Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings (Oct. 2023) : (Full Guide!)

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Welcome to Faind X, Here are Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings from Episode 1 to 8, where we will provide you with complete guide, tips, choices & secrets to reach the highest levels in all the in-game relationships and to unlock all the available scenes in the game. So now let’s start the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings guide.

If you want to save the Being a DIK Walkthrough then you can simply bookmark this page and check back when you want. Also if you need to download Being a DIK Walkthrough pdf so at the ending of this post you will get a direct link to Being a DIK Walkthrough pdf download.

Post Update – 01 October 2023

About Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings – UPDATE!

The game is about good choices, so the answer you give will have consequences. But here:

Relationship points – You can simply earn relationship points with all characters, and we will mark each relationship point you earn as (+1 relationship point with character name)

DIK/CHICK Meter – Your choices will make you a girl or a dick, and you will need enough girl or dick points for certain relationship points and scenes. We’ll underline dick points and italic chick points.

Special Renders – We will also mark them or bold during the playthrough

Vault Codes – You will get them during the walkthrough.

Episode 1 & 0.1 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • Get mad / Shrug it off
  • Think a bad idea / ignore it
  • Dirty Joke (Josie Relationship Points +1) / Corny Joke
  • Draw dicks (+2) (Josie relation points +1) / draw a funny face (Josie relation points +1) / do not draw (-2, but +2 after money)
  • I love it (Josie Relationship Points +1)
  • Look at her a*s / look at her tits / go away
  • Get angry / Humor him
  • accept money / ask for more money/refuse money
  • Press it for more / Accept less (if you painted a face)
  • yeah I’m sorry / I can stay if you want
  • ok / it’s a date (Josie relationship points +1) (if you draw something)
  • Activate it / What do you mean?
  • Replicate / Ignore

1st Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • Talk to dad
  • First Render: Click Magazine (Table)
  • Click on Phone > Chat app > Josie > Always as second option
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Second Render: Magazine (Plant)
  • Click on shower
  • Click Guitar (Room MC)
  • Third Render: Magazine (Table)
  • Phone > brawler game > choose opponent > presents as reward
  • To wear

Continue Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • I like it (josie ration digit +1) / it’s better than wearing nothing (josie ration digit +1) (requires less than 1 dtype) / come on
  • Flirt with him (Josie Relationship Points +1 (requires type below 1), Josie Relationship Points -1 otherwise) / Don’t push your luck
  • Look at him (not if 0 dtype) / don’t push your luck
  • I’m feeling excited
  • Thank him / settle down
  • Be confident / be kind
  • Be rude / be nice
  • Of course
  • Look at her panties (Maya Relationship Points-1) / Look at Her (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Don’t let your luck push you
  • Really / Tell a Joke (Maya Relationship Points +1)
  • Very good / congrats to her (maya bonding points +1)
  • Hug Him (Mayan Relationship Points +1) (Requires Type 1 Below) / Goodbye
  • Introduce yourself / say nothing
  • Interfere (Athlete Relationship Point-1) (Sage Relation Point +1) / Shut Up (If Interfered)
  • Push it / call security
  • Joke about his name / good name
  • Maybe he did/that’s bullshit
  • Tell a joke (sage +1 regards point if you’re a jerk) / don’t push
  • Why are you going out with him? (relationship point sage +1 if you’re a jerk, if not, relationship point sage-1) / don’t ask
  • He’s Shallow (Sage Relationship Points -1) / I haven’t made any friends yet
  • Watch this / don’t push your luck
  • Tease him/her
  • Just my type / I like mom better like Cathy (dreamstime titjob with jade first choice, or femdom with kathy 2)
  • Get Angry (Derek Ties Point-1) / Ignore Him
  • Look at her (Maya relationship points-1) / say hello

English Class Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • 3-letter words: hit, it’s, lit, git, his, also sita
  • 4-letter words: hilt, hits, list, gilt, gist, gits, shit, sigh, silt, slit, also
  • 5-letter words: sight, light, gilt, also hilts
  • 6-letter words: Light, Lights Too

If you use the cheat 1st move get +1 DIK point and -1 if not

Continue the Being adik Walkthrough >>

  • Ask for boyfriend / leave him alone
  • Taunt him (Athlete Relationship Point-1) / Calm him down
  • Taunt him (Athlete Relationship Point-1) / Calm him down
  • Compliment her (Jill Relationship Points +1 if D Type is less than 0r Jill Relationship Points -1) / Introduce yourself

Purchase “Take notes for the nerds”, get money every lesson for you follow

  • Tell a good joke (Isabella relationship points -1 if dtype is greater than 1) / ask about library cards
  • Say simply hello (think of a bad idea / ignore it) / ignore it

2nd Free Roam – Dream Ending | Being a DIK Walkthrough

  • Call josie
  • Why are you calling and I miss you (Josie Relationship Points +1) / I just signed up or was about to call you, I miss you (Josie Relationship Points +1) / I just signed up Is
  • What about your boyfriend? / What about me?
  • Phone > brawler game > choose opponent > presents as reward
  • Corridor
  • The guy at the vending machine buy him a soda / go away
  • Bathroom > room
  • Special Render: Magazine (Floor)
  • Click on the Glory Hole
  • Talk to Derek High Five (Derek Relationship Points +1) / Low Five
  • Tease (Derek Ties +1) / Ignore Him (DO NOT BUY > Dev Console)
  • Go back to your room and study math.
  • 5th Render: Table (Lamp)
  • At the end of the day
  • Not too well
  • Intelligent, isn’t it? / I am empty of your name
  • Yes (sage relationship digit +1 if dtype > 0) / no
  • Let me check (relationship points sage +1) (requires dtype > 1) / if you say so
  • What’s there for me? / No way

Math Minigame – Being a Dik Guide

Answers: c, b, d, a, d, c, but +1 DIK point with cheats

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Inside / out
  • Relax with blanket / bubble bath / none
  • At a party / at home
  • Pay for Your Meal (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Don’t Pay for Your Meal
  • Hit it in / Storm out (1st pick-1 sell from Chick, 2nd pick-1 sell from DIK) (if you hit Troy > Dev Console and type: $sports_victory = True Jump Sports_fight1_done
  • I don’t hate them (Dix relationship points -1) / I hate them (Dix relationship points +1)
  • Follow the game (Dix relationship points +1) / Deny

3rd Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • Special Present: Center of the Table
  • Right click
  • Check door on right
  • Check door in center
  • Collect money (top shelf)
  • Special rendering: on the left side of the cardboard box
  • To go to the bathroom
  • Exclusive Render: Near WC
  • Click panties

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Shut up / behave like a girl
  • I accept
  • Engage (requires 2 dtype) / exit
  • Teasing (DIKs Relationship Points +1 if DIK Points > 0) / Annoying
  • Tease her (Isabella relationship points-1) / don’t bother her (Isabella relationship points +1)
  • Stop calling me boy / don’t call him
  • Laugh (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Get Angry

