Acnh Update 2023 (Update 2.0)- Latest Animal Crossing

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Acnh Update 2023

Looking for latest Acnh Update so you are at the right spot in this post you will get new Acnh Update and Latest Animal Crossing update Info.

New features are planned for Animal Crossing: New Horizons by Nintendo, and there are some improvements that the next ACNH update is expected to add.

Last Update – 11 July 2023

Acnh Update 2.0 – July 2023

30 Things In The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update is Coming

  • A More Efficient DAL – Now you can fly directly from Harv Island to Happy Home Paradise, and vice versa!
  • Permanent Ladders Are Customisable – Are you tired of ugly stairs? Because now your ladder can be blue! Or yellow, red, or white.
  • Loading Screen Tips – You will need to download the Island Life 101 app for tips on the loading screen.
  • New House Exteriors
  • Katrina’s special power
  • Invite old friends to Rustom
  • Brewster and Kappen’s Secret
  • have fun on the boat
  • New and better news from Isabelle
  • Scooting
  • fisheye lens and new filters
  • You’re Not the Only One Who’s Bad at Stretching
  • high card low card
  • The Dishes in Bottles Tell You What They Are Before You Open Them
  • ion glows in the dark

Nintondo’s E3 presentation failed to provide any major news on animal crossing: New horizon materials, in which many fans who questioned the future of the game were abandoned. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, its success was successful in expanding animal crossing fanbase and attract new players in the Nintando Switch Console. Thankfully, with a news of a sequence and the popularity of ACNH still intact, it seems that Nintando will still invest in gaming material in the future. Animal Crossing: There are many different events and features in the new horizon that can be expanded to increase gameplay.

Animal Crossing: Improved on many aspects

Animal Crossing: Improved on many aspects of the new horizon series, because the Day, the festival, wedding season, Halloween, and festivities were released with seasonal events. In addition, ACNH introduced Terren Amendment and Crafting in the series. Regardless of these facilities, it is still higher in the game as well as existing features that can be expanded. The President of America, Doug Bovesar’s Nintendo assured that the new material coming in animal crossing will be: new horizons.

One of the simplest ways to present new activities will add cooking and foodstuffs to the animal crossing the new horizon. By expanding on existing crafting systems and presenting the object of a new category, players will receive a new, regular activity. This will also give the opportunity to bring the animal crossing broker back to Nintendo or will allow players to run their restaurants and business food with fellow villagers. The fruits grown by the introduction of craft-qualified food items can also make valuable for any other thing other than bells. Various villagers can like various food items or flavors, which are working as another method to improve their relationships with the craft-qualified food villagers.

New Acnh Update – Animal Crossing Can Turn Villagers Into Competitors

Two of the most defined characteristics of animal crossing are the functions of its villagers and decorative homes and islands. Players in animal crossing: New horizons spend hours hunting their desired villagers, some villagers are more popular than others. Nintendo can take advantage of that popularity, and the position of the villagers as the force of competition for decoration. Acnh is already a system to make decisions based on decoration through Happy Home Academy.

Currently, Happy Home Academy rates everyone on individual islands based on its decoration, the results are being shared only through the letters and ambiguous dialogue through negotiation with neighbors.

By turning the work of decoration into competitiveness with the neighbors of the players, they will be encouraged to improve their current designs and swap the villagers for new challenges. Rewarding the best-decorated home on the island will also encourage the game to return to the original mechanics of the game.

Acnh New Update

Acnh Update
Acnh Update

Another feature of the ACNH community has the ability to build a high level of each island and fully expanding the construction space. By enabling increased height, players will get more advantage of the island space, and use more decoration and design which are otherwise unbelievable. Animal Crossing: The first anniversary of the new horizon has come and has gone, and only since the release has continued to achieve more items and dishes. With new design options available for players, Nintendo can also see the sellers for players more accessible. Transfers and traders expand the buildings available to players and can perform well with a thrift store or shoe store on eligible Islands like Red and Kicks.

