Counterside Ship Tier List for PvE

Best Counterside Ships are –

  • Enterprise
  • Abraham
  • Gleipnir
  • New Detroit

Counterside Sniper Tier List PvE

Here is the Counterside Sniper Tier List with the Sniper class that will help you to choose the best Sniper Role character in the game in this current meta.

TierSniper Role Character
SReplacer Queen, Xiao Lin, Karin Wong, Kestrel Xiao Lin
AEdel Meitner, Dash, Lyudmila
BChoi Jihoon, Hayami Sanae, Amy Firstwing, Arti Lana, Lucid
CMiya, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Agent Eujin, Lycoris
DKim Chowon, Maya Hunt, Shena, Adamant Sniper, Jaina Kropel, Sniper, Stinger Gunner, Sweeper

CounterSide Striker Tier List PvE

Here is the striker class tier list for Counter Side that will help you to pick the best Counter Side Striker Role Characters.

TierStriker Role Character
SAwakened Yuna Springfield, Nanahara Chifuyu, Abyssal Ravage Orca, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Near Astraea Esterosa
ALin Xien, Orca, Roy Burnett, Eins & Zwei, Esterosa de Chevalier, Spira, Terminator, Veronica
BHilde, Jane Doe, Administration Sword Fighter, Alex, Awakened Yoo Mina, Yen Xing Lanchester
CJake Walker, Joo Shiyoung, Lee Sooyeon, Replacer Bishop, Cindy Looper, Dracasia, Eujin, Ingrid Johanna, Naielle Bluesteel, Jessica Green
DHayami Kanade, Liv Allen, Nina Anderson, Oh Saerom, Amy Strickland, Bomi, Frederick Yuma, Park Hyunsoo, Suppressor, Zena Bird

Counter Side Ranger Role Tier List PvE

Here are the Counter Side ranger role characters ranked by their overall power and performance in terms of defensive and offensive capabilities in the game battle.

TierStriker Role Character
SAwakened Seo Yoon, Gaeun, Ministra, Administration Rifleman, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Rosaria le Friede
ALucrecia, Seo Yoon, Shin Jia, Assault Trooper, Kyle Wong, Yamata no Orochi
BJohn Mason, Joo Shiyoon, Kang Soyoung, Blue Blood Elizabeth, Eddie Fisher, Frederick Doma, Kim Sobin, Lee Yuri, Nayuka Minato
CHan Sorim, Na Yubin, Peacekeeper, Cathy Wade, Elizabeth Pendragon, Expert Merc Yoo Mina, Recoiless Gunner, Rivet
DScout, Thaddeus Morgan, UBGL Rifleman, Cho Hojin, Recoiless Gunner, Rifleman, Yang Hansol, Yoo Mina, Yuna Springfield

Counter Side Support Role Tier List PvE

Here is the Counter Side Support Role Tier List PvE. Counter Side support units are always required in a team, so be sure that you choose the best ones in the game.

TierSupport Role Character
SSky Layfield, Yang Harim, Evelyn Keller, Rita Arsenico
ALee Jisoo, Lona Lee, Nanahara Chinatsu, Arius Esquede, Claudia Nelson
BPurple Mist Laura, Regina MacCready, Machine Collector
CLily, Mika Star, Ironside
DLaura Beatrix, Lee Jin, Lee Minseo, Brownie Moore, Harab, Shim Somi

Counter Side Defender Role Tier List PvE

Same to support units, the Counter Side defender counters are also really good to have in your team in the game.

TierSupport Role Character
SReplacer King, Serapel, Awakened Jake
AAwakened Hilde, Kaci Bins, Lee Yumi, Administration Shieldman
BMone, Overflow, Replacer Knight, Awakened Na Yubin, Carlota, Stronghold
CIrie Alford, Ogami Masaki, Best Mascot Irie, Dominic King Reginald, Ryan Ferrier
DHirose Aki, Kang Minwoo, Kim Chulsoo, Lee Dafoe, Benedict Constantine, Charlie Rockwood, Choi Gangsan, Shieldman, Tommy the Die-Hard

Counter Side Mech Tier List PvE

Here are the Counter Side Mech Tier List PvE.

TierMech Name
SIfrit, Sigma, Tarrasque, Awakened Horizon
AHorizon, Overflow, Hanus
BEvolved One, Titan, ATF-35 Thunderbolt
CReaper, Sparrow, Woodpecker, Arachne, Buzzard, Hound
DBallista, Black Tail, Chariot, Estaque, Glitch, HM MRLS, ACH-4 Clan, ATAC-130 Gunship, ATB-1B Spear, ATL-1 Lincoln, Lumi, MA1 HMMWV, Tactical Transporter, ZSU Shilka, PZH Mobile Gun, Rhino

CounterSide Tier List 2023 – PvP (Global)

Counterside Ship Tier List

Here is the CounterSide Tier List from Tier S to Tier D. CounterSide Tier S characters are the best characters in the game and CounterSide Tier D characters are not so good to choose.