4th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • Click table
  • Study Gender Studies, Click Above
  • Special Representation: Top Right Book
  • Right click
  • Left side of cabinet (money)
  • Left click twice
  • Check the drawer
  • Special Render: Medium
  • Talk to maya
  • Joke (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Really
  • Lie
  • End the day

Continue the Being aDIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Clear/Together (DIK or CHICK point depending on your type d.)
  • Take a look (requires d to be of type > 1) / wait for it to complete
  • Closer look at the a*s / closer look at the tits
  • Congratulate him (mayne relationship points +1 if dtype < 0) / don’t congratulate him
  • Tell her to turn around and get naked looking at you (Maya Relationship Points +1 if dtype < 0)

2nd Dream Scene – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

  • Hostile attitude/calm attitude
  • Hostile attitude/calm attitude
  • Take a close look / take no chances
  • No hard feelings / Accept no apologies
  • Yes or no and none of your business
  • Accept your offer / Decline your offer (1st cell 1st from Chick’s side, 2nd cell 1st from DIK)
  • Say hello / reply
  • Joke / say hello (Jill relationship points +1 if dtype < 0)
  • Whisper again / Sit close to her and thank her (Jill-1 relationship points) / It wasn’t a trick

5th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Exclusive render: play browser on phone
  • Chat with derek
  • Chat with Josie and choose: ‘You look so beautiful in her, Josie’ (Josie Relationship Points +1)
  • Talk to maya

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Need take a look (dtype > 0) / ask him what he’s doing
  • Look closer / don’t look closer
  • Sniff her hair (mayne relationship points -1 if dtype > 0) / don’t take chances
  • Pushes his foot down (Mayan relationship points +1) / lasts longer
  • Too late for that (maya relationship points +1) / OK. i will try
  • i liked it (mayne relationship points +1 if dtype < 0) / it didn’t for me
  • Thanks for the movie / Was it an offer?
  • Easy credits and vag*nas (Relationship Points Maya -1) (Relationship Points Derek +1) (requires 2 dtype) / Learn more about women (Relationship Points Maya +1) / Nothing special

Gender studies Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings

Ans: Danielle, Two years old brown, Franz, You never told me, 12 USD, Glasses, Linda 240lbs, two months, Your boyfriend Jaime, and also thirteen

6th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide

  • Right click
  • Right click (wardrobe)
  • Click below to unlock an exclusive render
  • Chat with Derek or Sage
  • Nice chat with Josy >first, second and first answers
  • Phone > brawler game > choose opponent > presents as reward
  • Study english (table)
  • If you accepted Quinn’s offer, call him / No Fee Like Funny Feedback.
  • Go to bed, end the day

Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings Guide Wiki – Episode 2 and 0.2

Here is the Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings guide from 2 and 0.2 Episode

Continue Being a DIK Walkthrough and Endings Guide 2023 >>

  • Yes (Dick Relationship Points +1) / No?
  • Protect Maya / Say Nothing < If You Played Camilla (You Admire Quinn) > Tell Her The Truth / Don’t Say Anything
  • Stop him (lose) / let him continue and tell him to stop / joke with him
  • Positive Feedback / Negative Feedback
  • I love Maya/Nice and Nothing/Anything.. still

7th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Examine
  • She talks to 2 people on the couch and the other at the door.
  • Right Click > Fridge
  • Exclusive Render: Magazine (left side of the fridge)
  • Right click and talk to Derek YES (Derek +1 relationship points) / No Maya (Derek +1 relationship points) / HOT . agree with
  • Stairs
  • Check out all the girls and talk to them.
  • Investigate and enter the watchman’s room,
  • Special Present: Book on top on back of chair
  • Talk to 2 people

Continue the Being aDIK Walkthrough and Endings Guide Wiki 2023 >>

  • To kiss you / to help you (maya relationship points +1)
  • If not
  • Enough Enough (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Continue Quinn
  • Joke (Jocks Relationship Points-1) (Dicks Relationship Points +1) / Shut Up
  • I’m neither or joke (Derek -1 regards points) /
  • Joke Maya Relationship Points -1 if dtype > 0, Maya Relationship Points +1 otherwise) / Ask Why
  • Tell Him What You Know / Don’t Tell Him About Quinn
  • Yes/No Father (Dix Relationship Points +1)
  • Agree / point of view

8th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Right click twice, check, left to see 2 views, down
  • Probe near rope
  • Growth
  • Go first / let derek go first
  • Check right, check Jill
  • Look at him or ignore don’t look at him
  • Exclusive Render: Magazine (Bed > Right Drawer)
  • Research the chair, right click, deposit money
  • Exclusive Render: Underneath the Logs (Chimney)
  • Another exclusive render: the book (bed > left drawer)
  • Special representation: Click on Bookshelf, second row from bottom, far right
  • Scrutiny near the vase, money under it.
  • Derek Click
  • Yes
  • Money: 3 drawers under the books
  • Right click, then mouse to end free run.

English Class Minigame – Being a DIK Guide & Endings >>

  • 3-letter words: copy, rep, his, pee, see, that too
  • 4-letter words: hers, peer, reps, here, oyster, also seer
  • 5-letter words: sheep, sheer, peer, also spree
  • 6-letter words: herpes, also sphere

if you use the cheat +1 DIK point, -1 otherwise,

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough and Endings Wiki Guide 2023 >>

Love you, too or Bye

9th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone > Chat with Dad
  • I’ll pay you back / I’ve already bought it (money +1) / thanks dad (money +1)
  • If you’ve accepted Quinn’s offer, call him and buy a special item (3 paise)
  • Exclusive render: Fighter minigame on phone
  • First right side, second left side of drawer = money
  • Study english (table)
  • Click Guitar (Maya Relationship Points +1)
  • Talk to maya

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide >>

  • Stay with Maya (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Go to the Party
  • I intend (Dix relationship points +1) / not

Mouse Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

The cursor always tells within the borders of the path, three times equal to special render

  • Do It (Dix Relationship Points +1) / Pass
  • “Go to Maya’s House (Derek +1 Relationship Points) / Stay and Party
  • Search Sage / search Sarah (you only get this good option if you have buy a special item from Quinn) Good kiss / ignore leave < if you chose ‘Good kiss her’ > yaa (sage relationship score +1 if dtype > 0) / no < if you chose ‘find sara’ > se*x scene < if you ‘go to maya’s house’ ‘ is selected > Tell Him About Hot / Don’t Talk About Him Hot (This option sets a variable that is not used in this version) Kiss Him / Don’t Kiss Him (Best View = Kiss) Us Why shouldn’t you kiss / you don’t want to kiss (you’ll only get se*x scenes* if – 3 < dtype < 2 and you kiss her on the hook)” Tell the truth / dodge the question (Maya relationship points -1) kiss her on the cheek (Maya relationship points +1) / don’t kiss her
  • Buy chocolate / buy flowers / don’t buy him anything
  • Talk to him/walk away (1st option-1 cell from Chick’s side, 2nd-1 cell from DIK)
  • Hug/Kiss on Cheek (Josie Relationship Points +1) (If you bought Josie a flower and asked her about flowers during the third phone conversation, you get Josie Relationship Points +2 if you didn’t ask her Or you buy her chocolate, you get Josie Relationship Points +1)
  • Complete Meal / Complete Effort (Josie Relationship Points +1)
  • Ask for mom
  • Ask for dad
  • Yes or No

