Anime Mania Tier List : (Characters List!) (April 2023)

Want to choose the best characters and weapons in the Anime Mania game? So you are at the right spot here you will get Anime Mania Tier List guide that will help you to choose the best.

With too many options to choose from in the Anime Mania game. Every player has their own set of skills and playstyle so selecting which heroes would fit better for any given situation can be pretty powerful.

To make things simple and save yourself effort & time, refer to the below Anime Mania tier list. This will give you a better picture of each character, and you will be able to figure out which 3 characters will form the most powerful unit in the game so now let’s start.

Tier List Update – 27 April 2023

Anime Mania Tier List – Best Characters >>

Before you check out the Anime Mania tier list, let’s cover the basics. In the Anime Mania game, characters are classified in multiple grades; legendary, uncommon, rare, and common. The highest or best grade is the legendary grade, then the rare, uncommon, and common grade.

The higher the grade that means the fewer chances of getting that in-game character. You can get these characters from the Summon/Roll/Gacha. It costs in-game gems, so make sure you use some promo codes and go for multi-pull.

Now, look at the God/Legendary Characters of Anime Mania Tier List

Characters Tier List
Giorno Giovanna GER (Dreamer) God Tier
Sasuke Rinne Sharingan (Indra) God Tier
Madara Six Paths (Mudra Six Sage) God Tier
Tengoku (Kyojuro Rengoku) God Tier
Heaven Ascended DIO (Ascension) God Tier
Nakaza (Akaza) God Tier
Majority for Individual (All for One) God Tier
God Speed (Killua Godspeed) God Tier
Sleepy Joe (Asleep Zenitsu Agatsuma) God Tier
Hisoka (Misoka) God Tier
Naruto Six Paths (Ashura) God Tier
Adult Gon (Adult Gone) God Tier

S+ Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Tier S+ characters are the absolute best characters in the Anime Mania game. Hard to come by but really worth it if you can get these characters.

You will never lose or have a close game with one of these and if you are lucky enough to get one of them then make sure to use it wisely.

Characters Rarity
Sleepy Joe Mythical
Pink Son Monkey Mythical
Ascension Mythical
Nakaza Mythical
All Mighty Legendary
God Speed Mythical
Prime White Bear Mythical
Adult Gone Mythical
Ashura Mythical
Mudra Six Sage Mythical
Dreamer Mythical
Majority For Individual Mythical
Tengoku Mythical
Joenie Act 4 Mythical
Indra Mythical

S Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

These Anime Mania Tier S characters are the next best characters. They are not as overpowered as the tier S+, but they are still a force to be reckoned with.

You will mostly win or have a close game with these anime characters. These are a little easier to come by than the tier S+ but don’t miss your chance to get these.

Characters Rarity
Nil Legendary
Humourous Valentine Legendary
Gucci Legendary
Masta Legendary
Nojo Legendary
Yoshi Kira Legendary
Trolly Legendary
Zarkk Legendary
Wise Sage Legendary
Husirama Legendary
Child Boo Legendary
Mudra Legendary
Hawkme Legendary

A Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Characters in this tier are well but not great. They can hold their own in-game battle, but they are not the best. These anime characters are a little more common than the S+ and S tiers, so you will have more of a chance to get your hands on them in the game.

Characters Rarity
Zakainu Legendary
Tamamoto Legendary
Mochi Master Legendary
Tonoki Legendary
Kuramika Legendary
Takashi Legendary
Thunder God Legendary
White Bear Legendary
Hell Flame Legendary
Awakened Hitachi Legendary
Misoka Legendary
Pisuke Legendary
Stagger Legendary

B Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Characters in this tier are above average, but they are not overpowered. You can win or have a close game with these anime characters, but it would not be easy. If you are looking for a character that is simple to come by, look no further!

Characters Rarity
Hauled Over Legendary
Phoenix Legendary
Kentachi Legendary
Minatoes Legendary
Riyuu Legendary
Freezing Inferno Legendary
Lezuko Legendary
Slug Sage Legendary

C Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Tier C Characters are just average. They would not help you win or have a close game with other anime. In fact, they might even lose you the game battle. If you are looking for something common, these anime characters are a good option.

Characters Rarity
Weather Reporter Legendary
Lace Legendary
Hanks Legendary
Alligator Rare
Akita Rare
DEUS Legendary

D Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Tier D Characters are below average and they are not worth your effort or time. To be honest, you might even want to avoid them. These anime characters are the easiest to come by, so there is no excuse not to have them.

Characters Rarity
Komodura Rare
Jon Rare
Kakugan Rare
Atika Rare
Joesuke Rare
Joenie Rare
Hitachi Rare
Melidass Rare
Cold Fire Rare
Visorded Echigo Rare
Coolnareff Rare
Bantai Echigo  Uncommon
Shinjo Rare
Labi Rare
Concentrated Maruto Rare
Grimmjoe Rare
Future Hogan Rare
Tangerine Rare
Zyakura Rare
Gone Rare
Gio Gio Rare
Tojaro Pujo Rare
TS Fuffly Rare
Smogger Rare
Zipper Expert Rare
Chilling Tukia Rare
Lad Unhinged Rare

E Tier – Anime Mania Tier List >>

Tier E Characters are the worst characters in Anime Mania Game. these anime characters are not worth your time. You will always lose or have a very close game with them. If you are looking for something that is easy and common to come by, look no further.

Characters Rarity
Cog 2nd Fuffly Uncommon
Son Monkey SSJ Uncommon
Sakaki Uncommon
Teen Maruto Uncommon
Lad  Common
Maruto Uncommon
Deku Uncommon
Teen Sakaki Uncommon
Puryuu  Common
Wami  Common
Tanji Common 
Kid Maruto Common 
Tukia Uncommon
Fuffly  Common
Zolo Uncommon
Son Monkey  Common
Trashura  Common
Scaredy Joe Uncommon
Laser Belly Uncommon
Kid Sakaki  Common
Godalomia Uncommon
Echigo  Common

About Roblox Anime Mania Game >>

Roblox is one of the most famous online gaming platforms for teenagers and children. It is an amazing user-generated platform with millions of games to choose from. One of the most famous games on the platform is Roblox Anime Mania.

Roblox Anime Mania is an amazing fighting game where players choose from different anime characters and fight to the in-game death.

The game is extremely popular and has many gamers. This makes the game competitive, with gamers looking for the best character to in-game fight. That’s where the Anime Mania tier list Roblox comes in.

Conclusion >>

Anime Mania is an exciting and fun game that is easy to play. It does not matter if you are just a beginner or have been playing for years. Using this Roblox Anime Mania tier list will help you dominate the competition so make sure to use it to your advantage and have some fun!

Hopefully, you like this Anime Mania character tier list, and if you have any suggestions or questions so feel free to leave a comment below. We actually love hearing from our readers, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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