Bloodborne Weapon Tier List : (Update!) (April 2023)

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Looking for Bloodborne Weapon Tier List 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the ranking of Bloodborne Weapons.


Many players are searching for the Weapon Tier List. You can equip firearms in your left hand and trick weapons in your right hand. And the game has quite many of them for you to pick from.

But with these various options also comes the confusion about which Bloodborne weapon should you use and get used to. So in this Bloodborne Weapon Tier List let us check the best in-game Trick Weapons and Firearms.


Last Post Update On : 24 April 2023

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List 2023

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Before getting into this Weapon list these are my top choices for the best Trick Firearms and Weapons in Bloodborne. You may find some of your favorite Weapons weapons placed on a different tier based on your in-game playstyle.

So don’t worry you will still have fun using them now let’s start the Bloodborne Weapon tier list.


S Tier

Trick WeaponTier List
Whirligig SawTier – S
Saw SpearTier – S
Ludwig’s Holy BladeTier – S
Saw CleaverTier – S

A Tier

Trick WeaponTier List
Beasthunter SaifTier – A
Blade of MercyTier – A
Burial BladeTier – A
Hunter AxeTier – A
RakuyoTier – A
Holy Moonlight Sword

B Tier

Trick WeaponTier List
Boom HammerTier – B
Amygdalan ArmTier – B
BlodletterTier – B
Church PickTier – B
ChikageTier – B

C Tier

Trick WeaponTier List
TonitrusTier – C
Threaded CaneTier – C
Stake DriverTier – C
Simon’s BowbladeTier – C
KirkhammerTier – C
Logarius’ Wheel

D Tier

Trick WeaponTier List
ReiterpallaschTier – D
Beast CutterTier – D
Beast ClawTier – D
Stake DriverTier – D

Bloodborne PVP Weapon Tier List

Here is the Bloodborne PvP weapon tier list

Tier ListWeapon
Tier – SSaw Spear, Saw Cleaver
Tier – ARakuyo, Saif, Church pick, Logarius Wheel
Tier – BBlades of Mercy, Reiterpallasch, HMLS, Threaded cane, Hunters Axe, Bloodletter, Whirlgig Saw, Burial blade
Tier – CAmygdala arm, Kos Parasite, Boom Hammer, Chikage
Tier – DKirkhammer, Beast cutter, Ludwigs holy blade, Riflespear
Tier – EStake Driver, Tonitrus, Beastclaws

Bloodborne PVE Weapon Tier List

Here is the Bloodborne PvE weapon tier list

Tier ListWeapon
Tier – SLudwig’s
Tier – ABurial Blade, Hunter Axe, Chikage, Tonitrus
Tier – BSaw Spear, Saw Cleaver, Reiterpallasch
Tier – CRifle Spear, Kirkhammer, Stake Driver, Threaded Cane, Logarius’s Wheel
Tier – DBeast Claw, Blade of Mercy

Bloodborne Firearms Tier List

Here is the Bloodborne Firearms Tier List that will help you to know what is the best Firearms in Bloodborne game.


S Tier – Bloodborne Firearms Tier List

FirearmsTier List
CannonTier – S
Gatling GunTier – S
Hunter PistolTier – S
Repeating PistolTier – S

A Tier – Bloodborne Firearms Tier List

FirearmsTier List
Hunter BlunderbussTier – A
EvelynTier – A

B Tier – Bloodborne Firearms Tier List

FirearmsTier List
Ludwig’s RifleTier – B
Piercing RifleTier – B

C Tier – Bloodborne Firearms Tier List

FirearmsTier List
Church CannonTier – C

About Bloodborne Game

Bloodborne is an amazing well-known action role-playing game. The Bloodborne game won several awards and is considered one of the greatest games ever made and the game has a really big fan base.

Bloodborne RPG is launched in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by FromSoftware. Bloodborne follows the player’s in-game character as a Hunter, exploring the decaying Gothic, Victorian-era–inspired metropolis of the Yharnam game world, which is plagued by a Bloodborne sickness.

The players character unravels the in-game city’s mysteries while battling cosmic creatures and animals in an attempt to uncover the root of the plague. The Bloodborne game was initially released on 24th March 2015.


Bloodborne Gamestory

Bloodborne is an action RPG featuring themes same as the Souls series of games, especially Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. The game is played from the standpoint of a 3rd person of character.

The player discovers Yharnam’s decaying Gothic environment, fighting different opponents, including bosses, collecting various types of objects with several in-game uses, unlocking shortcuts, interacting with non-player characters, and moving through the main game story.

Bloodborne Game Trailer

Final Words

We hope you enjoy to look Bloodborne Weapon Tier List. In this post we mentioned weapon tier list Bloodborne that helps to know you which is the best weapon in Bloodborne.


If you have any questions related to Weapon Tier List and want to share some feedback related to Bloodborne Weapons ranking so comment section is open for you. Happy Bloodborne Gaming.

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