Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List : (Update!) (June 2022)

Anime Dimensions Tier List

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List 2022 – Find out the Most useful characters and their powers in our Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator Tier List Guide. We have listed all the characters based on their overall power and in-game strength.

Anime Dimension Simulator is a Roblox game that allows users to take on the role of their favorite anime characters from different universes. Many of the most famous anime universes are available, but gamers must take on the role of alternate versions of the main characters.

In Roblox Anime Dimensions, no two different characters are created equal; Everyone has their unique style of play and some are undoubtedly ability better than others. Characters’ positions in the Roblox Anime Dimensions tier list are based on their overall specific abilities and strength.

Post Update – 8th June 2022

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List – (All Characters)⇩

Tier S, A, B, C, D, and F are six levels divided into eighteen characters in the anime dimensions game, with S being the powerful and F being the worst character. All characters Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List are listed in their level order below.

CharactersRoblox Anime Dimensions Tier List
Kodtoki, AlturiaS Tier
Zetsu, Meguretsu, RamuraA Tier
Tonjuro, Nojo, Pasta, FluffyB Tier
Reku, Yakaza, Itabori, RokuC Tier
Hatsu, Cherry, KiruaD Tier
Ichini, NardoF Tier

Anime Dimensions Tier List – Characters Ability List ⇩

Anime Dimensions Tier List
Anime Dimensions Tier List

Gamers should only try to get characters from Tiers S, A, and B. Other game characters are also playable, but you will need precise timing for most out of them. Choosing the best character is only half the battle; The powers you add to characters have an effect on total damage. Here is a list of the all abilities that each Anime Dimensions characters have.

S Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
AlturiaMana BurstFlying SliceCross SlashExcalibur
KodotokiFire WallFire FistIce WallFreezing Heatwave

A Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
MeguretsuTornado (Flame)Flame BeamFlame BurstExplosion
ZetsuKiwaniSix FoldFlashThunder God
RamuraFlareGluttonyBlack LightningGod’s Wrath

B Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
NojoCurtainRedBlueHollow Purple
TonjuroWhirlpoolWater WheelWater SlashFlowing Dance
PastaBlack HurricaneBlack MeteoriteSlash (Black)Divider (Black)

C Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
YakazaCrushAnnihilationAir ExplosionCompass
ItaboriBlack FlashDivergent FistRapid FistCursed Awakening
RekuFlying SmashHand SmashFinger SmashLighting Smash
RokuKi BeamKi BlastRapid PunchSpirit Bomb

D Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
CherryHealBlossom CrushThrow KunaiBlossom Strike
HatsuWing AttackDragon RoarDragon FistBlaze
KiruaWhirlwindLighting RainThunder PalmGodspeed

F Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

CharactersAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
NardoEnergy BallShadow CloneThrow KunaiEnergy Shuriken
IchiniCrossSpin SlashPiercerSoul Piercer

Anime Dimensions Tier List Guide – Best Character⇩

Kodotoki is undoubtedly one of the best characters in Anime Dimensions Game. Kodotoki ‘s abilities are AoE-based damage. His ice wall gives enemies 5 hits in a single row.

His Firewall and Fire Fist can be chained together to deal heavy damage to all enemies around him. Both abilities can be combined to attack enemies grouped together to attack.

You can get rid of them all with these well-modified attacks. His freezing heatwave first creates a wall of ice and then a fireball for high in-game damage. Combining all these attacks, you have a powerful attack that is really hard to deal with if players are not careful.

Process Of Unlock Anime Dimensions Characters Guide⇩

The process is also easy for those who aren’t sure how to unlock characters in Roblox Anime Dimensions Game. The process is simple as it involves collecting and spending gems, the unique in-game currency of Anime Dimensions.

Redeem codes is the fastest way to get in-game gems that codes most of the time provide game developers. They will also provide a considerable amount for the purchase of a favorite anime character. Players can always use the AFK Gym when the code runs out. This is a great strategy for building gems over time, especially if you’re running.

Leveling up, especially with an experience boost, is a more pro active option. Every time gamer’s level up angets 25 gems on the spot. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you have a solid character to practice in the game.

Roblox Anime Dimensions FAQ⇩

Q. Who is the best character in anime dimensions?

Kodotoki is the best character in anime dimensions.

Q. Who is the strongest character in anime dimensions simulator?

According to tier list S Class characters are very strongest in anime dimensions.


This was our Anime Dimensions Tier List that can help you to choose the best characters in the game to get stronger and have fun. It is worth remembering that only characters in C tier and higher are worth choosing. Don’t ignore the lower ranks, as they may also get some bonuses. After getting all the top characters, gamer’s must focus on the minor characters. We hope you like this Anime Dimensions Tier List post.

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