Animal Crossing: New horizons expanded on many facilities already present in the animal crossing series, but it can still increase players’ experiences and improve some major aspects of their gameplay. Introducing new craft qualified foodstuffs, building decoration competitions among the villagers and players, expanding the available space to build on the island, and make travel vendors make permanent additions to the player islands to update all the methods You can use. While Nintendo has not issued any information about the update coming so far, it seems that animal crossing: New horizon fans will get some material this year.

When is the next acnh update?

Do not expect immediately updates

Based on the previous update, we do not expect a new update will be released later a few days later. For a complete list of incoming items, check our new and return seasonal items to May, June, July 2023.

Acnh Current version update 1.10.0

May Day, International Museum Day, and a wedding season have been added, and seasonal items of extra limited time from Nook Shopping.

The following items have been added:

  1. Surichwi Tteok
  2. Carnations
  3. Shiromuku
  4. Nuptial Ring Pillow
  5. Ship-Wheel Door Decoration
  6. Double Gloucester Cheese
  7. Flower-Petal Basket
  8. White Hakama with Crest
  9. Tsunokakushi
  10. Carp Banner
  11. Newsprint Helmet
  12. Phrygian Cap
  13. Nuptial Doorplate
  14. Nuptial Bell
  15. Festival Zongzi
  16. Rover’s Photo
  17. Thank-You Dad Apron
  18. Art plaque

Future Updates

Acnh Update
Acnh Update

Current Update is Acnh Update, These versions have been officially announced, but they are yet to come in the future.


Versions may have an attached letter to their version number. These will only apply if the player has an active Internet connection, while the player’s date is synced with Nintendo servers, and displayed on the title screen with the version installed (for example, 1.7.0a).

  1. These letters represent event triggers that are in effect for a limited amount of time.
  2. These are not installed by the Nintendo Switch system software. Rather, they are automatically applied when the game starts via the conditions described above. This means that the software info menu will show the version of the game without the letter.
  3. It seems that these events remain on the screen after it is over and go away only after a new update is released, while no event is fired.

Past Versions Updates 1.0.0

The version of the game on the physical cartridge. A full, playable version of the game is included, minus any additions, changes and improvements included in any subsequent versions.

1.1.0 Update

Released on March 19, 2020, a day before the game’s launch.

  1. Bunny Day and Zipper T. Bunny added
  2. Item names now use title case instead of all-lowercase.
  3. Added Nook features. On the main screen, Save Data Settings was changed with the generic label Settings.
  4. All players who download the update receive a Nintendo Switch furniture item in-game. The player also received an ACNH Nintendo Switch if they were playing on one.

1.1.1 Update

Released on March 26, 2020.

Furniture rotation duplication glitch fixed

1.1.1a Update

After being announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini on March 26, 2020, the update was unlocked on April 1, 2020.

Enabled Bunny Day Features.

1.1.2 Update

Released on April 2, 2020.

  1. Fixed glitched land plot.
  2. Tom Nook refusing to invite more villagers Fixed.
  3. Fixed mystery tour tool price bug.
  4. House unable to move after one player corrects the glitch Fixed.
  5. Fixed ‘Many other bugs.’
  6. The frequency of bunny day balloons and water eggs on the player’s island is slightly reduced.

1.1.3 Update

Released on 3rd April 2020.

Fixed the balloons, stopped creating a mess.

1.1.4 Update

Released on April 6, 2020.

Fixed an issue where Flick would deliver a different model the next day when three Scarab Beetles were given up for a commission.

Re-adjusted frequency of day eggs hatched before April 11, 2020.

Earth Day Update – 1.2.0

After being teased during the Nintendo Direct Mini on March 26th, 2020, this update was officially announced with a trailer uploaded on April 21st. The update was released on 23 April 2020.

Added Leaf as a traveling merchant.

  • Shrubs sold by Leaf were added.
  • Leaf also sells flower seeds that are not usually for sale at the local Nook Crane.

Added Jolly Reds Treasure Trawler, a ship that docks at Secret Beach and allows the player to purchase art, sculptures, and other antiques

Museum extension

  • An art gallery was added. Blathers is required to donate at least one actual work of art before it can appear.

