Being A Dik Vault Codes (October) : Number & Combination 

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Looking for Being A Dik Vault Codes 2023?. So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get all the working and latest Being A Dik Vault Codes.

Being a DIK is an amazing choice-driven episodic visual novel with a main focus on college life enjoyment. The game is actually similar to its competitors brings an interesting plot and is full of comedy, romance, minigames, and drama.

Its game story revolves around a man from an impoverished family who actually moves away from his summer love and widowed father to attend college at Royce & Burgmeister.

Upon arriving, he met with different characters (both bad and good), but things did not go as envisioned as he soon ends up in a difficult situation which leads to him pledging to the DIK (Delta Iota Kappa) fraternity. Life from here becomes filled with drugs, conflicts, and alcohol.

Now suppose this is your 1st time digging into Being a DIK and you are actually tasked with collecting renders, you will then notice some of them are found in-game vaults. To open them, you will require a promo code and this is where this post comes into play.

So without wasting time let’s start the currently active interlude Vault Code for Being a DIK.

Last Post Update On – 02 October 2023

Disclaimer – This Being A Dik Vault Codes post is only for information purposes our intention is not to promote any kind of adult content.

Being A Dik Vault Codes 2023

Being A Dik Vault Codes

Gamers can simply find Being a DIK Vault codes during free roams. These special digits or codes highlighted in green numbers are mostly found in dialogs with most hidden within an in-game object that you can interact with.

Even so, assuming you are unable to take note of the Being a DIK Vault interlude codes during gameplay so you can check here all the Being A Dik Vault Codes.

Being A Dik Vault Code
Episode 9 (New!) 4232
Interlude Season 3  2575 
Episode 8  3211
Episode 7  1159
V 0.6 or Episode 6  4463
Episode 5  4226
Episode 4  0421
V 0.3 or Episode 3  3985
Episode 2  4413
Episode 1  1386

How To Use Being a DIK Vault Codes?

To steps to use Being a DIK Vault code combination is actually simple and straightforward. First to get this one going fire up the Phone in the game and jump into Vault. Now from here, enter any Being a DIK Vault code to unlock special renders.

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How To Find Out The Numbers Of Vault Code In Being A DIK?

Mainly during free roams there are clues hidden that reveal the numbers that you are going to require later. So, during free in-game roams try to actually find numbers. For example, in Being a DIK Episode 5, the Vault code is 4226, and this is how you actually find the combinations:

Being a DIK 18th Free Roam – After the end of Riona’s scene then click the drawer, the in-game door to the right will have the suit you are looking for. During the internal dialogue, the MC will stress the number forty-two that will be part of the Vault’s code for this version.

Being a DIK 20th Free Roam – After closing the phone to go back then click the left door to get to the in-game hall, Next click the drawer on the left, the number six will be highlighted to signal it is part of the vault code.

Now click on the in-game stairs, then go right, up, and click the middle door to get into the bathroom, click on the bottles of shampoo in the shower and the number Two will be highlighted, as the last number for the vault password code.

So, as you can see, to get the Being a DIK Vault password, Numbers & Combinations, you have to be actually meticulous and not leave anything without inspection in the game. If you are skipping the in-game dialogues then better just check our Being a DIK vault code guide whenever you need it.


Hopefully, you like our Being A Dik Vault Codes guide. In this post, we covered all the working and latest Being A Dik Vault password codes.

If you want to ask anything related to Being A Dik Vault Codes so comment box is always open for your queries.

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