Battle Cats Tier List 2023 – (Update) (Best Kitty Ranked)

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Looking for Battle Cats Tier List 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get every Battle Cats ranking that helps you to choose the best cat according to your gameplay.

Battle Cats is an amazing tower defense game developed and published by PONOS Corporation and its full English version was launched in the year 2012. In the Battle Cats game, the cats are actually divided into different groups. Some cats are locked which can be unlocked as you make progress in the Battle Cats game.

Every cat is really different from the other cats in the game. Their abilities, skills, and shapes are designed in such a way that they do not actually look the same. As you proceed these cats can be upgraded which will increase their in-game level.

The Battle Cats game is actually based on an amazing story that has many different chapters. You must make a team of cats to battle against the enemy or opponents. The opponents may be of many kinds. In the battle, you will be provided a base and the same goes for the opponent. You have to kill the opponents and take their base in the game.

And also have to save your base from the attack of opponents. If the opponent tries to come closer to your base you can hit them with an in-game cannon. You have to kill all your opponents on the battlefield.

Battle Cats is specially designed for mobile users although it can be enjoyed on PC as well. You can download Battle Cats games for free on the Apple app store and Google play store.

Now without further delay let’s start the Battle Cats Tier List guide.

Battle Cats Tier List 2023

Battle Cats Tier List

Here are the Battle Cats tier list and the characters ranking of the cats are categorized into ten groups from tier SS to tier D. Tier SS cats are the best and Tier – F cats are the worst cats in the Battle Cats game.

SS Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
AphroditeTier – SS
GaoTier – SS
JizoTier – SS
MitamaTier – SS

S Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
TogelugaTier – S
TecolugaTier – S
Shadow GaoTier – S
KeijiTier – S
D’artanyanTier – S

A+ Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
AmaterasuTier – A+
KalisaTier – A+
Mighty Rekon KorpsTier – A+
YukimuraTier – A+

A Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
Baby CatTier – A
CatmanTier – A
EVA-00Tier – A
EVA-01Tier – A
NekoShinjiTier – A
Pai PaiTier – A
RaidenTier – A
ThundiaTier – A
Tropical KalisaTier – A

B+ Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
Cat MachineTier – B+
EVA-02Tier – B+
GaneshaTier – B+
Gothic MitamaTier – B+
KaiTier – B+
KamukuraTier – B+
Mighty DrednotTier – B+
MiyabiTier – B+
MomotaroTier – B+
Nurse CatTier – B+
SarukaniTier – B+
SubaruTier – B+
VarsTier – B+
WindyTier – B+

B Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
AkiraTier – B
Bunny and CanardTier – B
HayabusaTier – B
Ice CatTier – B
KaguyaTier – B
MasamuneTier – B
MegidoraTier – B
MekakoTier – B
PoseidonTier – B
Queen ReikaTier – B
ShingenTier – B
Urashima TaroTier – B
Warlock and PierreTier – B
Yuletide NurseTier – B
ZeusTier – B

C+ Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
AerTier – C+
AnubisTier – C+
BoraTier – C+
CosmoTier – C+
Demon CatTier – C+
GanglionTier – C+
Kachi-KachiTier – C+
KenshinTier – C+
KuuTier – C+
Mighty BomburrTier – C+
Mighty ThermaeTier – C+
NekolugaTier – C+
REITier – C+
Sakura SonicTier – C+
Seashore KaiTier – C+
TwinstarsTier – C+
VoliTier – C+
YoshimotoTier – C+

C Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
BalalugaTier – C
Cat Clan HeroesTier – C
CoppermineTier – C
DioramosTier – C
HallowindyTier – C
KubilugaTier – C
Midsummer RabbitTier – C
MizliTier – C
NERV MoonTier – C
SakiTier – C
SodomTier – C
Spooky ThundiaTier – C
Springtime KenshinTier – C
Trickster HimeyuriTier – C
White RabbitTier – C

D Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
AsilugaTier – D
Frosty KaiTier – D
Graveflower VerbenaTier – D
Holy CoppermineTier – D
Lilith CatTier – D
Mighty Kat-A-PultTier – D
Mola KingTier – D
PaladinTier – D
Santa KuuTier – D
Sea Maiden RuriTier – D
Wolfchild DealeTier – D

F Tier – Battle Cats Tier List

Cats Tier
General mordenTier – F
HI-DOTier – F
Huge hermitTier – F
Jupiter kingTier – F
MobiusTier – F
Nobunaga Unplaced -New Dark HeroTier – F

List of Normal Cats In Battle Cats

Here is the list of normal cats that available in the Battle Cats game

  • Cat
  • Fish Cat
  • Gross Cat
  • Lizard Cat
  • Titan Cat
  • Bird Cat
  • Cow Cat
  • Tank Cat
  • Axe Cat

Normal Cat Evolutions In Battle Cats

Here is the list of cat’s evolutions in the Battle Cats game

  • Cat to Macho Cat to Mohawk Cat
  • Tank Cat to Wall Cat to Eraser Cat
  • Axe Cat to Brave Cat to Dark Cat
  • Gross Cat to Sexy Legs Cat to Macho Leg Cat
  • Cow Cat to Giraffe Cat to Lion Cat
  • Bird Cat to UFO Cat to The Flying Cat
  • Fish Cat to Whale Cat to Island Cat
  • Lizard Cat to Dragon Cat to King Dragon Cat
  • Titan Cat to Mythical Titan Cat to Jamiera Cat

What Is Battle Cats?

The Battle Cats is an amazing game that was developed by PONOS. Battle Cats is available on Android, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Switch devices.

Battle Cats is a tower defense game, where the gamer builds an army of cats to fight off an opponent’s invasion. Also, the gamer uses their cat army to protect their base from being destroyed by the opponents that attack it.

This can be done by building towers and upgrading them in the game, as well as deploying some of your in-game cats in battle. The gamer also has access to upgrades for their in-game cats, which can make them stronger or give them new skills and abilities.

FAQs Of Battle Cats Tier List

Battle Cats Tier List

Here are some questions and answers related to Battle Cats Tier List

Q. Who Are The Best Cats In Battle Cats Game?

The Battle Cats Tier SS Cats are the best Cats in the game some of these are Jizo, Mitama, Gao, and Aphrodite.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Battle Cats Tier List?

The Battle Cats Tier List helps the players for select the best Cat in the Battle Cats game and improve their gameplay.

Q. Who Are The Worst Cats In Battle Cats Game?

The Battle Cats Tier F Cats are the worst Cats in the game some of these are Mobius, General Morden, Huge Hermit, and Jupiter king.


We hope you like this Battle Cats Tier List guide. In this post, we covered all the Cats in Battle Cats game from best to worst that help players pick the best cat in the game and improve their gaming skills and gameplay.

If you want to ask any questions related to Battle Cats Tier List so comment section is always open for your queries and feedback.

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