Upcoming Events

Nature Day (23 April – 4 May)
Bonus Nook Miles+ Themed Quest Around Nature

May Day (May 1 – May 7)
A special, limited-time mystery tour takes the player to the island of Hedge Labyrinth
Added Rover

International Museum Day (May 18 – May 31)
Added Stamp Rally – Players must collect stamps from exhibits in the museum. In the end, the reward is given.

Wedding season (June 1 – June 30)
Reese and Cyrus show up on Harv Island for a limited time to take anniversary photos in Fotopia.

  • The interest rates for ABD were reduced from 0.5% to 0.05%.
  • Nook Inc. shirts based on the outfits of Isabel and Timmy and Tommy could be redeemed through Nook Miles.
  • Players who downloaded this update received a world map from Nintendo and a bell-bag rug from Nook Bank.
  • The Switch item was changed to Light Switch.
  • Minor typos in the dialog were corrected.

The update also brought a new look to the bug spawning algorithm in the game. Spawn rates were integrated for all insects overall months, rather than independent spawn percentages. For example, moths had a spawn rate of 25 during May–February, in March they were more common at a rate of 37, and less common in April at a rate of 22. As of 1.2, there is a spawn rate of 25 every month.

In addition, the bug’s spawn rate was modified. In general, the more valuable bugs were reduced and the less valuable were amplified. This affects both the player’s island and mystery tours.

Decreased Bug Appearance Rate:

  1. Peacock Butterfly down from 30% to 5%
  2. Both the Emperor Butterfly and the Great Purple Emperor Butterfly down 10% to 5%
  3. Atlas Moth down from 9%-10% to 5%
  4. Banded Dragonfly down 10% to 7%
  5. Scarab beetle down 5% to 3%
  6. Giant stag reduced from 10% to 5%
  7. Rainbow stag down 10% to 7%
  8. Both tarantulas and scorpions down 3%-6% to 2%

Increase in bug appearance rate:

  • Stinkbug 20% ​​to 40%
  • Tiger Beetle 9%-10% to 15%
  • Horned Dynasty 30% to 35%
  • Cherry-blossom petals (which use the bug spawn rate) from 135% to 150%

This update removed the 2 Mystery Island Tours and re-adjusted the encounter rates for the remaining islands. Island rates were changed which appears to discourage Bell Income gains.

Deleted Mystery Tour Islands:

  1. Big Fish/Hybrid Island
  2. Hybrid Flower Island
  3. Increased Mystery Travel Island Attendance Rate:
  4. Small river from 9% to 9.68%
  5. Small rivers and ponds increased from 9% to 9.68%
  6. Spiral River increased from 9% to 9.68%
  7. Fidget Spinner up 9% to 9.68%
  8. Sister fruit 9% to 10%
  9. Curly River from 5% to 8%
  10. falls from 5% to 10%

Mystery Travel Island attendance rate reduction:

  1. Mountains down 9% to 8%
  2. Scorpion/Money Rock down 2% to 1%
  3. Rugged tree fell from 2% to 1.5%
  4. Big Fish (formally Big Fish 2) Down 3% to 2%
  5. Trash reduced from 5% to 1%
  6. Find fish reduced from 1% to 0.5%
  7. Gold Rock/Scorpion down 1% to 0.3%

1.2.1 Update

Released on May 21, 2020.

Issues addressed to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience (no new features, only bug fixes; item duplication glitch fixes)

Open from June 1, 2020:

Wilbur gains the ability to purchase items from the player and send items to the player’s home storage while the player is visiting Harv Island. Items sold to Wilbur will return only 80% of their sale price, such as the shipping box outside the Nook Crane.

Summer Update Wave 1 – 1.3.0

Released on July 3, 2020.

  1. Added diving and deep-sea creatures
  2. Pascal Added, allowing DIY recipes for mermaid chains or pearls to be obtained once per day in exchange for a scallop via diving.
  3. Added Gulliver, from which pirate-themed items can be obtained. He will ask that the player find his communicator by diving.
  4. A free snorkel mask accessory is included for downloading the update
  5. The special characters of Leaf, Sahara, and Kicks are no longer guaranteed to appear every week, ensuring that all special character tours are further spread.[5]
  6. KK Slider now performs on Sundays when the Plaza hosts an event on Saturdays, allowing special visitors to attend on all weekdays.
  7. Sahara has received changes to its purchase dialog, allowing the player to continue the conversation after purchasing an item.

