Cosmic Agony Value Wiki 2023 – (Update) (PSX Price!)

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Do you know what is the Cosmic Agony Value? So you reached the best spot. Here in this post, here in this post, you will get the value and price of a Cosmic Agony in Pet Simulator X.

Cosmic Agony is one of the amazing pets in the Pet Simulator X game. Read our post for Cosmic Agony value for its rainbow, normal, golden, and dark matter forms, as well as shiny and hardcore.

So read this post completely to know the Cosmic Agony value or price details.

Cosmic Agony Value 2023

Cosmic Agony Value

Here is the list of Cosmic Agony Value

  • Normal → 4,500,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow → 13,500,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden → 5,400,000,000 Diamonds
  • Normal Shiny Price → 9,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Shiny Price → 27,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Shiny Price → 10,800,000,000 Diamonds

The Cosmic Agony current value in Pet Sim X is approximate at 4,500,000,000 for the Normal, 13,500,000,000 for the Rainbow version, and 5,400,000,000 for the Golden.

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Cosmic Agony Hardcore Values

  • Normal Hardcore → 9,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Hardcore → 27,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Hardcore → 10,800,000,000 Diamonds
  • Normal Hardcore Shiny Price → 18,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Hardcore Shiny Price → 54,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Hardcore Shiny Price → 21,600,000,000 Diamonds

If you have a Hardcore pet version, the approximate value is at 9,000,000,000 for the Normal Hardcore, 27,000,000,000 for the Rainbow Hardcore version, and 10,800,000,000 for the Golden Hardcore.

Remember that prices are always fluctuating and whenever a new update is made available you might see some drastic changes to PSX value.

How To Get The Cosmic Agony In Pet Simulator X?

The Cosmic Agony is an amazing exclusive pet and was launched on 22nd July 2023. You can get the Cosmic Agony through Exclusive Egg 16 (13% Chance) (Cosmic).

How Are PSX Values Calculated?

The metrics we use to determine the pets values in Pet Simulator X are comprehensive and diverse. They gather insights from experienced in-game traders, feedback from the player community, player booth observations, and the Recent Average Price of pets. These all factors are taken into account to provide accurate pricing.

To maintain consistency and clarity in pricing, all pet values are set in diamonds, since any other metric could create confusion and potential differences. By using diamonds as a universal unit of measurement, the pet’s values can be easily determined by all gamers.

What Is RAP Value In Pet Simulator X?

RAP Value In Pet Simulator X

RAP is actually a metric designed to evaluate a gamer’s collection value. The term refers to Recent Auction Prices, which is the pet average sold value at an in-game auction. When a pet is sold through the Auction House in the game, the price will be recorded.

The game calculates the average value based on how many times the pet has been actually sold and for which price to assign its RAP value in the game.

While RAP is a helpful metric, it is not always the most reliable. Rare pets such as Titanics or some Huges for example may not be as accurate due to a lack of sales at auction. Also, the metric can be abused, if gamers sell pets to each other in order to drive down their prices.

What Are Different Pet Rarities?

As of now, there are Rainbow, Dark Matter, Normal, Golden, and Shiny rarities for PSX pets. Currently, Shiny is actually the only rarity that you can not create specifically, making it the hardest to get. It is likely that there will be more rarities added to the Pet Simulator X game in the near future.


Here are some questions and answers about the Cosmic Agony Value

Q. What is Cosmic Agony?

Cosmic Agony is an amazing exclusive pet that can be acquired in the Pet Sim X game and it was released on 22nd July 2023.

Q. How Much Is Cosmic Agony Worth In Pet Simulator X?

Currently, the Cosmic Agony value is 4,500,000,000 diamonds for the normal version in Pet Simulator X.

Q. How To Get Cosmic Agony?

Cosmic Agony is obtained from an Exclusive Egg 16, Cosmic Egg. This can be actually bought from the Exclusive Store for 400 R$ (Roblox in-game money) each. Despite that, purchasing more of them simultaneously will actually result in a discount.

  • 1x Cosmic Egg → 400 R$
  • 3x Cosmic Egg → 1,200 R$
  • 10x Cosmic Egg → 3,200 R$
  • 10x Cosmic Egg → 32K R$


Hopefully, you like this Cosmic Agony Value Wiki. In this post, we mentioned the Cosmic Agony Value and all the other details that will be helpful for you.

If you have any doubts or questions about the Cosmic Agony Value so comment box is always open for you, thanks for reading this complete post. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this post because Cosmic Agony Value can change in the future.

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