Cheese Escape Code 2023 : (Update!) (Working Code)

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Looking for Cheese Escape Code Chapter 2? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get how to unlock the door with the code that you need to open to get the red key in the Cheese Escape game.

Now without any delay let’s start the Cheese Escape Code Chapter 2.

Cheese Escape Code

Cheese Escape Code

When you see the green color lock use the green key and then you will enter a room that requires a four-digit code, we are actually not sure if the code numbers vary but the method to get the four-digit code is always the same.

Click on the numbers in reverse order (from bottom to top) and click on the green button. In our case, the four-digit Cheese Escape code that would have the door was – 3842

Green Key And Green Lock Location

As soon as the in-game door opens, always go to the left until and then you reach some columns that you can actually climb. At the foot of the columns is the green color key.

Next, go up the columns and then go straight until you can go down a hole, and you must continue to the left until you reach the green lock, where you need to use the green key.

Red Key Location

After unlocking the in-game door with the code follow the lamps in the dark until you actually come to a table with a radio, and yes, the red key.

Blue Key Location

It is actually located in a room above the Safe Zone in the game. To obtain it, the gamer needs to collect the Red Key, collect the board which is actually located behind the Red Door, and E. It is simply used to unlock the Blue door.

About Cheese Escape Game

Cheese Escape is an amazing Horror Roblox game developed by @Spirow734. This game is a pointless horror game in which you have to actually survive from a harmless rat.

We advise you to play the game with the sounds so that you do not miss anything. Create a free VIP server in the game and play with friends or solo for the best experience.

FAQs Of Cheese Escape Code

Cheese Escape Code

Here are some questions and answers related to Cheese Escape Code

Q. Who Created Cheese Escape Game?

The Roblox Cheese Escape game was developed by @Spirow734 and was first launched on 3rd October 2020.

Q. How Many Visitors Does Roblox Cheese Escape Game Have?

Roblox Cheese Escape Game has approx 365.2M+ Visitors and 97K+ players added Cheese Escape to their favorite.

Where To Play Cheese Escape Game?

You can play the Cheese Escape game on the Roblox platform first open Roblox and then search the Cheese Escape and now choose the game and start playing.


Hopefully, you like this Cheese Escape Code post. In this article, we covered how to unlock the in-game door with the code that you require to open to get the red key in the Cheese Escape game.

If you want to ask any questions about the Roblox Cheese Escape Code so comment section is always open for your feedback and queries.

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