Continue the Being a DIK Guide Endings >>

  • Accept / don’t like it give her a compliment (Josie relationship points +1 if dtype <1) / don’t let your luck push you (3rd dream scene) yes it does / not really joke / ask why check his crack / don’t check his crack Quiet Approach / Hostile Approach (skip the minigame = open dev console and type $ep2_dawe_fight_won = True Jump ep2_after_dawe_fight_label) Stay and Fight/Run (1st option-1 cell from Chick, 2nd-1 cell from DIK) characters / cute suits check this out (you get this option only if dtype > 0) / play it safe
  • Mock Daw (Relationship Points Sage +1) / Don’t Mock Daw
  • Wait / kiss him back
  • Talk to him about it / empathize
  • Yes (if you want to keep helping the monk) / No
  • Going mad on Chad / asking more about monk (+1 sage relationship points if dtype > 0)
  • Yes (Sage Relationship Points +1) (Sage Guitar Class Scene) / No
  • Take a close look / take no chances
  • Hello Bella (Isabella Relationship Points-1) / Hello Isabella
  • Compliment Her (Jill +1 Relationship Points) / Don’t Push
  • Take a close look / take no chances
  • If not
  • Say hello / ignore it
  • Reply to Joke / Jill
  • I am neither (Isabella relationship points +1) / Who do you prefer?
  • Congratulate her (Isabella relationship points +1) / thank her

10th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings >>

  • Chat with Dad, Josie and Maya, and play brawler
  • Vault app on phone, 4-4-1-3 to unlock 5 special renders
  • Table and check
  • Money: Click on the right side of the teapot
  • Research until you reach the bookshelf, in the center of the bottom half of the Red Book > Special Renderings
  • Look at the Central Door (Isabella Relationship Points-1) / Don’t Look
  • Right side door

Continue the Being a DIK Guide Walkthrough >>

  • Look closer / don’t look closer
  • I remember / it’s cloudy
  • Ask for a Ride (Isabella Relationship Points -1 if dtype > 0) / Walk
  • Learn About Women’s Issues (Isabella Relationship Points +1) / easy credit
  • Thank him / kiss him (better) and yes / no

Math Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings >>

Ans: +1 DIK point with cheats c, a, a, a, c, c, d, d, d, b, d

Empathy / It’s actually her choice level-up her / Wait until she’s finished her / Wait until she’s totally finished < If you select to ‘correct her’ > Flirt (+1 Sage Relationship Points) / Stay Focused Kiss Her / Don’t Move Her (If you choose ‘Kiss Her’, you won’t see the Cuban scene until you’ve kissed Sage at the party Not there).

Gender Studies Minigame – Being aDIK Guide & Endings >>

Ans: Chocolate, Five, Three, Diet orange, Fries, Whiskers, Lemons, Zero, Five years, Blue shirt with white dots

  • Positive Feedback / Negative Feedback
  • Flirting / not flirting
  • Ask him about the song / Apologize and walk away

Being a DIK Walkthrough and Endings Guide – Episode 3 & 0.3

  • Agree / Disagree
  • If not
  • I do / not do
  • I will try / not at all

Brawler Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide >>

Cheat if you actually need:

  • Deportation_hp = 4
  • Sports_move = 4
  • Trampa $ sports_dex = 4
  • Sports_pow = 4
  • O Instructions: p3 ep3_chad_fight_won = True Leap ep3_after_chad_fight_pov_label

Continue the Being aDIK Walkthrough and Endings Guide Wiki 2023 >>

  • Joke / just tell
  • If not
  • It’s cool / it’s scary (girl or neutral) and turn your head / don’t move (choosing the best view first) move your hand / shake your hand a little
  • Compliment her outfit (Jill relationship points +1 if dtype < 0) / good morning tease him (relationship points preparation-1) / cool him agree Disagree Yes/No (Jill Relationship Points-1) look / don’t take any chances Argue/Skip go easy with him/go hard (Jill Relationship Points-1)
  • Look / don’t take any chances
  • Offer to help him/don’t offer your help

11th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Unlocked phone
  • Chat with Derek (2nd & 2nd), Josie, Sage (2nd), (needs guitar lessons)
  • Rooster Application:
  • Picture with ‘rusty’, choosing one at the top (Derek’s relation points +1), gives the other (Dix’ relation points +1) (+1)
  • The picture with ‘Maya’, selecting one at the top (+1), the other (Maya relationship points +1) (-1)
  • With ‘Jill’, choosing one at the top (Jill relationship points +1) (-1), the other (preps relationship points -1) (+1) (if you choose the last, your post will be marked ) as harassment)
  • Photo with ‘Riona’
  • Featured Rendering > Phone > Brawler
  • Money: Play Shuffle
  • Desk study math
  • Special Present: The book on the left side of the pen
  • Money: Memo board on cabinet
  • “Click down then left, click the bear, a floating minigame will start, win 5 times to unlock a special render”
  • Maya Click

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough and Wiki Guide 2023 >>

Ans: b, a, a, b, c, d, b, d, a, d cheats equal to 1 DIK points

  • Don’t Worry (Derek +1 Relationship Points) / He Was Idiot > It Was Hot (Derek +1 Relationship Points) / Fuck
  • Do It / Let Derek Do It
  • If not
  • Dear / Leave It Alone (Quinn’s Girl Service Before Scene)
  • (Sage needs guitar lessons) Focus on Fighting / Focus on Sage (Relationship Points Sage +1) I’m here for you / Forget about him (Sage needs guitar lessons, and you’ve got him not kissed) yes / no (rejects sage at first) i’m just horny (sage relationship digit +1) / we’ll see what happens ( sage relationship digit -1) give up control / stay in control
  • No Limit Party / Let Derek Do DIK Stuff (1st option -one cell from CHICK, 2nd – one cell on behalf of DIK)

12th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • “Right click 2 times, click on the floor between the table and the sofa to unlock the special render – Click the left arrow 3 times – Click on the left blue sofa leg to collect money – Right click, Then click on the couch in the center of the scene, click on the right of the bottle to unlock a special render – click on Jacob (it doesn’t matter which girl you choose to communicate with her, Jacob will give you a shot at the end) Will pay money) – Click on Nick to cheer up / Buy her a lap dance -Click Brandi watch her dance / Lap dance / Skip < if you chose ‘Watch her dance’ > Grab her b**bs / Suck her toes / Just watch her dance”
  • Laughing jealously at Derek’s prank (Derek relationship points +1) / Get rid of Derek it requires “getting rid of Derek” Get your dick signed / Ask for a private dance (needs money = 4) scene
  • Jamie watch her dance / lap dance / I can’t stand it (Derek +1 ties point) / leave < if you chose ‘watch her dance’ > put a finger on her (+2) / squeeze her a*s / Just watch her dance, ‘she needs a finger pon’ a*s / Pussy
  • Rusted = money
  • Rose see her dance / lap dance / go away, need to ‘see her dance’ > squeeze her b**bs / just watch her dance, need ‘lap dance’ > suck her tits / feel her pussy
  • Tommy, need dick points ratio > or = 5
  • Tommy again

