Battle Night Tier List – (Best Heroes List!) (March 2023)

Battle Night Tier List

Welcome to our Battle Night Tier List 2023. Here we provide a complete list of the best heroes through our Battle Night Tier List Guide it helps players to improve gameplay and become more strong in Battle Night game.

Tier List Update – 9 March 2023

We have prepared Battle Night Tier List into five main levels: T0, T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5. Each level has a specific description; T0 introduces OP heroes.

T1 Battle Knight showcases heroes who are super cool; best.

T2 shows heroes who do well in battles against the strongest enemies; Good Guys T3 shows heroes who perform well/average; Situationally OK! T4 showcases heroes who perform well; Poor to fair performance rating. And finally, T5 shows a list of heroes that are not recommended; Don’t grow them. You might want to check out these Battle Night Codes to get some free in-game rewards. Now, let’s move on with the Battle Night Tier List –

Battle Night Tier List – Best Heroes March Tier List⇩

Tier ListBattle Night Tier List 2023
 Tier 0Vidar
 Tier 0Raphael
 Tier 1Nintu
 Tier 1Nymeria
 Tier 1Phoebe
 Tier 1Sage
 Tier 1Samuel
 Tier 1Slimeboy Shreateh
 Tier 1Wassily
 Tier 2Beamon
 Tier 2Beckinsale
 Tier 2Every
 Tier 2Iggy
 Tier 2Kapoor
 Tier 2Lavinia
 Tier 2Legolas
 Tier 2Mikaela
 Tier 2Mist
 Tier 2Rhaegal
 Tier 2Sayung
 Tier 2Sobel(+Sage or Shreateh)
 Tier 2Sone
 Tier 3A-Zhao(+Rosefinch)
 Tier 3Dreyfus
 Tier 3Harpe
 Tier 3Kratos
 Tier 3Poll
 Tier 4Charlotte
 Tier 4Gilbert
 Tier 4Sobel without Shreateh/Sage
 Tier 4A-Zhao without Rosefinch
Battle Night Tier List

T1 Characters – Battle Night Tier List

Tier ListBattle Night HeroesRole
 T1Power of Galaxy GilbertWarrior
T1N-Bomb PollSpirit
 T1Power of Titans PhoebeWarrior
 T1Supreme pear NymeriaAssassin
 T1Mafia Godmother CharlotteBastion
 T1Dead Man WassilyWarrior
 T1Spirit of Nature RaphaelSpirit
 T1Sinister Blade MistelteinAssassin
 T1Fire of Revenge ArngreeneWarrior
 T1Shadow Fiend SayungWarrior
 T1God Fist BeamonWarrior
 T1Oracle SamuelWarrior

T2 Characters – Battle Night Tier List

Tier ListBattle Night HeroesRole
 T2Gilbert (Heavy Tank, Purple)Warrior
 T2Rocket PollSpirit
 T2Cannon PollSpirit
 T2Red Feather NymeriaAssassin
 T2Hammer of Nature PhoebeWarrior
 T2Spirit Feather GarudaSpirit
 T2Flying Squirrel PhoebeWarrior
 T2South Phoenix A Zhao Assassin
 T2Executioner WassilyWarrior
 T2Great Princess CharlotteBastion
 T2Tai Chi Master WesterlySpirit
 T2Black Rose CharlotteBastion
 T2Arhat KratosWarrior
 T2Night Lion HarpeWarrior
 T2Warlock RaphaelSpirit
 T2Silver Blade MistelteinAssassin
 T2Hell Baron ArngreeneBastion
 T2Deadly Joke DreyfusWarrior
 T2Mountain GrinborthBastion
 T2Archbishop SamuelSpirit
 T2Pioneer of Hack GassolSpirit
 T2City Hunter ChristinaWarrior
 T2Stygian SayungAssassin
 T2Iron Blood BeamonBastion
T2Source of Chaos DreyfusWarrior

T3 Characters – Battle Night Tier List

Tier ListBattle Night Heroes
 T3Thunderbolt Naomi
 T3Onkiri Minamoto
 T3Crimson Shadow A Zhao
 T3Tyrannosaurus Tooth Tiger
 T3Faceless Harpe
 T3Spectre Phonoi
 T3Eagle Claw Patroclus
 T3Roadbuster Grinborth
 T3Asura Attis
 T3Queen of Thorns Skadi
 T3Trial of Fate Fino
 T3Stylite Samuel
 T3Dauntless Armor Gassol
 T3X Girl Christina

