Brotato Class Tier List 2023 : (Update) (All Classes Ranked)

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Looking for Brotato Class Tier List 2023? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get all the best Brotato classes that will help you choose the best Brotatos in the game.

Brotato has multiple in-game characters and you can pick them to survive waves of opponents. Each character has its own weaknesses and strengths that can be used to survive all twenty waves. They come with different weapons and items that can mitigate some disadvantages or add more to your in-game advantages.

All Brotato classes can knock back twenty waves of opponents, even at the highest threat level in the game. Some classes are really more powerful than others, while others need a deeper understanding of the game in order to show their in-game talents.

While every gamer will have their favorite brotatos, some are simpler to use than others. Now without any delay let’s start the Brotato Class Tier List guide.

Brotato Class Tier List 2023

Brotato Class Tier List

Here is the complete Brotato Class Tier List from Tier S to Tier D. Tier S Brotatos are the best in the game, and Tier D Brotatos are the weakest in the game.

Tier SBrawler, Ranger, Ghost, Well-Rounded, One-Armed, Knight
Tier AMultitasker, Doctor, Bull, Crazy
Tier BMutant, Generalist, Loud, Old, Lucky, Gladiator, Speedy, Engineer
Tier CSick, Pacifist, Explorer, Chunky, Wildling, Masochist, Demon
Tier DSaver, Entrepreneur, Mage, Farmer, Soldier

S Tier – Brotato Class Tier List

BrawlerTier – S
One-ArmedTier – S
RangerTier – S
GhostTier – S
Well-RoundedTier – S
KnightTier – S

These brotatos were chosen because their lessons are really simple to understand and easy to follow. Well-Rounded has no actual downsides and is a standard in-game brotato. Ranger and Brawler will help you get used to ranged and melee weapons respectively.

Knight and Ghost emphasize Armor and Dodge attributes that will really help you adapt your defense choices while benefiting from both in the game.

One-armed will only provide you one weapon to play with, but it may prove to be all you require and help you explore the use of items in the game.

A Tier – Brotato Class Tier List

MultitaskerTier – A
BullTier – A
DoctorTier – A
CrazyTier – A

These brotatos are simple to use, but you have to know how to use them more effectively. The Madness needs you to think about lethal damage and take down your foes rapidly, relying on precise power bonuses in the game.

Multitasker is really good for using twelve or more weapons, but you have to know how to use multiple weapons or make up for the seventy-two percent damage loss from using that many in-game weapons.

The Doctor will really help you get used to the vampire attribute and how to actually restore damage, but you have to understand your medical weapon and how vampire really works.

Bull requires you to deal explosive damage by hitting an opponent, and you have to know how to prepare for mitigation/healing before the bull is successful in the game.

B Tier – Brotato Class Tier List

EngineerTier – B
LuckyTier – B
GeneralistTier – B
OldTier – B
GladiatorTier – B
SpeedyTier – B
MutantTier – B
LoudTier – B

Tier B brotatos are quite good but need more familiarity to get the best results. Luck and Old will help you get used to enemy harvest/speed stats and luck stats, but they aren’t aggressive and can be confusing at the begging. Mutants have a good experience gain, but you may actually struggle to make up for it with increased prizes in the game.

Generalist can help you range weapons and balance melee, but focusing on both types of in-game damage can confuse gamers on both sides. Loud has to deal with more opponents, while Gladiator encourages the use of other melee weapons in the game.

Speedy is really good for gamers who can sprint around the in-game battlefield, while Engineers actually rely on the Engineering attribute, an often overlooked attribute for many Brotatos in the game.

C Tier – Brotato Class Tier List

PacifistTier – C
WildlingTier – C
ExplorerTier – C
SickTier – C
MasochistTier – C
DemonTier – C
ChunkyTier – C

All Tier C brotatos are fine to use, but they mainly require major adjustments to your usual in-game strategy to avoid premature failure. Chunky needs you to understand that you require to invest in speed and damage, otherwise Chunky would not be actually able to catch up on the waves that follow.

Wildling mainly focuses on using clubs to make up for his lack of tier II in-game weapons and uses life stealing in the game. Being sick needs focusing on lifesteal or/and attrition healing to stay alive in the game.

Pacifist needs you to use your Harvesting stats to actually level up and keep opponents alive. Explorers will rely on having a good number of trees for their privilege in the game. Masochism needs you to create a durable brotato that can battle after taking damage.

Demons are actually effective, but you have to manage your maximum HP investment/spend gain on items before running out of HP in the game.

D Tier – Brotato Class Tier List

MageTier – D
FarmerTier – D
SaverTier – D
EntrepreneurTier – D
SoldierTier – D

Tier D Brotatos are still helpful, but really difficult to use effectively. The mage needs you to deal with elemental damage, such as in-game burning. It can be hard to get used to at first, especially if you are unlucky with elemental in-game weapons.

Farmer are required to harvest to be successful, and you need to hope you survive while it builds in the game. With Saver, you have to save materials to gain in-game power, and finding the best balance between saving and spending is not easy.

Entrepreneur, you have to deal with losing all your in-game money and spending all your materials every round so as not to actually waste it. Soldiers can not move at all (unless you press the move key), but not actually moving will cost you the boss battle.

Any brotato can be successful in the game but some people will actually find the path harder than others. With these leaderboards, you can choose which brotato can really help you to learn the game, then go through the list to master each lesson in the game.

FAQs Of Brotato Class Tier List

Brotato Class Tier List

Here are some questions and answers related to Brotato Class Tier List

Q. Who Are The Best Brotato Class In Brotato Game?

Tier S Brotatos are the best Brotatos in the Brotato Game that are Well-Rounded, Ranger, Ghost, One-Armed, Brawler, and Knight.

Q. What Is Brotato Class Tier List?

Brotato Class Tier List is the Brotatos rankings guide that will help you to choose the best Brotato in the Brotato game.

Q. Who Are The Worst Brotato Class In Brotato Game?

Tier D Brotatos are the worst Brotatos in the Brotato Game they are Saver, Entrepreneur, Mage, Farmer, and Soldier.


Hopefully, you really enjoy this Brotato Class Tier List guide. In this post, we covered all the best Brotato classes that will help you to pick the best Brotatos in the game.

If you want to share any suggestions or feedback related to Brotato Class Tier List so comment section is always open for you.

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