Castle Crashers Tier List 2023 (March) – Best Characters 

Castle Crashers Tier List

Looking for the best characters, weapons, and pets in the Castle Crashers game? So you reach the best spot here you will get Castle Crashers Tier List with all the Characters Ranked.

Castle Crashers is an amazing action indie RPG that allows up to 4 players to progress through the main campaign. Set in an unnamed medieval world, players must rescue 4 princesses from an in-game evil wizard. But standing in your own way is different hordes of enemies from thieves to necromancers, all the way to in-game alien invaders.

Castle Crashers is an action indie game with a really long history. 1st released in 2008 for Xbox 360, the game title was well-received, with many praising it for its enjoyable gameplay and crisp art style. Later, Castle Crashers would be released for PlayStation 3 in the year 2010 and PC in the year 2012.

And then in 2015, its developers announced the release of Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One and, eventually, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. But regardless of the platform, you will need to know the best playable characters in the game. That is what our Castle Crashers Tier List 2023 is for.

Tier List Update – 25 March 2023

Castle Crashers Tier List – Best Characters

Castle Crashers have 31 distinct playable characters. Each has a starting weapon and a specific play skill set that you can utilize as you battel from different enemies.

In this Castle Crashers Character Tier List, each character falls under one of the 5 possible ranks: S, A, B, C, and D Tier. Characters in S Tier are the really best options in the game, with excellent skills that perform well in the main campaign and across mini-games.

Conversely, Tier D characters are the least effective in the Castle Crashers game. Their skills are not very useful, so it did be an actual waste to invest in leveling them up.

S Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List

The S-tier characters in Castle Crashers have the best weapons and skills. They are powerful among all and are very good at killing all opponents.

CharactersTier List
Blue KnightTier – S
IndustrialistTier – S
Red KnightTier – S
IceskimoTier – S
FencerTier – S

A Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List

The A Tier is the second tier in the castle crashers character tier list and it has all the characters that have good weapons but lack good magic skills.

CharactersTier List
SnakeyTier – A
Fire DemonTier – A
BruteTier – A
Orange KnightTier – A
BearTier – A

B Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List

The characters in this tier B are best when it comes to in-game crowd management. These characters are well used in multiplayer mode when there are too many opponents to deal with at a single time.

CharactersTier List
Pink KnightTier – B
ConeheadTier – B
SaracenTier – B
Cult MinionTier – B
AlienTier – B
NinjaTier – B
Royal GuardTier – B
NecromancerTier – B
SkeletonTier – B
Gray KnightTier – B

C Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List

All the Tier C Characters have unique magic skills but they lack having the best weapons with them.

CharactersTier List
KingTier – C
Open Faced Gray KnightTier – C
CivilianTier – C
BarbarianTier – C
ThiefTier – C
Green KnightTier – C
Stove FaceTier – C
Killer BeekeeperTier – C
PeasantTier – C
BlacksmithTier – C

D Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List

The Tier D characters are the worst and weakest characters in the Castle Crashers game who lack both weapons and skills.

CharactersTier List
Hatty HattingtonTier – D

Castle Crashers Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons

Here is the list of best weapons in Castle Crashers Game

  • Man Catcher
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Fishing Spear
  • NG Golden Sword
  • Buffalo Mace
  • Ribeye
  • Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Golden Skull Mace
  • Clunky Mace

Attributes of Castle Crashers Tier List 2023

Now that you know the best characters and best weapons in the game, you will need to start planning on how to improve them in the game. This can be done by Attribute strengthening. Attributes are essentially your in-game character’s main stats.

Each Attribute major affects a different aspect of their character combat ability, so what you choose to invest in greatly affects your gameplay style. To apply skill points to an Attribute, you must definitely level up each character individually.

So, your playing strategy should involve what characters to use and which of their good Attributes to strengthen. Luckily, our Castle Crashers Tier List also features a complete guide on character Attributes so check below.


Your in-game strength stat decides how much damage your character inflicts in one attack. Because Castle Crashers characters gain experience from hits, not damage, it is not ideal to invest in this Attribute.


Your in-game Magic stat increases your magic damage, decreases the costs of magic attacks, and improves the recharge rate of the magic bar. As similar as to Strength, it is not recommended that you invest so much in this Attribute.


Your in-game Defense stat increases your HP, and your resistance to different types of attacks, and makes the flinch effect go by faster. There is no actual downside to investing in this Attribute, so you should put most of your skill points in defense.

Castle Crashers Gameplay

Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling hack and slash game with some well RPG features thrown in for good measure. After character selection, the player chooses a starting stage from the in-game world map. After completing a stage, the player can choose to go back to it or move on to the next stage.

The map also shows shops where the player character can use coins obtained from defeated opponents, bosses and crates to buy things and weapons. Unlocking arena stages allows the player character to perform tasks to unlock new characters, such as villagers.

Castle Crashers allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously online. The player who is next in the game determines which stages are unlocked, although some levels require all players to unlock them before proceeding.

However, each player’s character will independently gain experience points and receive weapons, money, and animal ornaments as the rest of the party progress.

The player can employ melee and combo attacks in each stage. Juggling is a strategy where a player jumps on an opponent and performs various combinations on them, such as light juggling, which can be done by pressing XXYY on the Xbox controller or square, square, triangle, triangle on PlayStation often and early.

To counter opponents, each character has a unique magical ability and life meter, which, if depleted by enemy attacks, causes the character to fall into battle. This concludes the stage in single-player mode. However, in cooperative multiplayer, other players can attempt to revive a downed character.


That is our Castle Crashers Tier List and each character has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Castle Crashers characters that you choose should be suitable for the game mode that you are playing.

You should also use characters that you like playing and not use them just because they are tier S characters. Hopefully, you like our Castle Crashers Teir List and if you have any feedback then comment on us.

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