BapBap Tier List 2023 – (Update) (Characters Ranking!)

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Are you searching for the BapBap Tier List? So you are at the best spot. Here you will get all the rankings of BapBap characters that will help you to pick the right in-game character according to your gameplay.

BAPBAP is a popular free-to-play battle royale game created by BAP HQ. In this game, you squad up with friends as a Trio, select from a wide range of characters, and battle to be the last team standing in the game.

In this post, we covered the latest BapBap Tier List that will help you to know the BapBap best character rankings.

BapBap Tier List 2023

BapBap Tier List

Here are the BapBap character rankings from Tier S to Tier D. BapBap Tier S characters are the top characters in the game and BapBap Tier D characters are not so good to pick.

S Tier – BapBap Tier List

BapBap Tier S characters are the top characters in the game you should pick them to play the game with more ease.

FroggyTier – S

A Tier – BapBap Tier List

BapBap Tier A characters are also good characters in the game.

KiddoTier – A
AnnaTier – A
TeeveeTier – A

B Tier – BapBap Tier List

BapBap Tier B characters are average characters in the game.

SashimiTier – B
ZookTier – B
SophiaTier – B

C Tier – BapBap Tier List

BapBap Tier C characters are below average characters in the game.

kitsuTier – C
SkinnyTier – C

D Tier – BapBap Tier List

BapBap Tier D characters are the worst characters in the game, avoid choosing them.

ChuckTier – D

BapBap Tier List Wiki With Pictures

Here is the community-suggested BapBap Tier List with character images

BapBap Tier List

Kitsu – Kitsu is a charming fox-like character with incredible agility. Armed with a swift sword, Kitsu dashes through challenges while slashing enemies with precision.

Anna – Anna brings a blend of grace and power to the team. As an adept archer, she expertly shoots arrows, and her special ability lets her summon a mighty bear companion to join the fray.

Chuck – Strong and steadfast, Chuck is a muscular individual who relies on his brawn. His impressive punches and kicks make quick work of enemies, showcasing his remarkable combat prowess.

Sashimi – Sashimi not only wields knives with remarkable accuracy but also utilizes his culinary talents for support. He throws knives and fish at adversaries while offering healing sustenance to allies.

Kiddo – Kiddo is a spirited youngster with a penchant for gadgets. Riding a skateboard, Kiddo employs an assortment of tools including bombs, rockets, and drones to outwit foes.

Zook – Zook is an undead force to be reckoned with. His zombie bite can infect enemies, and his unique ability allows him to revive after being defeated, ensuring he remains a formidable adversary.

Skinny – The enigmatic Skinny is a skilled skeleton who hurls bones and skulls with eerie precision. He also commands an undead legion, bringing a horde of minions into the fight.

Froggy – A delightful character named Froggy hops into action. Armed with a talent for leaping, Froggy spits bubbles at adversaries and can cleverly camouflage as a rock for strategic advantage.

Teevee – Teevee, the versatile robot, boasts an array of tools. His arsenal includes laser beams and missiles, and he can transform into both a car and a plane, making him a true multitasking marvel.

Sophia – Bringing a touch of magic, Sophia is a regal princess with mystical prowess. She harnesses spells and charms to assail foes and can summon a majestic dragon ally to bolster her efforts.


BapBap Tier List

Here are some QNAs about BapBap Tier List

Q. Who Is The Best BapBap Character?

In the BapBap game, all the characters have different skills and abilities but the BapBap Tier S character is the best character in the game who is Froggy.

Q. Who Is The Worst BapBap Character?

The BapBap Tier D character is the worst character in the game.

Q. What Are The BapBap All Characters Name?

BapBap characters are:

  • Anna
  • Sashimi
  • Chuck
  • Kiddo
  • Froggy
  • Kitsu
  • Zook
  • Sophia
  • Skinny
  • Teevee


This is our BapBap Tier List guide. In this post, we covered the BapBap character rankings that will help you pick the right character in the game.

Also, if you have any feedback or share any suggestions about the BapBap Tier List so comment box is open for you, Thanks for reading this post.

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