Guess the b**bs Game – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Lily -> [“small”, “cheerful”, “small”, “cute”] also [“firm”, “they have an edge”, “quite tight”, “very soft”]
  • Rose -> [“big”, “amazing”, “almost too big for my hands”, “great”] also [“firm”, “so tight”, “muscle”, “heavy”] –
  • Brandy -> [“big”, “huge”, “very heavy”, “huge”] also [“soft”, “slightly loose”, “smooth”, “perfect for Cuba”]
  • Envy -> [“medium size”, “not too big not too small”, “pretty standard”, “perfect for my hands”] also [“not so soft”, “a bit saggy”, “just cute” , “probably false”]

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough and Wiki Guide 2023 >>

  • Tell him about Maya / Find another place to live (Josie Relationship Points-1)
  • English
  • Gender studies
  • Look at him or ignore don’t look at him
  • Flirt with your feet (Jill relationship points +1) / keep reading
  • Greeting the party / Banging Sally / Flirting with Jill
  • I ghost attack / protect / sally whip
  • Clear / No, need ‘clean up’ > give ’em underwear / call Camilla, need ‘call Camilla’ > tell ’em / show me yours (higher type needed), need ‘show me yours’ is > stop / continue < if you chose ‘continue’ > scene camilla / scene mona

English Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • 3-letter words: cat, gin, git, nag, act, ant, can, knight, tag, tick, tan, tin too
  • 4 letter words: cant, inca, gan, agin, anti, gat, gnat, tang, bhi ting
  • 5-letter words: actin, antique, acing, too large
  • 6-letter words: act
  • Cheats +1 DIK point

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough Guide >>

  • Agree or Disagree
  • Whose were they? / clown’s lips
  • The Shaved One / The Hairy One / No Preferences
  • Move it forward/stop it (first option -1 cell from CHICK, second -1 cell from DIK)
  • Men / women wear helmet / don’t wear it

13th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Up > Via Villa > Open Window
  • Special plaster: Kitchen > To the left of the sink
  • Special representation: Twice right > left, > bookshelf (right) > row of books (middle)
  • Twice Right > Window
  • Twice left > kitchen window
  • Left door

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough and Wiki Guide 2023 >>

  • Be honest / hide the truth
  • Look at it / don’t risk it
  • Look at him or ignore don’t look at him
  • Because of Jill / Because of Tybalt (If you’ve got Isabella Relationship Points +2 (Previous Scene) > Thorn) See Bella / Ignore Bella (First > Bella Scene)

14th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Chat with Jill, second answer (2 options appear)
  • MC needs to agree to chat with Rishi… friend
  • Rooster App: Click on item with Sage, Cathy and Maya > Gives Top (Maya Ties Points +1) (+1), Others (Maya Ties Points +1) (-1) –
  • Fighter > money
  • Shuffle > money
  • Exclusive Renderers: Vault Code 3985
  • Study math click on maya

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough and Wiki Guide 2023 >>

Stay with Maya / go to Quinn’s bedroom (Requires Quinn to propose… 3), requires ‘Go to Quinn’s bedroom’ Yes ​​/ No (if ‘yes’ to MC one name per person) call) yes / no (if ‘yes’ ‘ pet name) vaginal se*x / anal se*x (more options) just the way I like them / too small, put her in her pussy / her a*s Put in the need to ‘Stay with Maya’ and ‘Offer your help’.

Being a DIK Walkthrough and Endings Guide 2023 – 4 and 0.4 Episode >>

You can choose to spend the night with Derek, Sage (guitar lessons required), and Bella (if you go to see Bella before 2 p.m.)

  • Derek: Hit him (DIKchoice), don’t insult him (Chick’s Choice), the rest don’t matter
  • Sage: You were points with him if you choose
  • Red blonde short hair
  • DIK know him
  • You’re more interested in me if you choose, we almost don’t choose crap
  • Choose not to eat crap
  • At the end of this passage: Go for it and it’s no use to you (+2 DiKpoints)
  • Isabella: Look at her… (DIKchoice)
  • If you didn’t pick Derek: leave him and it’s of no use to you (DIKchoice), other 2 = Derek’s +1 point

English Minigame – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

Cheats equal to DIKchoice

  • 3-letter words: eon, one, leo, son, sos,
  • 4-letter words: lonely, loser, loss, aeon, lens, loan, noel, nose, one, only, son,
  • 5-letter words: noel, nose, necklace, soles
  • 6-letter words: text

At the end of the minigame and before the next free run, if you congratulate Isabella, you will lose 1 point to her.

15th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone:
  • Chat with Jill – Always Second Answer
  • Chat with Josie: Anyone
  • Rooster App: Articles with Dave in the title, Articles with Tybalt in the title, and Articles with Sage in the title
  • Play Brawler (Special Render) and Plot Shuffle (Money)
  • Sweeper App – Swipe while chatting with 5 girls:
  • Catrin: Best options 1, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 1
  • C: Option 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, and 1
  • Ellie: Options 2, 1, 1, 1, and 2
  • Nicole: Options 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 2
  • Fatty Ida: Options 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, and 2
  • Turn off the phone

Sage’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Study gender studies and click on the yellow dot (top left) for a special render
  • Click guitar
  • Click on the Bear and Unlock a Special Render (Minigame)
  • Magazine on chair (exclusive render)
  • Bathroom> MONA> Ask someone else (Chickpoint) and take a closer look (DIKpoint)> Exit the bathroom
  • Right Gate > Release (CHICKpoint) and Move Hips (DIKpoint)
  • Kitchen > Elena
  • Living Room (Above > Last Room) > Under the Couch (Special Edition) > Keys (on the right of the sofa) > Go to the left and click on Magazine (Special Edition) > Heather (only if you’re on the Deeppath) > Keep That On a Blanket (DIK Point)
  • Basement > White drawer legs (special plaster)
  • Sauna: No > Remove or Tease (both DIKpoints) > She Won’t (Chick Point)
  • Pool > Sage > Underwater > Go to your bed and finish the free run

Derek’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Desk on the left, up arrow, then the horizontal spike (special rendering)
  • Study gender studies
  • Bear, play the minigame (Special Render)
  • Drawer on the left, minigame, start from the top drawer, you will receive a notification
  • That something is stuck behind it, then click on the third, second, fourth, third, fourth, magazine from the top (submit special)
  • Burt’s bed, click pillows (exclusive render)
  • Desk right, click up arrow on top left of shelves (Special rendering)
  • Go to the top of the room > Drawer on the left, open the first drawer and click on the black line (Special Representation)
  • Runner > Derek
  • Vending Machine > Down Button
  • Head to Hall > Backpack > Magazine (Exclusive Render)
  • Student in yellow shirt on the left.
  • Two times down, left > magazine rack, click magazine on the right
  • Amorette Behind the Call (Exclusive Render)
  • Burt and Eugene: Tell Him (Dickpoint) Be Careful (Chick)
  • Ron: Push it (Dick Point)
  • Click on Derek’s bed to end the free run.

