BDO Tier List 2023 (Update!) (Black Desert Online)

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Looking for BDO Tier List 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the complete BDO characters or class ranking through Black Desert Online Tier List.

Black Desert Online is an amazing online multiplayer action role-playing game launched in the year 2015. In this BDO game, there are various characters so here you will get the BDO characters ranking that helps you to choose the best in your gameplay.

Now without further delay let’s start the Black Desert Online Tier List guide.

Tier List Update – 23 June 2023

BDO Tier List 2023

BDO Tier List

The characters of the Black Desert online game are categorized only into 5 tiers or groups.

The most highlighted characters in tier S are Mystic and Striker. These characters perform well in every match they play, it is the BDO PVE & PVP class of 2023.

The leading characters in tier A are Valkyrie and Warrior. They are really powerful and easy to control even for new players, the characters in this tier are considered as best heroes.

The most prominent characters in tier B are Witch and Wizard. These BDO characters are good but not the best. The top heroes in tier C are Ranger and Sorceress.

They are just average BDO characters. Some characters in tier D are Kunoichi and Ninja. Players all around the world hesitate to choose these Black Desert Online characters.

S Tier – BDO Tier List


A Tier – BDO Tier List


B Tier – BDO Tier List

Dark KnightB-Tier

C Tier – BDO Tier List


D Tier – BDO Tier List


BDO Characters Strengths And Weaknesses

Here we mentioned the tier-wise Black Desert Online character’s strengths and weaknesses

BDO Tier S Characters

Here are the Black Desert Online Tier S character’s strengths and weaknesses

Striker —

Efficient and Fast PvE clearingStruggle in higher-level PvE
High damage and control, Built-in magic resistanceFocused during Guild v Guild
Simple to pick up and learnStruggles against dedicated dueling in-game classes

Mystic —

Top line PvE power and resilienceDPS/ Outshined by Kunoichi/Ninja in duels
Built-in magic Resistance & high durabilityCan be Kited in PvP by ranged classes.
Overwhelming attacks and Awakening abilitiesNot as Durable as other classes for Guild Vs Guild

Musa —

Here are all the strengths of Musa and weaknesses are not any currently major available

  • High damage and Wide attack range for PvE
  • Capable of wiping groups of weaker gamers in Guild V Guild
  • Adaptable and capable of combat regardless of an in-game situation/Environment

BDO Tier A Characters

Here are the Tier A Black Desert Online character’s strengths and weaknesses

Warrior —

Balanced survivability and powerCan be overwhelmed by powerful classes & numbers
Consistent in PVP & PvEStruggles in 1 v 1 duels compared to many classes
Gear up and easy to learnComes into real power late in the game

Valkyrie —

Extremely high Burst and Power balanceWeak CC capability
Dependable & Durable Requires high skill level to shine
Decent damage once skills and combos are masteredWeak against Magic/Ranged

Berserker —

Top Tier Crowd Control & GrabsTakes relatively high skill to compete in Duels
Immense health poolStruggles to out damage classes for PvE
Versatile damage and high Mobility for PvP and PvEVery limited Ranged Options

Maehwa —

Different Super Armor abilities!Very gear reliant
Great for closing distancesRelies on super armor in PVP
Capable of versatile buildsCan get burst down very quickly if improperly played

BDO Tier B Characters

Here are the Tier B Black Desert Online character’s strengths and weaknesses

Wizard —

Extremely high PvE powerFragile
Ability to heal and buff allies better than othersBottom of the barrel dueling ability
Valuable for Guild V Guild due to AoE powerRequires a high skill level for PvP

Witch —

Immense CC powerFragile
Top of the line PvE abilityTargeted the most in Guild V Guild
Potent in Guild V Guild PvPVery high skill needed

Tamer —

Great CC for small scale PVPExtremely fragile
Powerful Combat pet.Requires high skill level
Highly Agile PvP Vulnerable to mass AoE abilities

Dark Knight —

Decent at all in-game combat rolesNerfed heavily from launch
A strong addition to PvP teams and grinding teamsDoes not excel strongly at any one thing
Doesn’t lack critically in any state or roleEasy to outplay and requires a high level of skill

BDO Tier C Characters

Here are the Tier C Black Desert Online character’s strengths and weaknesses

Sorceress —

High Magic DamageVulnerable to Dueling classes
Potent clearing ability PvEVulnerable to skilled melee with CC
Very wide AoEsBlooms late game

Ranger —

Strong ranged damageOutpowered and played by many classes
Good at kiting mobs and playersStrange playstyle with the awakened weapon
Good all-arounder with potential at high levelsDoes not excel and takes time to master

Archer —

Excellent Ranged fighterLinear attack lines make grinding Mobs hard
Versatile and dependableCan easily be burst down if focused
A potent Player Killer if allowed to burst from rangeLack of strong CC ability

BDO Tier D Characters

Here are the Tier D Black Desert Online character’s strengths and weaknesses

Ninja —

Titanic Dueling powerMelts like butter against AoE spells
Overwhelming if not CC’dPitiful Ranged capability
Can go invisible Because NinjaPvE killing power Slow

Kunoichi —

Overwhelming DuelistFragile as glass
Better ranged and CC than NinjaCan be CC’d by AoE classes
Can go InvisibleExtremely high Skills needed

Lahn —

Can glide above obstaclesLow accuracy compared to other classes
Great flanking PvPFragile
Rapid and easy-to-use combosDoes not excel in any one realm

About Black Desert Online Game

Black Desert Online is an amazing online multiplayer action RPG launched in 2015. The BDO characters are categorized into five different classes. Black Desert Online game provides you the feature to completely customize these characters.

You have to battle against the powerful in-game monsters. These monsters are killing everyone and looting the in-game things they find. You have to stop them from actually doing so.

You can play the PVP mode in the game in order to battle with the gamers sitting in different parts of the world. This battle is about to get control of the BDO castle. You have to counter all the in-game characters of the opponent to get control.

You can take the help of the animals present, ride a horse to move from one point to the other, and can even sell this horse to get some in-game money. You have to kill the monster’s enemies present in the depth of the ocean. You have to take a boat to actually reach him.

DBO is a very interesting multiplayer RPG to be played on Windows PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile phones. To play the DBO game on mobile phones you can simply download it for free from the Apple store or Google play store. Also, the android version of your mobile phone must be 6.0.0 or more to play the Black Desert Online game.


Hopefully, you enjoy this BDO Tier List guide. In this post, we mentioned the complete BDO Tier List characters ranking and their strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to ask any questions related to BDO Tier List so comment section is always open for you, thanks for reading the complete Black Desert Online Tier List guide.

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