Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List – (Update) (August 2023!)

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Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List 2023 – Choose winning characters for the Blazblue Central Fiction game through this tier list guide here.

Blazblue Central Fiction is the 4th installment in the famous series of BlazBlue game. It is an amazing fighting video game that was launched in the year of 2015 for gamers all over the world.

BlazBlue Central Fiction features all the original and wonderful characters from the series. Some characters are also downloadable. You can easily download them as you progress to the in-game later stages. There are mainly 35+ characters available.

They have different skills and combat abilities to counter the opponent. A new feature called Overdrive is introduced for the 1st time in the series. Activating it will result in a sudden increase in your character’s abilities and skills but it will last for a limited time.

Your character health bar and your opponent’s game will be displayed at the top of the gaming screen. You have to attack the enemy to bring his health bar down to 0 and in this way, you will win the battle and enjoy the gameplay.

Blazblue Central Fiction has various game modes for you to play. Blazblue is one of the highest-rated games in the Central Fiction series. You can play the Blazblue Central Fiction game on your Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

Last Post Update – 25 August 2023

Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List Guide (2023!)

Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

The characters in the BlazBlue Central fiction game are classified into five categories.

Tier S – Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

The most prominent character of group S is Nine. This character has the most in-game points.

NineTier – S195.831

Tier A – Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

The main characters of Group A are Arkune and Azrael. They are very strong fighters who are able to win the fight almost every time.

ArakuneTier – A180.417
AzraelTier – A18322
CarlTier – A186.125
HakumenTier – A180.619
IzanamiTier – A186.623
IzayoiTier – A188.125
JinTier – A187.226
JubeiTier – A184.321
KokonoeTier – A180.415
LambdaTier – A180.615
LitchiTier – A182.119
Mu-12Tier – A183.120
Nu-13Tier – A18318
RachelTier – A185.420

Tier B – Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

The main characters in Group B are Amane and Celica. They can do a good job in any context.

AmaneTier – B171.58
CelicaTier – B174.411
EsTier – B176.714
HazamaTier – B177.414
HibikiTier – B171.19
MaiTier – B179.914
PlatinumTier – B175.211
ReliusTier – B173.810
TsubakiTier – B177.616
ValkenhaynTier – B178.713

Tier C – Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

The good characters of Group C are Kagura and Naoto.

KaguraTier – C161.13
NaotoTier – C163.74
RagnaTier – C169.68
SusanooTier – C168.76
TagerTier – C162.63
TaokakaTier – C164.41
TerumiTier – C160.62

Tier D – Blazblue Central Fiction Tier List

Some heroes of group D are bang and bullet, players of this group hesitate to choose these characters.

BangTier – D158.13
BulletTier – D156.73
MakotoTier – D155.92
NoelTier – D155.40


This was our BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List 2023 Guide. Select the best characters that have the most favorable matchups to have a more in-game advantage. But if you enjoy playing your particular character then you should go for it as having more fun.

Also you should remember that you might face tougher opponents then you choose characters from our tier list guide. You can play Blazblue Central Fiction game on Windows, PS3, PS4,and Nintendo Switch. Thanks for reading our BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List post hopefully you get valuable information from here.

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