Isabella’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Kitchen > shower
  • Pool > Bella > Tips for Watering Plants
  • Beer (Special Performance)
  • Kitchen > Fill the totally can with actually room temp. water
  • Look for the plants, touch the ground first, the MC will tell you what kind of plant it is, in the case of orchids and bonsai, leave it alone, for all other plants, if the MC tells you the ground is already wet , do not do it. Don’t water it, if he tells you it’s a little dry, little water, if he tells you it’s too dry, a lot of water. There are 17 plants in total, you earn 1 point for each correct action, you lose 2 points for each mistake. You’ll need to collect at least 8 water points to reach some content with Isabella after free roam
  • it’s all over.
  • When you are finished with the plants go to the room where Isabella keeps your things, you will have to change into your swimsuit, play the guitar and dj to study gender studies
  • Go back to the screen with 3 doors in a row, on the door on the left and click on the table
  • In the middle of the room, wash the dishes
  • Return to the pool and click on the chair next to Isabella to finish the free run

Isabella’s Scene – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Help her with sunblock – a*s and Splash
  • Take it further – make a really move on her

Sage’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Good Right call
  • Drink > Hold her hand > Put hand > Do it > Grab (dikpoint) / don’t (chick)

Derek’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Enable Another Free Rom (16th Free Rom)
  • Don’t choose “hi nicole”
  • When You Talk to Rusty: Lap Dance
  • Pay and you are short of cash (+1 Dikpoint)

Minigames – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings Guide 2023 >>

  • Math Ans: B, D, A, D, B, A, C, B, D, A
  • Gender Study Ans: Karen Rebecca Johnson, Conflict or Dog, age 7, Guy, librarian, your mom, 19
  • Year and Two Months, Two Years, 44dB, History & Latin

Jade’s Route – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

If you actually went further with her on v 0.3

  • Congratulate him
  • Positive answer
  • Give her a bath first
  • No
  • You know what? (girl) / have s**? (dick dot)
  • Taunt or join him (+1Rpdickpoint)

17th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

Open your mobile and:

  • Chat with Jill
  • Call Sage (Select I Miss You)
  • Brawler > render
  • Shuffle > money
  • Vault App Code: 0421 (Version 6) and turn off the phone
  • Concierge Cabinet (Special Coating)
  • Cinema Room: There’s an Exclusive Render Beneath a Black Couch
  • Library: Unlock Another Special Render > Brown Book
  • Talk to Nick, John Boy, Riona (kissing her back is a dickpoint), Jamie and Leon, Sarah and Melanie (eating rubbish is a dickpoint and leaving a girl out), Tommy, Rusty, Jacob, Heather, Mona ( Give him a drink) and Quinn (where Tommy was)

After that, if you haven’t been rejected or rejected by Maya and Josie, you can sleep with one or both. Both are the best option but v 0.2. I need a scene with Josie

By the end of V 0.4, all other options have no result.

Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings Guide 2023 – 5 and 0.5 Episode >>

  • Fight Caleb (-1 chick, but if you get +1 RPdicks) or walk away (-1dik)
  • How is he taking it? (RPJill +1) / I’ll do it quick
  • Don’t ask for more information

18th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Rooster App > Camilla (your choice) > Lily (1st choice) > Anthony (both) > Josie (1st choice)
  • Brawler App – Play with 1st and 2nd opponent
  • Play shuffle
  • Swapper App – Simply View New Photos
  • Turn off the phone
  • Left > Sofa > Sofa Right (Special Render) > Right > Floor Painting > Door (Riona Sr) > Face her
  • If you have opted to give some money to Riona and have previously used Riona’s services through Quinn’s restaurant, you will get the option > GO
  • First door on the right
  • Two click on the painting, then click on the 4 Books, when you get to the new screen, click on the bottom right corner of the bottom book (Special rendering)
  • Back > First Door Left > Globe > Bottom Right of Globe
  • Left click, click on 2 paintings and then on the black dot on the bottom shelf to the left of the empty space between the books (Special rendering)
  • Drawer > Right Side Door > (Number 42, part of the Vault Code) > Put on your suit
  • If you’re not in Josie and Maya’s way > I’ll be there for you
  • Proceed > door to the left
  • Choose not to apologize
  • Replica (+dik) or let it be (+ chick)
  • Your choice
  • Click on Sync and then click on the top left of the second magazine (Special rendering)
  • Hottub > Join them (if available) > Favorites > Watch Heather… (+dik)
  • Top > Book on the right (Special representation) > Shelves > Click on the line on the far right (Special representation)
  • Exit > Door to the Right > Play Piano > Start (Special Rendition)
  • Under the pendulum clock (exclusive render)
  • Exit > Big Door > First Door on the Left (Special Render) > Exit > Left
  • Library (right) second row from bottom, far left (special rendering)
  • Ashley > we tried to call you / go out (+girl)
  • Down > Forward > Door right > Magazine on sofa (exclusive render)
  • Tybalt’s phone > check it out (+dik) or leave it alone > take a picture (+2dik)
  • Bathroom door > left side of towels (special plaster)
  • Left > Left > Library > Black dot in bottom right of books on shelf in bottom left (Special rendering)
  • Drawer > Top of the first book from the left (Special rendering)
  • Exit > White Door > Point to … (RPDicks+1) or Exit
  • Go down (1st floor)> lily> i didn’t want that (+girl) oh damn i want a personal one… (+dik)
  • Door on the right > in the upper right of the small drawer
  • Correct (Special Rendering)
  • Go back to the door on the right to enter the bar.
  • Bottle of Tequila > Talk to the Bartender > Derek > Derek > Bottle of Tequila > Camilla > Ask Camilla for Help > Kiss Her Again
  • 1st floor > Lily > Bartender to get salt and lemon > Right click (Alumni) > A student
  • Click on the rag at the top of the shelves > go back to the bar and then right > only if you have a scene with her in the previous version > look (+dik) or don’t look (+girl) > grab (+ 2dik) or grab no (+chik)
  • Exit > Back > Left > Left click on room that is not closed > White dot above fireplace (Special rendering)
  • Back to Bathroom > WC > Cause Crash > Kitchen > Magazine on the left (exclusive render) > Champagne (only available if Josie and Maya are on the way)
  • 1st Floor > Back > Lily > Stop Him (+Girl) OR Kiss (+Dick and Cutscene)
  • (if Josie and Maya are on the way) 2nd Floor > Back > Dance With Them
  • Call Quinn (phone)

After Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings Guide >>

  • Look (+dck) or don’t look (+chick)
  • I believe
  • (If in Sage’s Way) Cutscene
  • If you’re on Josie and Maya’s way and it depends on your previous choice:
  • Follow him > take this slot > your choice > calm him down
  • Find maya > we’ll try
  • Not in the way of josie and maya > choose yes don’t
  • Rishi’s way but not Josi and Maya’s
  • Taunt
  • kill him
  • Confident (+dck) or Modest (+chick)
  • Offer to take him home > No, I want to continue > Play for them > I remember

19th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone > text Derek (your choice) > text Quinn (your choice) > call Sage (if you choose to spend the night with him) > what are you doing?
  • Brawler App> Play both (win 1$ and special rendering)
  • Play shuffle
  • Swiper application
  • Catrin: 1,2,2,2, and 2
  • Nicole: 1-2-2-1-1-1-2 and 2
  • Ellie: 1-1-1-2-2 and1
  • Nora: 1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2-1 and1
  • Aerith: 1-1-1-2-2-2 and 1
  • Paula: You choose
  • Turn off the phone > bottom > under the big lamp (exclusive rendering)
  • Right Gate > Peak (+3 gender) or not
  • Back > Right > Shelves > Top Right Shelf Book (Special Edition)
  • Top > Shelves > Bottom Left > Book on Far Left (Special Representation)
  • (If you’re on the Josie and Maya route) Call Josie or Maya with the one you choose to get 1 point
  • Bed

After 19th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Look at him (+dik) or don’t look at him (+chik)
  • To peep (+dik) or not to peek (+chik)
  • If you chose “I’m a nice guy” in v0.4 > hold his hand
  • Your Choice: He’s a Nice Guy / I Don’t Know
  • About the appointments
  • Your Choice: How did he do it? / Was it serious?
  • Your Picks: I can’t say yes / Afraid to be myself?
  • If you selected ‘I’m a good guy’ in v0.4 > take it further

20th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone > Max Dad (1-1-1-2-1-1-2) > Reply to Sage > Message Josie or Maya if they’re on the way
  • Rooster App: Comment on new posts.
  • Brawler: Play Both
  • Play shuffle and turn off the phone
  • Back > Left Door > Left Drawer (number 6 is part of the vault code)
  • White stain on left side of drawer (special plaster)
  • Stairs > To Right > Up To > Door of Middle > Good Shampoo Bottles (Shower) > Number two is part of the Vault Code
  • Close the tall drawer (top right) to get an exclusive render
  • Phone > Vault App > 4226 (Special Rendering)
  • Left > Pool Door > White Door > Garbage Book (Special Render)
  • Exit > Back in the Kitchen > Bella
  • Left > Gray dot on the right of the white drawer (Special rendering)
  • Down > Down > Up > Magazine on the Table (Special Rendering)
  • Top > Door to the left (Bella’s study) > Library > Blue Book (Special Render)
  • Kitchen > Left > Door to the left > Top > Bottom right of the drawer (special plaster)
  • Pool > Painting > Jill

After 20th Free Roam – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Your Choice: Agree or Joke
  • To calm down
  • Look (+3dik) or don’t look > If you look, don’t leave before you see both
  • Congratulations
  • Joke (+dik) or take it seriously
  • Look beautiful only if they
  • Look at Jill (+dik) or don’t look at (+girl)
  • Joke (+dik) or spread your legs
  • Closer view (+dik) or focus (+chik)
  • Look at fiddle (+dik) or look at jilo
  • Close (+dik) or focus (+chick)
  • Don’t joke x4
  • Your Choice: Take a Closer Look or Not
  • Try it
  • Beautiful
  • Jill > Seducing Her Feet
  • Yoga with Jill > Watch… your choice and don’t be silent
  • If you chose ‘I’m a nice guy’ in v0.4 > Kiss him
  • Sauna with Bella > I’m gonna sweat anyway > If you chose “Go See Bella” in v0.3 > Make a move on that > ​​You’re beautiful
  • I feel like eggs, milk, sugar, baking powder, flour, ready to win
  • Make Fluffy Pancakes (+Chick) or Over Mix Pancakes (+Dick)
  • Full heat or low (+Jill) or medium (+Isabella)
  • Your choice: Cooking class? /Library101? / What kind of class?
  • (if you’re on the sage’s way) > ask him about… his picks > popsy, phone, pen >
  • Draw in Josy > Heart (+chik) OR (+dik)
  • Draw in Maya > Write Cutie

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings Guide 2023 – 6 and 0.6 Episode >>

  • Strict Don’t Flirt
  • Fight (+dik) / Not (+chick)

21st Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Rooster App – Reply to last 3 posts
  • Brawler App (Special Rendering) > Choose the First Opponent
  • Play shuffle and turn off the phone
  • Left > Black bookshelf on the left > 3 books, 2 books, more on the right (exclusive render)
  • Left > Book on the floor (Special rendering) > Stack of books, Red book at 45 degree angle, click below (Special rendering)
  • Right > Right > Second door from the left > Money slightly left
  • Back in the hallway > Down > Down > Stairs > Right > Money under the chair
  • Go back > Top > Door to the right > Magazine on the floor (exclusive render) > Derek
  • Rear > Door Left (Bathroom) > Bottom Shelf Left White (Special Coating)
  • Go down > down > door > view > look closer
  • Up > first door on the right > jacob
  • Back > First door from the left > Books on the right under the bed (exclusive render)
  • Back > Up > Under the Dumpster (Exclusive Render) > Nick
  • First door on the left
  • Laptop > Customize Icon > DK Folder > Jamie Folder > To Danny (44 Vault is part of the code) > Pack Quest (take screenshots, lots of suggestions) > Shut Down Laptop
  • Back> Top> Door Right (Library)> Candle Wick (Special Rendering)
  • Right side door > view
  • Go back > Down > Down > Left > Look at the first vein and click on the far left and right (Special rendering)
  • Go right to the janitor’s room > click on the top of the small trophy to the left of Derek’s feet (Special Representation)
  • Laptop Room > Pictures of white bear nose on the wall (Exclusive Render)
  • Go back to the library hallway, click under the ax on the second door from the left (exclusive render)
  • go down > down > stairs > right door > view
  • Red Barrel Cap (Exclusive Render)
  • Go back to the hallway under the library > First door from the left > Click on the Enjoy sign (Special rendering)
  • Go to the room where Jacob is > The plane on the pillow that Jacob left (exclusive render)
  • Main room > Up > Door > Up left arrow > View > Click the button on the bottom left of the air conditioner (Special rendering)
  • Green Curtain > View > Glance > Flirt (Available in dik path only)
  • Laptop > Clock (Special Rendering) in the bottom right > Full Search button > Click on the Wallpaper icon
  • Come back from the dining room and click on Tommy to end the free run

