Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List : (Update!) (September 2023)

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2023 – Want to know the best cookies by rarity in the Cookie Run Kingdom game so you are at the best spot here we prepare a complete guide about the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List.

For this, we have put together a Cookie Run Kingdom tier list guide showing you which are the best cookies and thus increasing your chances of winning in the game.

We have also outlined how to perform a Cookie Run Kingdom reroll, which will mean you can gacha ‘til you gotcha self the best cookie in the game.

Tier List Update – 04 September 2023

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list guide, we will show you top tier cookies, also known as cookie characters, that you can use to build a top tier team in PvP and PvE game modes.

This CRK Tier List ranks all cookies in the game into the following categories: S+ Tier (OP), S/Top Tier (Best), A/Good Tier, B/Average Tier, and C/Below Average Tier. If you are new to the game and want to level up check this Cookie Run Kingdom Codes.

Tier S Cookies

The Cookie Run Kingdom tier list that S tier comprises the game’s most useful and powerful cookies. These cookies are so powerful that in player vs player mode, they will completely destroy your opponents.

They also have a stronghold on the in-game World Map, which comes useful while completing tasks.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier ListTier
Pitaya Dragon CookieTier – S
Crimson Coral CookieTier – S
Shining Glitter CookieTier – S
Sherbet CookieTier – S
Stardust CookieTier – S
Frost Queen CookieTier – S
Captain Caviar CookieTier – S
Oyster CookieTier – S
Cotton CookieTier – S
Pumpkin Pie CookieTier – S
Hollyberry CookieTier – S
Strawberry Crepe CookieTier – S
Pure Vanilla CookieTier – S
Rockstar CookieTier – S
Sorbet Shark CookieTier – S
Sea Fairy Cookie Tier – S
Parfait CookieTier – S
Black Raisin  CookieTier – S
Eclair CookieTier – S
Space Doughnut CookieTier – S
Dark Cacao CookieTier – S
Caramel Arrow Cookie Tier – S
Pomegranate Cookie Tier – S

Tier A Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier A contains cookies that are beneficial in both PVP and PVE modes. They will also come in handy when it comes to quests, similarly if you are still putting together your in-game squad.

These CRK tier A cookies can be utilized to fill in the gaps on your squad until S-tier cookies arrive.

Tier A Cookies ListTier List
Capsaicin CookieTier – A
Affogato CookieTier – A
Cream Puff CookieTier – A
Pomegranate Cookie Tier – A
Tea Knight CookieTier – A
Cocoa Cookie Tier – A
Kumiho CookieTier – A
Vampire CookieTier – A
Mint ChocoTier – A
Herb CookieTier – A
Latte CookieTier – A
Dark ChocoTier – A
Licorice Cookie Tier – A
Mala Sauce Cookie Tier – A
Twizzly Gummy CookieTier – A
Moon Rabbit CookieTier – A
Tiger Lily CookieTier – A
Almond CookieTier – A
Mango CookieTier – A
Raspberry CookieTier – A
Squid Ink CookieTier – A
Rye Cookie Tier – A
Poison Mushroom CookieTier – A
Prune Juice CookieTier – A
Espresso CookieTier – A
Snow Sugar CookieTier – A

Tier B Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier B comprises cookies that are beneficial if you are just getting started, but they are not as powerful as the other gamers.

Since they can excel in the mode of PVE and specific tasks, it is ideal to use them for these purposes while gradually strengthening your in-game team.

Tier B Cookies ListTier List
Peppermint CookieTier – B
Pastry CookieTier – B
Black Lemonade CookieTier – B
Madeleine CookieTier – B
Tarte Tatin CookieTier – B
Lilac CookieTier – B
Red Velvet CookieTier – B
Milk CookieTier – B
Sparkling CookieTier – B

Tier C Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier C cookies are those that are not extremely valuable in PVP or PVE modes.

They may be sufficient for some quests, but they simply can not stay consistent with the other best tiers, putting your in-game team at a significant disadvantage. It is recommended to stay away from these CRK cookies entirely.

Tier C Cookies ListTier List
Purple Yam CookieTier – C
Blueberry Pie CookieTier – C
Chili Pepper CookieTier – C
Fig CookieTier – C
Werewolf Cookie Tier – C
Candy Diver CookieTier – C
Sonic CookieTier – C
Tails Cookie Tier – C

Tier D Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier D is for cookies that are not quite up to snuff and can not compete with the actual others.

They are useless for quests, and using them in player vs player or on the World Map will always result in their in-game destruction. At all times, stay away from these tier D cookies.

Tier D Cookies ListTier List
Clotted Cream CookieTier – D
Strawberry Cookie Tier – D
Beet CookieTier – D
Kouign Amann CookieTier – D
Knight CookieTier – D
Muscle CookieTier – D

Tier E Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier E is made up of the Cookie Run Kingdom’s worst cookies. Do not even consider utilizing these cookies; they are rarely worth it, and they will get you killed in player vs player or on the in-game World Map.