T4 Characters – Battle Night Tier List

Tier ListBattle Night Heroes
 Tier 4Lone Wolf Minamoto
 Tier 4Metal Heart Elva
 T4Queen Bee Arae
 T4Burny Boar Caledon
 T4Sandstorm Cassini
 T4Snake Talker Arteta
 T4Raging Lolota Hanna
 T4Canary A Zhao
 T4Fortuneteller Westerly
 T4Iron Arms Tiger
 T4Girl Spy Mayne
 T4Epee Master Kratos
 T4Forgotten Lyse
 T4Blue Spider Eunice
 T4Swordsman Harpe
 T4Magebane Kratos
 T4Partisan Patroclus
 T4Raven Caitlyn
 T4Clown Dreyfus
 T4Black Bat Attis
 T4Third Eye Evelynn
 T4Judicator Fino
 T4Truth Rowen

Battle Night Tier List (Legend)⇩

FodderCharacters that are used as materials to upgrade different characters
SHSenior Hire
PHPerfect Hire
Energy OrbMaterial to rank up heroes (Star+)
Forging PartMaterial to forge Blueprints
ExclusivesEquipment which will grant extra stats such as Crit rate or Damage % based on Camp AND Sub & Main Weapons for Specific heroes.
SetsA set of four equipments in order to activate an amazing bonus.
Twisted HourglassA material used to regain and reset back every single resources players spent on any specific character and only obtainable via Events.
Senior Twisted Hourglass A material used to Orange hero reset only. players will gain back the resources used fully in terms of fragments (yes players are able to re-create the same hero with the reset-ted materials)

Battle Night Tier List General Tips⇩

  • Save your entire coins, Arcade Tokens, Bullets for their respective events. This is a recycle event in the order (meaning they go on this cycle per month) Bounty Event > Perfect Hire Event > Arcade Event > Dawn Commission Event. 1 Perfect Higher (PH) coin = 15 SH coins, so save it for the event. You will need at least 80 AP coins to get the rare Hero Shark from the event.
  • Spend your gems on Senior Rental Coins (SH) (160/180). You can sometimes offer these coins in hyperspace or trade them with merchants on the map. If it’s 2 SH for 360 gems, 5 for 1k or 10 for 2k gems. You can also buy SP for the price of 1k at these respective locations.
  • Be sure to adjust your character’s skill tree/path based on the mobs you are facing.
  • You will need 920 energy jewels to get a character from 1 to 5 stars. If you have made a mistake, be sure to use the Twisted Hourglass to reset as this will take back all your resources, but use it wisely as it doesn’t happen often.
  • Save your shards and use them when you really need them, you never know when the game will update and release extra things to spend your resources.
  • The flower token you get from your friends is very important. You can sometimes buy SH or Energy Orbs in the shop, so I’d recommend removing someone from your friends list if they’ve been inactive for a day.
  • The “Tenness” stat reduces the rate of critical hits received from the enemy (meaning enemies will have less chance to critically hit your unit that has higher tenacity). Other statistics are self explanatory.
  • As you progress through the game you will find quests for Harpe and Phoebe, these 2 characters are great and are given to you for free so use them wisely. You will get Purple Harp + special weapons for free and these 2 for Purple Phoebe free will be able to take you through many chapters so all you have to do is keep playing as the Harp Shark has a daily login (to orange) will be given as Phoebe after completing the special mission Case 4.
  • Do your diary, don’t bother spending so many arcade tokens before you reach level 60. When your account is level 60, you can get 10 spins worth 8 arcade tokens.
  • If you want to learn more about the effects of combat when fighting mobs/arenas, a “?” During battle symbols in the top left of the screen. You can click on it to learn more about the different effects you get during battle.
  • Current account/character level is limited at 130, while fully awake characters can go up to 145.


Battle Night is an amazing game published by FT Games and in this post, we provide Battle Night Tier List. Use this Battle Night Tier List as a guide to choose the best heroes in the game. You can easily download Battle Night game from the play store – Download and App Store – Download. Hopefully, you really like this Battle Night Tier List post and now enjoy the game with your best character from our Battle Night tier list.

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