After 21st Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Your Choice: Accept / It’s A Little Late For That
  • If Fighting Caleb > Your Choice > Trigger Him > Goodbye Jam Hump
  • If the scene with Jade in the previous version > Tease
  • (needs to pair with sara) > flirty > peak (+dk) or not (+chick) > if you made a move on that > ​​pay it or get it for free
  • (Maya pair required) > Minigame Answers: W&W, Burger, Paris, Skinny Pussy, Social Anxiety Disorder, Vet, Final 3
  • The answers depend on what you chose during Maya’s outdoor scene in Chapter 1.
  • (Path of Josie and Maya) > I like you too
  • Look at the statistics to guess who to assign to each task
  • Bella Sr (see Bella Chapter 3 in Chapter 5 and move on) > Joke
  • If you ain’t on Bella’s way > ok
  • If you wanna talk, I’ll listen
  • Your Choice (If Available): Kiss Him or Say Goodnight
  • Your Choice (If Available): Help Him or Let Him Go
  • Look (+dik) or not (+girl)
  • Congrats joshi
  • Maths Answer: C, B, A, D, B, C, D, A, B, B
  • Launch with:
  • Sage and Quinn: OK or Joke
  • Maya and Josie: don’t pretend > make fun of her (+dik) don’t make fun of her (+girl)
  • If Available: Yes Or You Can > Take A Look > Your Choice
  • Minigame: As before, buy upgrades
  • (way of fiddle): look (+dik) or don’t (+girl) > caress his hand
  • Study Maths: Left + Right

22nd Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone: Answer Dad
  • Rooster: Reply to the last 2
  • Brawler: Against another opponent (Special Render)
  • Play shuffle
  • Swapper App:
  • Micah: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1
  • Catrin: You choose.
  • Turn off the phone
  • Laptop (number 6 is part of the Vault code)
  • Yellow Book (bottom left) > If You’re on July’s Way > Put a Note > Cute
  • Down Arrow > Charon > Go Down > Shelf Area > First Up Arrow from Left > Fiddle > Joke
  • Back > Left > Right > Rolling Shelf Minigame: Go
  • In the middle of each row of books need to click the hidden button through each shelf and mouse through until you find a white dot
  • Shelves area > 3rd up arrow from left > Stupid (Don’t Buy Cheat)
  • Back > Left Up End Arrow > View
  • Go Back > Left > Left > Second Up Arrow from Left > View
  • If You’re On The Josie And Maya Way: Flirt > Yes > Move On
  • Return > First Arrow From Left
  • Back > Right > First Arrow From Left > View
  • Yes > your choice
  • Back > Second Up Arrow from the right > View
  • Peak (+dik) or not (+chick)
  • Call Derek (Phone) > Sorry
  • Go back and click on Jacket.
  • Take Cover Behind Sally or Charm the Goblin
  • Wear charm
  • Use Charm to that I Seduce Her

Save Point Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

Lots of good scenes and choices, Save and really try them all

  • Save and try them all, but for points:
  • Fruit Shop > Talk to the shopkeeper and give Gere at least five
  • Fort gate o sewer
  • Fortress Gate > Attack the stunned guard or hide behind
  • Sally > Your Choice
  • Sewer: secretly or play the song > if secretly > play the song > run away
  • Save and: go up the stairs or walk into the hall or go down the stairs
  • Above: pick up the lock > buy a lock from the blacksmith, solve the underworld minigame to reach the small room, and take the pot and move around there > cutscene
  • Bottom: Help Him Get Unstuck
  • Runners: Different endings depending on your preference
  • Just say something
  • (if you’re on Josie and Maya’s way) check both (ask Maya and Josie)
  • Do (+dik) or come (+girl)
  • English Minigame:
  • 3> Den, Do, Dog, Ego, End, Eon, Jail, God, Led, Leg, Log, Node, Nog, Old, One
  • 4 > Ready, Gold, Gone, Bored, Log, Lonely, Long, Node, Noel, Ogle
  • 5 > Lodge, Longue, Ogled, Olden
  • 6> Dongle, Golden, Crewed
  • To accept
  • Use the money for the mansion

23rd Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone > Answer:
  • Belle: 1, 1, 1
  • Josie and Maya: You Choose
  • Quine: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
  • Rooster App – Reply to Last Entry
  • Play Fighter Against Others (Special Rendering)
  • Play shuffle
  • Call the monk > help him
  • He calls Josie and Maya (if they are in his way) and turns off the phone.
  • Left click on the black (middle) area (number 3 is part of the vault code)
  • Vault App: 4463 (Special Renderers)
  • Right > Right > Bottom Left of the Boxes (Special Rendering)
  • Bottom > Bottom > Magazine on the Shelf (Exclusive Render)
  • Left > rusty
  • Left > Magazine under the sofa (exclusive render)
  • Down > Up > Up > Clear Wall
  • Top > Right door > Derek’s room view
  • Go back > down > door > up > door to the right > ask jacob to draw a picture
  • Back > Left Side Door > Magazine on the Floor (Exclusive Render) > Nick
  • Back > Up > Right Side Door
  • Go back to Rusty > Click on Board

After 23rd Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Best Mansion Minigame
  • (if in Jill’s path) > Go with Jill and Sage (depending on your path) If you really go with Jill > Spend for it > Don’t peek > Good Compliment her

24th Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Jacket > Basket > Jill > Caress > Thing > End
  • Your choice: Derek did it or did we
  • Drawer
  • Bottom > Espresso machine bottom (wipes) > Stove (tea) > Fridge (cold cuts) > Cabinet on left side of refrigerator (medicines)
  • Give Sage all 4 items > Don’t joke > End the hangout

After 24th Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • I miss her so much
  • Get a fake ID (-girl) or stay at home (-dik)
  • If you get fake id > true (+girl) or false (+dik) > sure

25th Free Roam Episode 6 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Magazine Middle Floor (Special Rendering)
  • Above > Magazine on white box (exclusive render)
  • Bottom > Left > Cathy > Right > Magazine Bears to the Right (Special Render) > Bartender
  • Take a closer look (+dik) or not (+girl)
  • Choose Nora > Go For It
  • If You Didn’t Go With Jill: Yes

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings Guide – Episode 7 and 0.7 >>

Working Vault Code : 1159

  • Calm her (+maya) or protect Josie (+josie)
  • Submissive x2
  • Cheap sheets
  • Keep calm
  • Answer
  • Don’t hug her (only for girls) or comfort her here
  • What other options does he have (only if he’s in Josie and Maya’s way) or is it bad if he doesn’t budge?
  • Seduce him > go to sleep

Read More – Milfy City Walkthrough

26th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Boxes (lower right)
  • Phone Contacts > Messages:
  • Jill: 1-2-1-1-1-1-1
  • Maya: 1-2-2-1-2-1-1
  • Rusted: 1-1-2
  • Riona: 1-2-1-1
  • Quinn: 1-1-2-1
  • Vault Application: Insert 1
  • Brawler Application: Special Rendering
  • Shuffle for
  • Turn off the phone and click on Guitar.
  • Maya > Hug (only if it’s in Josie and Maya’s way)
  • Arrow down
  • Math Minigame : B, D, B, C, C, A, D, C, A, D