Tier E Cookies ListTier List
Royal Margarine CookieTier – E
Ninja CookieTier – E
Affogato CookieTier – E
Wizard CookieTier – E
Black Raisin CookieTier – E
Alchemist CookieTier – E
Clover CookieTier – E

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List for PVP – Best Cookies

Here are some of the best cookies we can suggest from the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, which will definitely well work for the PVP metaphases from the CRK game as follows.

Cotton Cookie –

The cotton cookie will be an amazing support unit that will immensely support the whole team. It has some strong damage skills as the sheep minions of Cotton Cookie can end up in the last phases of the in-game battles without any effects.

Almond Cookie –

Almond cookie can beat down a whole enemy team by making them quiet, so they will never be really able to respond to us. So Almond Cookie is the ultimate cookie you should include on your squad.

Pumpkin Pie –

Pumpkin Pie cookie is related to the good magic damage, and it has an amazing Pom Pom plush with it.

So additionally, the in-game team that faces it will fall for sure. Even these plush falls always really come back and will nicely suffer the enemies.

Frost Queen –

Frost Queen cookie is really amazing and totally deals with the freeze and magic of the enemies with huge damage per round. And this option will allow the gamers to interrupt the enemy’s knock and skills them within quickly.

Tea Knight –

This Tea Knight cookie will be more powerful than any other cookie from the team, and if a gamer paired this Tea Knight with a new treasure, he is totally ready to brawl at the game. He does it actually while healing himself.

So Tea Knight is a good choice that you can put up in your game.

Sea Fairy –

Sea fairy cookie is best dealing as a bomber in the CRk game, and we can consider it an ultimate cookie from the entire Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

She can help her in-game team with enough damage by good attacking, and this cookie can shred the timely shield of her enemies.

Cocoa –

The CRK Cocoa cookie is a defender from Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, and she got the fastest attacks in the game. So her attacks will totally avoid the sudden attacks by other cookies within an in-game arena. So it is capable of changing the way of your entire CRK gameplay.

Éclair –

Éclair Cookie will support the team, and he has the powerful strikes to support his allies. This cookie has some good random targets with him, and he can land a shield to save his in-game allies.

Affogato –

This Affogato cookie is the last but one of the best cookies we will describe here to be used in your PVP meta, and it has a unique ability within the game. The skills held by Affogato can totally disable the abilities of the Éclair, and they all can be turned really against the team.

There is a cool-down build associated with this Affogato cookie, making him a unique unit to be utilized on every in-game team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Reroll Steps

Here are the best steps that you need to know about performing a reroll in Cookie Run Kingdom game also It takes some time and it is a little tricky.

  • First, start the CRK game using a guest account
  • Play up to the Cookie Run Kingdom level 3
  • Then redeem any currently valid coupon or promo codes
  • Next, it is time to summon your cookie & hope for one of our best tier S/S+ cookies
  • Now if you have the good luck keep playing and don’t worry about the next steps. If you are totally unlucky, continue below
  • Log out of the app through Menu and go to Settings then Info
  • Continue to restart the whole process all over again

About The Cookie Run Kingdom Game

Cookie Run Kingdom is an amazing free-to-play RPG/Kingdom builder that can be available for iOS and Google Android. In this game, you will need to collect a team of the best cookies to help you on your quest in order to establish your ideal in-game kingdom.

It is important to know which cookies are the best and finest for this, and by that, we mean best-tier, incredibly powerful, amazingly talented cookies that will help you win in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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About Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

The term CRK tier list refers to the list of orders in which cookies are ranked according to their abilities and power. The Cookie Run Kingdom tier list is the best resource for both new and advanced gamers.

This tier list will give you a glimpse of how other people approach the CRK game, whether you are hunting for your next great cookie or just want to know what everyone has been using.

Looking the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list has a number of benefits, including:

  • This post serves as a starting point for new gamers.
  • It assists gamers in determining which CRK cookies are optimal for quickly leveling up.
  • It assists advanced gamers in fine-tuning their best cookie approach!
  • When you are attempting to search out which cookie is the best, it will really save you time.

Tiers range from tier – S to tier – E on the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, with S being the greatest and E being the worst or don’t use cookies.

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Here are some FAQs about the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list

Q. Is Cookie Run Kingdom game available on PC?

Ans. Definitely yes, Cookie Run Kingdom game is free to play available on PC.

Q. What is Almond Cookie’s rival?

Ans. The Almond Cookie’s rival is a licorice cookie in the game. 

Q. Who is the rarest cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom game?

Ans. Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry are the rarest cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom game at the moment.

Video Guide of Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Here is the video guide of the cookie tier list Cookie Run Kingdom of best Cookies


This is our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list guide that will help you to choose the best cookies in the game and quickly level up. Hopefully, you like our post and this time is for choosing the best cookies and enjoying the gameplay.

If you really get the value in this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list post and want more posts like this then comment on your topic happy gaming.

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