The names of the following items were changed:

  • cake dress is now a wedding dress
  • The writing chair is now the study chair
  • writing desk now studies desk
  • writing a poster is now a study poster

bug fixes:

Waterfall Hop, Multiplayer Out of Bounds, and Camera UI glitches fixed.

1.3.1 Update

Released on July 10, 2020.

bug fixes:

  1. Zen Bridge Obstacle Disturbance
  2. Wet Suits is not available for sale in Nook Cranny
  3. Hermit crabs appearing in odd places
  4. Dialogue bubbles visible for a moment after talking to villagers

Summer Update Wave 2 – 1.4.0

Released on July 30, 2020.

General Updates:

  • A new seasonal event, the Fireworks Show, has been added.
  • New seasonally-themed seasonal items have been added to Nook Shopping.
  • A new feature was added to the Nookphone camera app, allowing the player to turn off guide information by pressing in the R Stick.
  • The “Fun Glasses” item now matches variations of the player’s skin color.
  • Players are given a “fireworks-show wall” wallpaper as a gift for downloading the update.

The following items have been added:

  1. Star Bopper
  2. Fireworks-Show Wall
  3. Rodeo-Style Spring Ride-On
  4. bulb hopper
  5. grape-harvest basket
  6. yellow balloon
  7. used fountain fireworks
  8. red sparkler
  9. fountain fireworks
  10. pink balloon
  11. pinwheel
  12. moon rug
  13. uchiva fan
  14. Hikoboshi Dress
  15. king tut mask
  16. red Balloon
  17. luna’s bed
  18. Heart Bopper
  19. blue balloon
  20. bubble blower
  21. twitter
  22. flower bopper
  23. blue sparkler
  24. Dream Bell Exchange Tickets
  25. green balloon
  26. orihime costume

Online Connectivity Features:

A new feature allows the player to sleep in the bed and meet Luna through dreaming. They can upload a wish of their dream island via the internet or visit other uploaded islands. Once Luna becomes available, she will mail a “Luna’s Bed” item to the player.

New features have been added to the Custom Design Portal. The player can now search by design name or type. The player can now create a list of favorite creators.

A new feature has been added to save data on Nintendo’s servers via the Internet. If their Nintendo Switch system is lost or broken, the player can use the backup save data with the Island Backup restoration service.

  • The player must be a member of Nintendo Switch Online and enable backup within Animal Crossing: New Horizons to use this new feature.
  • Saved data cannot be restored at the sole discretion of the Customer. If the player’s system is broken, they should contact Nintendo Support to initiate a repair request. If they’ve lost their system, they’ll need to contact Nintendo Support.
  • This feature does not allow data (island data) to be transferred to a different system. A save data transfer feature is planned for 2020. Facility and timing information will be announced in the future.

Fixed issues:

Other adjustments were made to improve the gameplay experience.

1.4.1 Update

Released on August 6, 2020.

  1. Fixed an issue where trees could mature and contain things other than normal fruit etc.
  2. An issue Fixed where glowing clay disappears after a dream returns to its own island and a buried vine appears at that location.
  3. Fixed an issue where the player swung his shovel through the air while attempting to hit a rock placed at a fixed location.
  4. The textures and icons for the sumo ring have been removed, making the floor appear messy when placed in the house and invisible in the player’s storage.

Fall Update – 1.5.0

Released on September 30, 2020.

  1. A new event, Halloween, was added, with Jack being introduced as host. The program will run from 5 pm to 12 pm on 31 October.
  2. The candy, which can be purchased from Nook Cranny in October and given to villagers on Halloween, added.
  3. Pumpkins can now be grown, which can be used for DIY recipes. There are four different types and pumpkin starters can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny or Leaf.
  4. Four new eye and skin colors were added.
  5. Two responses, haunt and scare, were also added.
  6. Upon downloading the update, the player was given a Ring Cone furniture item.
  7. Players are now able to see a list of dreams they have seen before.