After 26th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Apologize
  • Can i help?
  • Is it because of that photo?
  • Any option
  • To live
  • Any option
  • Don’t worry about it
  • Flirting x2
  • (Required to accept prize in v0.5) say hello madam or mama > accept
  • Stay for a while
  • Kiss
  • Do it

27th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone Contacts > Messages:
  • Passion: 1-1-1-1
  • Maya: 1-1-1-1
  • Quinn: 2
  • Nick: 1-1
  • Apps: Rooster, Brawler, Shuffle, Three Tokens…
  • Turn off the phone and click the down arrow

After 27th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

Save or choose according to your route:

  • QUINN: Click on any option > Smartphone, Book, Hookah, click on it (All options)
  • Josie: She’s a Bi**h > Any Choice > Agree > If She’s Not in Jill’s Way, Choose the Truth > Come Closer
  • Maya: Joke

28th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone Contacts > Messages:
  • James: 1-1-1-1
  • Maya: Any Choice
  • Pack Quest: New Mission and Find All 10 Buttons
  • Apps: rooster, brawler, shuffle, three tiles… > lock phone
  • You have to talk to Rishi and throw all the alphas out of the party.
  • Right Gate: Caleb Event (Reply)
  • Above: Talk to Jacob
  • Up arrow > Left door > Elena’s room > Desk > Click on the little black bottle > Grab the absinthe bottle > The little blue area just above the last white book on the right (Exclusive Render)
  • Back > Left > Click on the tip of the elephant’s trunk
  • Go back twice > Right door (Aerith’s room) > Click on the tip of black … (Wall) > Click on the foot of the sofa (Special render) > Click on Aerith > Any option > Back twice Go > the door on Jacob’s left
  • Click the back button and return to the starting point> go down twice> upper door> left door> go left> to the middle of the wooden bench (special representation)> go back> to the foot of the central post (special representation)
  • Go back twice > Click on the top wing of the butterfly > Click on Elena and Sarah
  • Bottom > Door > Backyard > Magazine at the feet of the trio (rendered)
  • Down > Right > Left door > Click on the tip of the tiger’s nose > Click between the bed and the wall (Render) > Desk > Magazine under the desk (Render)
  • Return x2 > To Right Door > Then Quin View > Now Magazine on the Floor (Rendered) > Get the Bottle of Rum > Finally Click on the blue book on the top right of the drawer
  • Exit room > Left > Up x2 > Right door (Heather’s room) > Desk > White magazine to the right of desk (render) > Click fingers on mug > Click on board (15)
  • Skip > Up Left Arrow (Towards Basement) > Magazine (Render)
  • Click on the open door above to enter the sauna > Amber just above the fire > Sally’s view > Prank her
  • Click on Basement > Floor to the bottom of the clothesline
  • UP ARROW (Towards Pool) > Magazine Under Chair (Rendered)
  • Down > up (up to the starting point) > go up twice > view of lily > any option > join her > kiss her
  • Back > Left Door (Sara’s Room) > Drawer Key > Melanie
  • Back > Right Door (Riona’s Room) > Right Desk > White Magazine (Rendered) > Letter A (Bad Girl) > Left Desk > White Magazine (Rendered)
  • Back > Middle Door > Dave
  • leave the party to alpha
  • Camilla > Talk to Ashley (All Options Any Order)
  • Whiskey Bottle (Sofa Cushion)
  • Go left > O (HOT) > complete package mission (phone) > sage > any option > sit and talk to him > click any option > let me see > flirt
  • Go back and take the girls to the sofa room > Click on Chase Sage
  • Talk to john boy
  • Go right > middle door > magazine on top shelf (rendered) > money on middle shelf
  • 1st Start point > to top > then door to the left where Jacob (bathroom) is > now click on tissues > finally red magazine (render)
  • Back > Up > Right Door > Aerith
  • Kitchen > Kitchen Door > Tables > Mix Drinks for Camilla and Riona
  • Camilla: Shot of Tequila with Lime
  • Riona: Whiskey and Cola
  • Either option, but choose whether you want both or just Camilla.
  • Back > Salvia > Kitchen > Whiskey without ice
  • Kitchen > Heather (all options) > Quinn > Cranberry Vodka > Take a Picture
  • Go to the room with the girls on the sofa > ask Elena if she knows who she invited Chad over > top left of the room where Chad is
  • Kitchen > A Babysitter for Josie > Kiss Her or Help Her > I Want to Dance > OK
  • Starting point > Bottom > Becky (all options) > Whiskey and Cola for Becky > Ask her to connect > Follow her (Bathroom) > Join Becky
  • Underneath the Basement > Pools > Claims
  • Kitchen > Heather > Talk > Tell her about the f*** in her bed > Heather > Tommy cheated on you > Give Heather absinthe
  • Phone > Call Derek, Tell Him About Ashley
  • Go to the living room to watch the cut scene.
  • Room with women on the couch > Money > Help Derek to have s**
  • Starting point > front door

After 28th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Look her (DI) or focus (girl) Be nice (DI) or trigger it (girl)
  • Any option
  • (If you’re in Jill’s way) Fight for Jill > Any Choice

29th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Phone Contacts > Messages:
  • Dad: Always 1
  • Jacob
  • Passion: always 1
  • Riona: 1-1-2-1
  • Sage: 1-3-1
  • Always 1
  • Apps: rooster, brawler, shuffle, three tiles… > lock phone
  • Select Left > Desktop > Any
  • Right > Bottom > Magazine on small table (rendered)
  • Down > Right > TV > Panel
  • Bottom > View > Magazine on the left side of the fridge (rendered)
  • On the right side of the corridor, then click on the second door from the left > Up > Magazine on the floor (Render)
  • Left > Down > Nick > Leon (No. 9)
  • Board > Mansion Minigame
  • Stairs > Upx2 > Bathroom > Magazine on Shelf (rendered)
  • Bottom > Right (Derek’s room) > Any option > Red magazine on the right (Rendered)
  • Bottom x2> Door> Up> Left side door> White magazine (rendered)
  • Back > Second Door > Jacob
  • Back > Stairs > Left Door (Rusty’s Room) > Talk to Him
  • Bottom > Door > Bottom > Left Door > Jamie Sr > White Magazine Right (Rendered)
  • Back > Up Left Arrow > Right > Tommy Scene
  • Back > Dining Room > Table

After 29th Free Roam Episode 7 – Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings >>

  • Only accept compliments if you’re in the chick’s way.
  • x3 Look closer (DI) or x3 Don’t look too close (Girl) any option Look at her (DI) or don’t look at her (Girl)
  • Gender Studies Minigame: In High School, Lisp, 232 Pounds Before Throwing, Vegetarian, Pineapple & Lemon, 30%, 3 Times, 5 Inches, 6 Minutes, 6 Inches

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