Clicker Sim Value List 2022 : (Update!) (Best Pets)

Looking for Roblox Clicker Sim Value List 2022? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the complete Clicker Simulator Value List that helps you to find out the worth of every reward in all the categories such as shiny, golden, normal, and rainbow.

Clicker Simulator is an amazing Roblox game where you click your way to in-game success. You can purchase eggs to hatch pets with all the in-game clicks you collect. Each pet rewards you by clicking bonuses so you can find and purchase even more powerful pets.

If you wish to purchase some rare creatures, you will have to unlock and explore the islands. But if you actually want to get some legendary pets, in most cases, trading with other gamers is the only way.

To know the worth of the most popular pets, we have prepared Clicker Simulator Value List so now without further delay let’s start.

Clicker Sim Value List 2022

Clicker Sim Value List
Clicker Sim Value List

Here’s the Clicker Sim Value List; updated with the latest and complete details

Pet Value ListNormal Value Shiny Value Rainbow ValueGolden Value
Top 1 Reward1300KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top #1 Tech Reward1100KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 1 Time Reward1000KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 1 Ocean Reward900KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 10 Reward800KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 10 Tech Reward+750KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 10 Time Reward700KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 10 Ocean Reward600KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top #25 Reward400KUp To YouNo DataNo Data
Top 25 Tech Reward375KNo DataNo DataNo Data
Top 25 Time Reward360KUp To YouUp To YouUp To You
Top 25 Ocean Reward300KNo DataNo DataNo Data
2022 Time Guardian500KUp To YouNo DataUp To You
100M Galactic Conqueror1368
100M Prophet100250500550
100M Trophy50125250310
150M Crusader70180350370
150M Omniversal Guardian1134
150M Shattered Reality6,00014K – 15K21,00030,000
150M Trophy2560125135
175M Angler Glowfish40100200210
175M Brilliant Trophy2050100110
175M Hoarder4,50010,50014K – 15K21,000
175M Radiant Key1133
200M Hornet Defender1133
200M Intergalactic Tro.2050100100
200M Mech Cerberus40100200210
200M Software2,1004,8007,00010,000
2022 Blooming Sheep5123525
2022 Champion3080250300
2022 Spring Dragon2050150110
2022 Spring Dragon10257555
20M Clicker Bot5121927
20M Trophy1753259501,000
225M Insurgent1,6004,2006,0008,000
225M Mad Spider50125250300
225M Spring Guardian1143
225M Trophy Of Glory2560125150
250M Holy Temple1,3003,0004,5006,000
250M Robot1153
250M Trophy2050100130
250M Vortex Dodo50125250300
260M Astrofighter7,00014,00021,00028,000
260M Electric Deathbot50125250300
260M Glory Eye1153
260M Winged Trophy2570125150
275M Astral Butterfly1143
275M Cannon Slinger50125350300
275M Steam Overlord8001,5002,5003,500
275M Steampunk trophy2570200150
290M Butterfly Trophy3075200165
290M Demon Mutt60150400335
290M Full House1143
290M Jackpot Master2,8006,000~ 9K11K ~ 12K
300M Deranged Krab2,0004,5007,00010,000
300M Enchanted Trophy3070200130
300M Molten Canine60150400335
300M Robo Wormhole1254
310M Aquatic Tank1154
310M Aquatic Trophy3070200130
310M Butterfly Spirits3,5007,00010,00014,000
310M Demon Critter60150405330
325M Floating Defender1265
325M Ghastly Trophy4080250170
325M Violet Hydra80150500300