S Tier – CounterSide PvP Tier List

Administration RiflemanTier – S
Administration Sword FighterTier – S
Awakened HildeTier – S
Awakened Yoo MinaTier – S
Awakened Yuna SpringfieldTier – S
Claudia NelsonTier – S
Eins & ZweiTier – S
Evelyn KellerTier – S
GaeunTier – S
HarabTier – S
Ingrid JohannaTier – S
Kang SoyoungTier – S
Karin WongTier – S
Nanahara ChifuyuTier – S
Rosaria le FriedeTier – S
SerapelTier – S
Sylvia Lena CooperTier – S
Xiao LinTier – S
Yang HarimTier – S

A Tier – CounterSide PvP Tier List

Adamant SniperTier – A
Administration ShieldmanTier – A
Arius EsquedeTier – A
Assault TrooperTier – A
ATF-35 ThunderboltTier – A
Elizabeth PendragonTier – A
Esterosa de ChevalierTier – A
HildeTier – A
IronsideTier – A
Jane DoeTier – A
Joo ShiyoungTier – A
Kyle WongTier – A
Lee JisooTier – A
Lee YumiTier – A
Maria AntonovTier – A
Na YubinTier – A
Nanahara ChinatsuTier – A
RhinoTier – A
Ryan FerrierTier – A
Shin JiaTier – A
SigmaTier – A
TitanTier – A
WoodpeckerTier – A

B Tier – CounterSide PvP Tier List

ATL-1 LincolnTier – B
BallistaTier – B
Brownie MooreTier – B
BuzzardTier – B
Choi InaTier – B
Cindy LooperTier – B
Dominic King ReginaldTier – B
Eddie FisherTier – B
Frederick DomaTier – B
Han SorimTier – B
Hayami SanaeTier – B
HoundTier – B
Irie AlfordTier – B
Jake WalkerTier – B
John MasonTier – B
Joo ShiyoonTier – B
Lee SooyeonTier – B
Lin XienTier – B
Liv AllenTier – B
LumiTier – B
MiyaTier – B
Nayuka MinatoTier – B
OrcaTier – B
Regina MacCreadyTier – B
Seo YoonTier – B
SparrowTier – B
StrongholdTier – B

C Tier – CounterSide PvP Tier List

ACH-4 ClanTier – C
ArachneTier – C
Benedict ConstantineTier – C
Cathy WadeTier – C
Edel MeitnerTier – C
EujinTier – C
Fione LowellTier – C
Frederick YumaTier – C
Gabriel Jun the Vicious BreakerTier – C
Hirose AkiTier – C
Kim ChowonTier – C
Kim SobinTier – C
Laura BeatrixTier – C
Lee JinTier – C
Maya HuntTier – C
ReaperTier – C
Recoiless GunnerTier – C
RivetTier – C
Roy BurnettTier – C
ScoutTier – C
ShieldmanTier – C
Stinger GunnerTier – C
SweeperTier – C
Yoo MinaTier – C

D Tier – CounterSide PvP Tier List

Amy StricklandTier – D
ATB-1B SpearTier – D
Black TailTier – D
BomiTier – D
ChariotTier – D
Charlie RockwoodTier – D
Cho HojinTier – D
Choi GangsanTier – D
Jessica GreenTier – D
Kim ChulsooTier – D
Lee DafoeTier – D
Lee MinseoTier – D
Mortar TeamTier – D
Nina AndersonTier – D
Ogami MasakiTier – D
Oh SaeromTier – D
Park HyunsooTier – D
PeacekeeperTier – D
PZH Mobile GunTier – D
RiflemanTier – D
Shim SomiTier – D
SniperTier – D
SuppressorTier – D
Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-HalfTier – D
TerminatorTier – D
Thaddeus MorganTier – D
Tommy the Die-hardTier – D
UBGL RiflemanTier – D
Yang HansolTier – D
Yuna SpringfieldTier – D
Zena BirdTier – D
ZSU ShilkaTier – D

About Counter Side Game

Counter Side is a popular game. This game stands as a widely embraced game that artfully blends urban fantasy, side-scrolling action, and the strategic elements of tower defense. In this immersive world, you step into the role of a company head who recruits Counters – individuals endowed with extraordinary abilities – in the ongoing battle against Corrupted Objects, enigmatic entities hailing from an alternate dimension.

As you navigate this captivating realm, you’ll find yourself collecting and upgrading an array of distinct Counters. Each Counter brings to the table their own set of skills and distinctive personalities. Your task involves deploying these chosen warriors on the battlefield, their mission being the eradication of the enemy’s stronghold.

Beneath the surface of riveting gameplay lies a narrative tapestry of depth, punctuated by character interactions that draw players further into the universe. Notably, Counter: Side boasts visually striking Live2D graphics and an augmented reality (AR) mode that adds an extra layer of engagement.

Beyond entertainment, Counter: Side is a crucible for strategic thinking. The game invites you to unravel its complexities while immersing yourself in a thrilling adventure that resonates on multiple levels.

FAQs Of Counterside Ship Tier List

Counterside Ship Tier List

Here are some questions and answers about the Counterside Ship Tier List

Q. What SSR Ship Is The Best In Counterside?

Enterprise, Abraham, Gleipnir, and New Detroit are the best SSR Ships in Counterside.

Q. What Is The Counterside Ship Tier List?

Counterside Ship Tier List is the ship characters ranking that will help you to pick the best character in the Counter Side game.

Q. What Are The Worst Characters In The Counterside Game?

Counterside Tier D characters are the worst characters in the game some of these are Jessica Green, Kim Chulsoo, Lee Dafoe, Lee Minseo, MA1 HMMWV, etc.


That is our Counterside Ship Tier List guide. In this post, we covered the Counterside different character rankings that will help to know which character is the best in the game to choose.

If you want to share any feedback or suggestions about the Counterside Ship Tier List so comment section is always open for you.

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