Ark Color Id List 2022 : (Update!) (Complete List)

Ark Color Id List

Looking for Ark Color Id List 2022? So you reach the best spot here in this post you will get the complete Ark Color Id List that helps you to paint a Dinosaur or any other creature in the game.

It is great to have a dinosaur in Ark, but what is better is if it can change colors in the game. you can easily do that you only need a couple of dinosaurs and some color codes. Each dinosaur can be multicolored it can depend on how many body regions it actually has.

To do that, you will need Ark color ID codes so you can know how to paint your in-game dinosaur. There are different 200 color variations, so feel free to experiment until you find the best combination for your monster pet in the game.


The coloring process is maybe complicated in the game starts, but if you follow our guide, you will be done in no time. Now without further delay let’s start the Ark Color Id code list.

Ark Color Id List 2022

Ark Color Id List
Ark Color Id List

Here is the list of available Ark Color Ids

Colors Color IDHex Code
RedColor ID: 1 #ff0000
BlueColor ID: 2 #0000ff
GreenColor ID: 3 #00ff00
YellowColor ID: 4 #ffff00
CyanColor ID: 5 #00ffff
MagentaColor ID: 6 #ff00ff
Light GreenColor ID: 7 #c0ffba
Light GreyColor ID: 8 #c8caca
Light BrownColor ID: 9 #786759
Light OrangeColor ID: 10#ffb46c
Light YellowColor ID: 11#fffa8a
Light RedColor ID: 12#ff756c
Dark GreyColor ID: 13#7b7b7b
BlackColor ID: 14#3b3b3b
BrownColor ID: 15#593a2a
Dark GreenColor ID: 16#224900
Dark RedColor ID: 17#812118
WhiteColor ID: 18#ffffff
Dino Light RedColor ID: 19#ffa8a8
Dino Dark RedColor ID: 20#592b2b
Dino Light OrangeColor ID: 21#ffb694
Dino Dark OrangeColor ID: 22#88532f
Dino Light YellowColor ID: 23#cacaa0
Dino Dark YellowColor ID: 24#94946c
Dino Light GreenColor ID: 25#e0ffe0
Dino Medium GreenColor ID: 26#799479
Dino Dark GreenColor ID: 27#224122
Dino Light BlueColor ID: 28#d9e0ff
Dino Dark BlueColor ID: 29#394263
Dino Light PurpleColor ID: 30#e4d9ff
Dino Dark PurpleColor ID: 31#403459
Dino Light BrownColor ID: 32#ffe0ba
Dino Medium BrownColor ID: 33#948575
Dino Dark BrownColor ID: 34#594e41
Dino Darker GreyColor ID: 35#595959
Dino AlbinoColor ID: 36#ffffff
BigFoot0Color ID: 37#b79683
BigFoot4Color ID: 38#eadad5
BigFoot5Color ID: 39#d0a794
WolfFurColor ID: 40#c3b39f
DarkWolfFurColor ID: 41#887666
DragonBase0Color ID: 42#a0664b
DragonBase1Color ID: 43#cb7956
DragonFireColor ID: 44#bc4f00
DragonGreen0Color ID: 45#79846c
DragonGreen1Color ID: 46#909c79
DragonGreen2Color ID: 47#a5a48b
DragonGreen3Color ID: 48#2D4B56
WyvernPurple0Color ID: 49#302C4F
WyvernPurple1Color ID: 50#705E88
WyvernBlue0Color ID: 51#1F3964
WyvernBlue1Color ID: 52#101B2D
Dino Medium BlueColor ID: 53#1D60D2
Dino Deep BlueColor ID: 54#0E23A9
NearWhiteColor ID: 55#D8D8D8
NearBlackColor ID: 56#141414
DarkTurquoiseColor ID: 57#184546
MediumTurquoiseColor ID: 58#007060
TurquoiseColor ID: 59#00c5ab
GreenSlateColor ID: 60#40594c
SageColor ID: 61#3e4f40
DarkWarmGrayColor ID: 62#3b3938
MediumWarmGrayColor ID: 63#585554
LightWarmGrayColor ID: 64#9b9290
DarkCementColor ID: 65#525b56
LightCementColor ID: 66#8aa196
LightPinkColor ID: 67#e8b0ff
DeepPinkColor ID: 68#ff119a
DarkVioletColor ID: 69#730046
DarkMagentaColor ID: 70#b70042
BurntSiennaColor ID: 71#7e331e
MediumAutumnColor ID: 72#a93000
VermillionColor ID: 73#ef3100
CoralColor ID: 74#ff5834
OrangeColor ID: 75#ff7f00
PeachColor ID: 76#ffa73a
LightAutumnColor ID: 77#ae7000
MustardColor ID: 78#949427
ActualBlackColor ID: 79#171717
MidnightBlueColor ID: 80#191d36
DarkBlueColor ID: 81#152b3a
BlackSandsColor ID: 82#302531
LemonLimeColor ID: 83#a8ff44
Mint Color ID: 84#38e985
JadeColor ID: 85#008840
PineGreenColor ID: 86#0f552e
SpruceGreenColor ID: 87#005b45
LeafGreenColor ID: 88#5b9725
DarkLavenderColor ID: 89#5e275f
MediumLavenderColor ID: 90#853587
LavenderColor ID: 91#bd77be
DarkTealColor ID: 92#0e404a
MediumTealColor ID: 93#105563
Teal HexColor ID: 94#14849c
PowderBlueColor ID: 95#82a7ff
GlacialColor ID: 96#aceaff
CammoColor ID: 97#505118
DryMossColor ID: 98#766e3f
CustardColor ID: 99#c0bd5e
CreamColor ID: 100#f4ffc0