335M Emperor Trophy50100300200
335M Holy Swords12105
335M Infernal Queen2,0005,4007,50010,000
335M Majestic Seal75200600500
350M Butterfly Overlord1,9004,2006,0008,500
350M Lemon Blast Trophy2550150100
350M Magma Monster12105
350M Pirate Hydra75150400300
375M Glory Trophy50100400200
375M Mecha Dolphin252010
375M Sharkbot 3000100200800400
375M Shattered Guard1,7503,0005,0007,000
425M Overclock2,5005,000750010,000
4th Coral Spiker12105
4th Firework Trophy3075220175
4th Glacial Rino60135450325
4th Remix Master1,7503,0005,0007,000
50M Phoenix371116
50M Trophy60150325375
75M Elder Guardian25811
75M Trophy70175350435
Absolute Honor1111
Admiral Wyvern100220460460
All Seeing Demon100220460460
Ancient Coral Hydra12105
Ancient Harp90210440440
Ancient Rhino1143
Ancient Shark Wreck7001,3502,1003,000
Ancient Snowflake1111
Anti Virus100220475475
April Showers Prank1133
Aquatic Dinosaur850190030003500
Armored Battle Yeti1111
Armored Bronto1111
Armored Warrior1111
Atlantis Leviathan125,000320,000Up To You, / No DataUp To You,
Atlantis Shock140,000400,000Up To You, / No DataUp To You,
Aurora Guardian50125250275
Baneful Bot Bunny3,2006,500~ 9K11K ~ 12K
Battle dragon1111
Battle Ranger1111
Bionic Squid0021
Blob Defender1111
Bronto Prime1111
Bulletproof Octopus12105
Bunny Balloons1122
Cable Spirit1111
Carnivorous Plant95220450460
Cerberus Hound11103
Champion Sensei1132
Chaos Cannon10254050
Chaotic Clock Tower1122
Chariot Spirit1132
Chemical Guardian1111
Clicker Mech110260525525
Coastline Serpent7001,3502,1003,000
Coconut Bee1,400300065007000
Column of Laurel90210440440
Commander Crab5105020
Coral Mermaid252010
Coral Serpent5105020
Coral Turtle100220440440
Corrupted Bee Overlord3,00060001000010000
Corrupted File120270530530
Cosmic Anomaly1111
Crafted Armored Warrior1111
Crafted Cursed Dragonfly24156
Crafted Cyborg Dan1111
Crafted Cyborg Jelly Fish7166535
Crafted Cyborg Turtle252010
Crafted Deformed Eel1152
Crafted Electrofied Cat1111
Crafted Frosty Werewolf252510
Crafted Galactic Tortoise1121
Crafted Gorilla Enforcer1111
Crafted Hammer Shark1152
Crafted Ice Mammoth2550200100
Crafted Imperial Lion1121
Crafted Loch Ness Ship163513080
Crafted Marine Serpent252010
Crafted Mechanoid Shark102210050
Crafted Nuclear Shark1152
Crafted Octo Boat252010
Crafted Overlord1111
Crafted Oxidized Shark252510
Crafted Sapling Brute4105025
Crafted Scorching Pheonix3572235155
Crafted Sea Thief1152
Crafted Soaring Tricera…12155
Crafted Spectre1111
Crafted Sulfur Whale1275
Crafted Tiki Emperor1111
Crafted Tower1111
Crafted UFO Slimy Snail252010
Crafted Viking Master1111
Crafted Western Pegasus1111
Crafted Wheelie Assassin1111
Crafted Wolf King1142
Crystallic Whale2560200130
Cthulhu Attacker241510
Curse of the Pharaohs1111
Cursed Dragonfly1153
Cursed Emperor252013
Cyber Assassin1111
Cyborg Dan1111
Cyborg Fish1154
Cyborg Jelly Fish252012
Cyborg Turtle1283
Cyclops Bot1111
Deep Sea Brute800145022003100
Deformed Eel1111
Demented Jokester8,50018,00025,00038,000
Demonic Tyrant100220460460
Deviled Flying Chicken5123525
Divine Entity100220460460
DogFighter 30001111
Droid Draco800145022003100
Duel Headed Hydra10237550
Easter Bunny40100200225
Easter Frenzy15357580
Electrofied Cat1111
Evil AI1164
Evil Hatchling100220460460
Eye Of The Colosseum1111
Fabled Wyvern7001,4002,1003,000
Flying Lizard1122
Flying Machine1111
Flying Ninja Head100220460460
Flying Pyramid1122
Fridgid Sabre Tooth1111
Frostwinged Mammoth6001,2002,0002,700
Frosty Mountainback50100500250
