Combat Rift Codes 2023 [Feb.] – Get Free Gems, And Boosts

Combat Rift Codes

Looking for new Combat Rift Codes 2023 so you are at right spot in this post you will get codes for Combat Rift and redeem to get free gems, coins, and boosts.

Playing a bunch of Combat Rift and want something free to enhance the experience? You have come to the right place. We’ve prepared the latest Combat Rift codes that give you free Gems, Coins, and Boosts just for you. Simply use the codes below, follow the steps to redeem them, and get started on your Roblox journey.

If you’re not sure what it is, Combat Rift challenges you to fight monsters, collect an arsenal of swords, and collect skulls for coins. There are leaderboards at the top, worlds to explore, and pets to hatch from eggs you’ll benefit from killing monsters. If you are a fan of RPG, you will have a lot of fun here.

Last Update – 24 February 2023

Checking For New Combat Rift Promo Codes

What Is Combat Rift Codes (Wiki)?

Combat Rift Codes

Combat Rift Codes is like a free in-game bonus or gifts that the game’s publisher gives out to their users. These codes offer free gems, coins, and boosts. That code you can apply to get just about everything in the Combat Rift game universe. Make sure to check our list often so you don’t miss any working codes for Combat Rift Game.

Easy Steps Of How To Redeem Combat Rift Codes?

That’s the easy part to redeem Combat Rift Codes, here’s how to do it in steps:

  • First launch Combat Rift Game
  • Then tap the Twitter icon you can see right on the screen
  • Now Copy and paste your code
  • Finally Tap ‘Redeem’ and enjoy your free rewards

Combat Rift Codes 2023| February Active List

  1. RELEASE – Use this code for 100 coins and 20 gems.
  2. S3CRET – Use this code for 50 Eternals
  3. AlchemyEvent – Use this code for x3 Skulls boost
  4. JulyEvent – Use this code for 3x Damage Boost
  5. EXTINCTION – Use this code for x2 Luck Boost
  6. NinjaCaves – Use this code for a reward
  7. Update3 – Use this code for 200 gems
  8. Update12 – Use this code code for lots of Boosts
  9. DUNGEON – Use this code for 70 Eternals
  10. Apologies – Use this code for 3x Fireworks Boost
  11. Update2 – Use this code code for 3x Gems boost
  12. Update11 – Use this code code for lots of Boosts

Expired Codes For Combat Rift 2021 List

Here you will get all the expired codes for Roblox Combat Rift

  • ExtraPetStorage – Redeem code and get free 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • ExtraSwordStorage – Redeem and get free 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • 10Mplayz – Redeem code and get free lots of Boosts

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How To Get More Combat Rift Code 2023?

Combat Rift Codes

If you want to find redeem codes for Combat Rift, then you have to consider only 2 things. First, you can follow the Combat Rift developer’s Twitter account – @LordWasteds. The benefit of following the Combat Rift social account is that you can get quick information on Combat Rift working code & recent updates.

Second, you can get updates from Combat Rift Group

Also you should visit our blog Faindx we constantly update Combat Rift post with new codes & updates.


In this post, we provide all the useful information about Combat Rift Game’s new codes, Redeeming process explains the codes, and also explain how you can get more new codes to use and get gems, coins, and free boosts.

I hope, you will gain value in this post, and if you have any questions and suggestions about the Combat Rift post so comment section is always open for your feedback.

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