Dye Ids – Ark Color Id List

Here are all the available Ark Color Dye Ids:

ColorsColor IDHex Code
Black DyeColor ID: 201#1f1f1f
Blue DyeColor ID: 202#0000ff
Brown DyeColor ID: 203#756147
Cyan DyeColor ID: 204#00ffff
Forest DyeColor ID: 205#006c00
Green DyeColor ID: 206#00ff00
Purple DyeColor ID: 207#6c00ba
Orange DyeColor ID: 208#ff8800
Parchment DyeColor ID: 209#ffffba
Pink DyeColor ID: 210#ff7be1
Uncraftable PurpleColor ID: 211#7b00e0
Red DyeColor ID: 212#ff0000
Royalty DyeColor ID: 213#7b00a8
Silver DyeColor ID: 214#e0e0e0
Sky DyeColor ID: 215#bad4ff
Tan DyeColor ID: 216#ffed82
Tangerine DyeColor ID: 217#ad652c
White DyeColor ID: 218#fefefe
Yellow DyeColor ID: 219#ffff00
Magenta DyeColor ID: 220#e71fd9
Brick DyeColor ID: 221#94341f
Cantaloupe DyeColor ID: 222#ff9a00
Mud DyeColor ID: 223#473b2b
Navy DyeColor ID: 224#34346c
Olive DyeColor ID: 225#baba59
Slate DyeColor ID: 226#595959

How to Use Ark Color ID Codes?

Changing the color of creatures or dinosaurs with Ark color ID codes is not really hard if you just follow our instructions. There are 6 different color regions that you can paint on creatures. They are marked with numbers from 5 to 0. What you require to do is to choose the part of the animal you actually want to paint, and then enter the code of the color.

  • In the Ark game, look at the creature or dinosaur you want to paint.
  • Then open the console.
  • Next enter – setTargetDinoColor region_number color_id_number in the console (for ex. setTargetDinoColor 3 411).
  • Now enjoy playing with your favorite colorful pets!

How to Set Dino Color In Ark?

Open the console by click on the [Tab] key on the PC / Laptop. On the Xbox then enter the pause screen and simultaneously click on the [RB] [X] [LB] and [Y] buttons. On PlayStation, click on the pause screen, and then click on simultaneously [R1] [Square] [L1] and [Triangle] keys.

The Right Command is - setTargetDinoColor < region > < color-id >
  • Region – There are six regions (numbers zero to six)
  • Color id – It is only the number

How To Get More Ark Color ID Codes?

Ark Color Id List

Everything you require regarding Ark color ID codes can be found on this Faindx post. Check it out frequently and if a new color combination launch then you will be the first to know. Also, you can also check out the official Ark social pages for more information.


About ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is an amazing and really popular PC game out there and its adventure makes Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild look like actually child’s play. The game has plenty of realism and its game theme outshines that of Robinson Crusoe actually by a lot.

Just like The Forest and more, Ark Survival Evolved tasks gamers to survive in a hostile environment dwelled by in-game dinosaurs. The game actually begins in a first-person perspective and as the gamer, your mission will be to explore your in-game environment in search of materials that you can actually use to craft tools.

There are many dinosaurs you may come across during your game journey and they will want nothing more than to kill you in the game, so you will have to defend yourself against these wild creatures or dinosaurs and if you happen to domesticate them, they provide you resources and even be a means of transportation in the game.


Facing up to the natural in-game conditions of the island in ARK is something you need to do. From drinking to eating, you must not carry around too much weight and you did have to take care of your in-game health since every physical activity you partake in consumes energy. The day and night cycle in ARK: Survival Evolved is really amazing too but they actually come with their own fair shares of in-game troubles.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Ark Color Id List. In this post, we covered all the Ark Color Ids, Dye Ids, and how to use the console command (set dino color).

If you have any questions or feedback related to ARK Color IDs so comment section is always open for you.


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