Frosty Werewolf12105
Frozen Acorn Shrine1122
Galactic Tortoise1111
Galatic Unicornlord600140032003200
Galaxium Core2,2004,0006,0008,000
Gentle Angle1121
Gigajet xD1NO7001,3502,1003,100
Gilded Emperor12125
Gilded Sarcophagus1111
Gladiator Reincarnate7001,2502,0003,100
Glowing Flower90210440440
Goddess Cobra100220460460
Golem Champion Droid115275550550
Gorilla Enforcer1111
Grandfather Clock55140300300
Great Heathen1143
Great Sphinx1111
Great Yamata6001,2002,0003000
Gunslinger Cactoid1153
Hacked Chaos Lord1111
Hacked Time Lord1111
Hacker Genie1122
Hammer Shark1121
Hammerhead Shark12105
Hazardous Shark1121
Heaven Zepplin1175
Heavenly Hydra7001,3502,0003,000
Hell Imp1122
HeroBot X191111
Hot Air Balloon1122
Hydra Spider7001,3752,2003,000
Ice Emperor60150350340
Ice leviathan750140022003000
Ice Mammoth10207540
Imperial Alligator7001,4002,1003,000
Imperial Lion1111
Intergalactic bunny10257555
Jellyfish God12195
King Crabby5155030
King Slime1122
Laser Knight1111
Lasso Elephant100220440440
Leafy Frog1121
Legend Of Luck3075150185
Legend of Samurai1111
Loch Ness Ship5124025
Lone Voyager1111
Luck of the Irish5,00011,00017,00026,000
Maker of Mischief40100200220
Marine Serpent12105
Martian Blobster50125280275
Martius Module7751,5502,0003,000
Masked Ruler1394
Mecha Skeleton120250350500
Mechanoid Shark484020
Mega Robot100220440440
Meta Virus8251,6502,5003500
MIDI Man1111
Mini Sune90210440440
Molten Core1,8003,3004,500Up To You,
Music Dragon Witch1111
Mutant Robot1,50030004,500Up To You,
Mystical Amphiptere25075021002,000
Mythical Prosperity2506251,2501,750
Nemesis Android1111
Ninja Macha1111
Ninja Star Warrior70175400400
Nuke Core Bot15040010001000
Ocean Virago5104020
Octo Boat12105
Octo Rocket40100220225
Oxidized Shark12105
Oxidized Sharkcano1122
Parasitic Tower1111
Parrot of Enlightenment90210440440
Party Machine40100230230
Possessed Sphinx1111
Pot o Gold1234
Prism Titan1245
Radioactive Snail12156
Rat Train100220460460
Red Belt Fighter100220460460
Reef Droplet80185420440
Regal Pterodactyl1111
Revenant Kitsune1111
Robo Mutt1111
Robot Sand Droid100250570562
Robotic Shark1121
Robotic Squid120250350500
Rune War Dragon6001,2001,9002,800
Runic Giant1111
Rusty Plebeian1132
Sapling Brute372517
Scorching Phoenix10257550
Sea Thief1121
Seal Rock90180270350
Shielded Whale2050150100
Skeletal Gigasaur7001,3252,0753,000
Sky Sovereign1111
Slime Core3590200200
Slimy Coral Snail12105
Smart Orb120280580580
Soaring Triceratops1152
Solar Surveyor1111
Soul of Ice1111
Soul Sailor1111
Soulguard Anubis7001,3502,0003,100
Space Terminator1,000170040004000
Spider Drone100220460460
Spiked Fish90200420420
Spikey Mutt12207
Spirit Anchor80185420440
Spirit of the West7001,3002,1503,050
Sprit Of Sound1111
Striker Droid110240540540
Submerged Raider7001,4002,0003,000
Subzero Yeti1111
Sulfur Whale0132
Summer Dinosaur4,50010,00011K ~ 12K16,000
Summer Equatorial4008501,5002,000
Summer Trophy5123525
Summer Turtle1233
Synth Ghost1122
Tech Overlord40100225225
Techno Mecha9001,6002,5003,500
Temple Ruler55145305310
Tiki Emperor1111
Time Compass1111
Time Lord1,0002,0003,300Up To You,
Toxic Cluster1111
Trapped Alien50125270280
Tropical Abyss80,000286,000Up To You, / No DataUp To You,
Ultimate Ninja Warrior1151
Ultra Death Dragon1111
Viking Captain100220460460
Viking Master1111
VillainBot X211111
Voltaic Ray1121
Web Surfer1111
Western Pegasus1111
Wheelie Assassin1111
Winged Gigaphant5501,1001,8002,600
Winged Pirate Lord55,000190,000Up To You, / No DataUp To You,
Wolf King1121

Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes

If you are looking for free rewards in Clicker Simulator so here is the list of Clicker Simulator Promo Codes simply redeem these codes and get free rewards

  • 20KLIKES – Redeem the code and get free 3-hour free auto-hatch
  • 100KLIKES – Redeem the code and get free 1 hour of auto-clicking
  • 200KLIKECODE – Redeem the code and get free 2 one-hour shiny boosts
  • 150KCLICKS – Redeem the code and get free 2 three-hour click boosts
  • 75KLIKES – Redeem the code and get free 2 three-hour luck boosts
  • 175KLIKELUCK – Redeem the code and get free 2 one-hour luck boosts
  • 30klikes – Redeem the code and get free 2 two-hour luck boosts
  • Freeautohatch – Redeem the code and get free one-hour free auto-hatch
  • 50klikes – Redeem the code and get free 2 five-hour luck boosts
  • 125KLUCK – Redeem the code and get free 2 three-hour luck boosts

About Roblox Clicker Simulator

Roblox Clicker Simulator is a fantastic game where you collect in-game clicks by clicking frequently. You will need some pets to boost your in-game clicking to achieve success in the game. You can actually find them by exploring islands and trading with other gamers.

For many gamers, trading is the most exciting part of the game, so study the Clicker Sim value list and get into the game of pet buying and selling.

FAQs Of Clicker Sim Value List

Understanding the outs and ins of the pet market can be really challenging. Interestingly, this system is actually complex while the Clicker Sim game is about clicking around the screen. Here is everything you want to know regarding the Clicker Sim Value list of pets.

Here are some questions and answers related to Clicker Simulator Value List.

Q. What Is Clicker Sim Value List/Price Guide?

Some very rare Clicker Simulator pets are received on special occasions. For example, the most expensive pet in the game is the one for finishing at the top in the 1st leaderboard event.

Its cost goes to 1M or even more, as it is one of a kind! There are more examples, and they are all connected to the game leaderboard rewards. The prices for the best Clicker Simulator pets are between 250K and 1000K.

As there are some of them, prices are decided by their owners. But if there are many of them, then the influences of market what an acceptable price is.

As with any economy, how much you will pay a pet in Clicker Simulator game actually depends on demand and offer. Many creatures are actually worthless, as everyone can get with little to no in-game effort.

Q. How Does Clicker Sim Value List Work?

As in the real world, prices are actually decided by market conditions. If there are some famous pets, a high asking price can make everything else more premium. If those gamers are not in a hurry to sell, the costs will be more stable, as only a few people can purchase them.

But that can also be an other risk, as sometimes developers introduce new pets that are more strong and come in more large numbers. That can cut the price of previously highly regarded Clicker Sim pets.

Q. Should We Use Clicker Simulator Value List?

Clicker Simulator pets prices are not set in stone so that you may purchase or sell something for a different number of in-game clicks. It is totally between you and the other gamers. The best price is the one that you are actually satisfied with.

If you are more greedy, you will likely come up short as this is a competitive market. So, the right way to do your in-game business is to treat others fairly, like in any other business.

Because why would someone want to purchase a pet for 50K when many other gamers offer better prices? Ultimately, no one actually forces you to use the Clicker Simulator value list, but it can help you to easily understand the market for shiny, golden, normal, and rainbow pets.


Hopefully you like this Clicker Sim Value List. In this post we covered the complete Clicker Simulator Value List that helps you to find out the worth of every reward in all the categories such as shiny, golden, normal, and rainbow.

If you have any questions or feedback related to Clicker Sim Value List so comment section is always open for you.

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