Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes – (Update!) (September 2023)

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Are you looking for Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes? So you are at the right place. Here in this post, you will get the working Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes that will help you to discover the perfect haven for your Bloxburg virtual life.

Welcome to Bloxburg is a popular Roblox game created by Coeptus. In this game, you will get the most amazing adventure in the city of Bloxburg. Also, Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes will help you to explore more.

Now without wasting time let’s start the Bloxburg Neighborhood Code list.

Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes 2023 – UPDATE!

Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

Here is the list of working Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

  • Privix
  • Spring Hill
  • Veeunicorn12!
  • Truereeses
  • meIodyxiiee
  • starzinskyz
  • itsmikayla78
  • sirequacc
  • vqnillaheart
  • Coolkhi5
  • starfifilove
  • butterflylollypop1
  • Happycookie_Dushess
  • kingvon881299
  • Ilychloayy
  • AudreyER
  • Elxto_yt
  • PIGS101PIGS101
  • Serenltty
  • BestyMimii
  • regansxo
  • exclusivejamess
  • oliveeahh
  • Duke112008
  • Gryffindorsav
  • L1L1M30W
  • xxxLovelyTaytayxxx
  • b1ind1y
  • itzrebecca1

Other Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

Here is the list of some other Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

  • Xaurven
  • BlushxJunee
  • IconicMaggs
  • Finn156332
  • Xcindytheunicorn
  • Hfhsmiles
  • Aanugie
  • Cyutie16
  • L0velyclo
  • Libubblybuildyt
  • WorldonBri
  • 1uvbear
  • Najdim
  • Privix
  • Glamxems
  • Itzrebecca1
  • IlyM4E
  • Truereeses

Use these Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes to discover new things and enjoy the game journey. If you find any of this Bloxburg Neighborhood Code is not working so comment below the expired code name.

Expired Codes

Here is the list of Bloxburg Neighborhood expired code

  • Not Available

Currently, most of the Bloxburg Neighborhood codes are working but in the future may be some codes will stop working. So don’t forget to bookmark this post to get the latest Bloxburg Neighborhood codes and updates.

How To Find Bloxburg Neighborhood Code?

If you don’t know how to find Bloxburg Neighborhood Code so here are the simple steps:

  • First, Open Bloxburg on Roblox
  • Then enter your plot
  • Next, click on the ‘Build Mode’ option
  • After that, click on the Build menu
  • Now, go to the Neighborhood tab
  • Finally, your Neighborhood code can be found here

How To Join Bloxburg Neighborhoods?

Here is the complete process of how to join Bloxburg Neighborhoods

  • First, Open Bloxburg on Roblox
  • Then enter your plot
  • Next, click on the ‘Build Mode’ option.
  • After that, click on the Build menu
  • Open the Neighborhood tab
  • Now enter the Neighborhoods code in the text field
  • Finally, click on the Join option

Where To Get More Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes?

Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

If you want to get more Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes so you can search the codes on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Discord, etc.

Also, if you don’t want to search the Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes on different social platforms so you can bookmark this post and check back often to get the new Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes and updates.

About Bloxburg Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are an amazing feature in the Welcome to Bloxburg game that allows gamers to rent a personal game server for 149 Robux for 1 month, 399 Robux for 3 months, 699 Robux for 6 months, or 1099 Robux for 1 year, each month counting as 30 days after the purchase.

A gamer can actually join another player’s neighborhood by using their server ID or username with proper permission. Neighborhoods hold 75 gamers, which is more than the usual server size of 12 gamers.

Bloxburg Neighborhood Customization & Settings

Gamers can customize their Bloxburg Neighborhood using the neighborhood settings, which can be accessed only by those who have bought a neighborhood. There are different settings that customize a neighborhood to the preferences of the player.

Name Change

When a gamer buys a neighborhood, the default name is”Player’s Neighborhood”. The neighborhood owner can change the name by clicking with the “Change Name” option, which can actually change the name of the neighborhood and the people in it.

Who Can Join

Hosts can control which groups of gamers can join their Bloxburg neighborhood. They have 3 toggles that can be used:

  • Everyone → Anyone can visit the host’s neighborhood
  • Friends → Only their Roblox friends can actually join
  • No one → Only the host can join

Max Players

Gamers who own a Bloxburg neighborhood can actually change the server size. These server sizes can change from 1 to 75 gamers and can be adjusted at any time.

Remember that there are no additional plots for gamers; when the player count exceeds twelve, excess gamers will have to spawn without an in-game plot in the city center.

Blocked Players

Bloxburg Neighborhood hosts can ban certain gamers from joining their neighborhood. When a gamer tries to join a Bloxburg neighborhood they are banned from, a message will show on their screen informing them that their access is denied in Neighborhood.

Allowed Players

Neighborhood owners can allow certain gamers to join their neighborhood even when it is actually set to “No one” or “Friends”.


Hopefully, you like this Bloxburg Neighborhood Code. In this post, we covered the working Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes that will help you to discover the haven for your virtual life in Bloxburg.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Bloxburg Neighborhood Code so comment box is open for you.

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