Bloxburg School Test Answers 2022 – (Update) (Right Answers)

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Looking for Bloxburg School Test Answers 2022? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete Bloxburg School Test Answers that will help you to unlock the Bloxburg School Trophy item in the Welcome to Bloxburg game.

Welcome to Bloxburg is an amazing game developed by Coeptus for the Roblox platform. In this game, you will have to head to school and take a test. If you have been doing so much schoolwork in general then you might not want to have to look up all of the right answers or do any studying.

If that is the case then do not worry because we have got all of the correct answers you have to only pass the test and get yourself the free trophy item in the game.

Now without further delay let’s start the Bloxburg Test Answers list.

Bloxburg School Test Answers 2022

Bloxburg School Test Answers
Bloxburg School Test Answers

Here is the list of right Bloxburg School Test Answers

  • How much water is in the river Answer > Too Much
  • What is the name of the holiday elf Answer > Elf
  • How many species of fish can be caught via fishing right Answer is > 5
  • How many sprinkles are on Ben’s Ice Cream Answer > 51
  • Calculate 5 – 8 + 4 = Answer > 1
  • What is the circumference of the beach Ferris wheel Answer > 50
  • How many food items are on the shelves of BFF Answer > 5
  • How long is the Bloxburg highway Answer > Too long
  • How many benches are in Bloxburg Answer > Too many
  • How many bricks are on city hall Answer > 3000
  • How many mailboxes are in Bloxburg Answer > 12
  • How deep is the Bloxburg cave Answer > Too deep
  • What is the number of treadmills in the gym Answer > 12
  • What is the price of an oil change at Mike’s Motors Answer > Free
  • How many hair product bottles are at Stylez Answer > 88
  • How many trees are on the map available Answer > Too Many
  • What is the population of Bloxburg Answer > 50
  • What is the price of a Bloxy Meal Answer > 8
  • How many planks of wood are at Lovely Lumber the Answer is > 2000
  • How many materials can be mined in the Bloxburg cave Answer > 5
  • Spell “Bloxburg” backward Answer > grubxolb
  • How many parking spots are available in the parking garage the right Answer is > 82
  • How tall is the Bloxburg mountain Answer > Too Tall
  • How many streetlights are in Bloxburg right Answer is > 51
  • Calculate 6 * 7 / 2 – Answer > 21
  • What year was Bloxburg released Answer > 2014
  • What planet is the Observatory telescope viewing currently Answer > Moon

About Bloxburg School Test

To take the Bloxburg School test you must go to in-game school and be of school age. So if you actually check your age in the dresser and change your age to in-game school age, as a child, if when you go to Bloxburg school you can not unlock the in-game test.

As for the Bloxburg School test, it is an exam with ten random questions, and if you actually manage to pass it you will get the Bloxburg School in-game trophy item reward.

New Bloxburg School questions and answers may be added in the future. So if you find any question that is not on our Bloxburg Test Answers list, drop a comment, and we will find the right answer and add it to the Bloxburg Test Answers list.

How To Take The Roblox Bloxburg School Test?

Bloxburg School Test Answers

In order to be eligible to take the Bloxburg School test, you must be actually a child. If your in-game character is not already a child all that is required is for you to either go home and open an in-game dresser and change into a child, or go to Stylez hairdresser where you can actually change into a kid there in the game.


Hopefully you like this Bloxburg School Test Answers post. In this post, we covered the complete Bloxburg School Test Answers that will help you to unlock the Bloxburg School Trophy item in the Welcome to Bloxburg game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any suggestions related to Bloxburg School Test Answers so comment section is always open for your valuable feedback.

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