1.5.1 Update

Released on October 8, 2020

  1. An issue Fixed where certain title keywords received through Nook Miles would not display within Passport.
  2. Fixed an issue displaying in English for users playing in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, or Russian.
  3. An issue Fixed where animal residents would talk about pumpkins when given bamboo shoots.
  4. Fixed an issue where river jumping was not possible based on the location of some furniture.

1.6.0 – Winter Update

Two seasonal events are included in this update: Turkey Day and Toy Day.

Along with those events, Franklin and Jingle were also linked.

On Turkey Day, players can receive and redeem Cozy Turkey Day DIYs from Franklin for the following items:

  1. Turkey Day Casserole
  2. Turkey Day Chair
  3. Day Decoration
  4. Turkey Day Garden Stand
  5. Turkey Day Hearth
  6. Day Rugby
  7. Turkey Day Table
  8. Turkey Day Table Setting
  9. Day wheat decoration
  10. Franklin will also give the player a cornucopia, turkey day wall and turkey day flooring, but these are not part of the DIY set.

Throughout December, players can obtain the following items at Nook Crannies in celebration of Toy Day:

  1. dinosaur toy
  2. doll house
  3. kids tent
  4. magic bag
  5. mini circuit
  6. pop up book
  7. puppy plush
  8. rc helicopter
  9. set of stockings
  10. Tin robot

During Toy Day, the player can obtain the following items from Jingle:

  1. festive wrapping paper
  2. gift stack
  3. toy day sleigh
  4. toy day stockings

If the conversation is done after Toy Day, the player can also get a photo of the jingle.

The player can redeem the Hip Reaction collection to get nine new reactions:

Sit Down, Now Good bye Wave, Take a Pic,Yoga, Sniff Sniff, Work Out, Here You Go, Excited & Ta-Da.

  1. Players are now able to travel to random dream destinations by selecting the “surprise” option.
  2. Six new hairstyles were added and can be achieved using the top 6 stylish hairstyles.
  3. The player can now ask Tom Nook to increase his home storage from 1600 to 2,400.
  4. Support for Save Data Transfer, which allows Island to save data or transfer one player’s data to another Nintendo Switch, was added.

Check More – Animal Crossing Build A Bear Collection To Get Characters and Restocks

More items made available from Nook Shopping. This includes:

  1. 2021 Celebration Arch
  2. aurora wall
  3. berliner
  4. kadomatsu
  5. kagamimochi
  6. new year noodles
  7. new year’s shimekazari
  8. olivier salad
  9. sparkling cider
  10. sunflower rug
  11. twelve-grape dish
  12. ut norik
  13. zodiac bull statue

Added three additional DIY recipes that use seasonal ingredients:

  • falling snow wall
  • festive rug
  • summer-shell rug

Players will get the Yule Log in their mailbox as part of the new update.

The Pocket Camp phone case was added as part of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp collaboration.

The Nook Link mobile apk will allow users to see their full catalog.

Other accessories added include:

  1. festive wreath
  2. Gifts
  3. reindeer dress
  4. deer hut
  5. Santa Beard
  6. Coat santa
  7. Santa hat
  8. santa pants
  9. someone’s gift
  10. transfer kit

Other adjustments and improvements to improve the gameplay experience.

1.7.0 Update

A new holiday, Festival, has been added, as well as the special character Pawe who hosts the event.

Added 4 new responses: Feelin’ It, Let’s Go, Viva and Confetti.

New seasonal stuff has been added for Setsubun like Bean Throwing Festival, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day & the Super Bowl.

Fixed an issue preventing players from getting the Mermaid Fence recipe from Pascal.

Other adjustments and improvements were made to improve the game playing experience.

The users is given a pair of cool maracas as a reward for free downloading the update.

The following items have been added:

  1. lucky money
  2. mermaid fence
  3. lucky red envelope
  4. festival stall
  5. festive flag
  6. rainbow wings
  7. furious cheer megaphone
  8. resetti model
  9. wing
  10. festival drum
  11. festive lamp
  12. festival accessory
  13. dazzling cheer megaphone
  14. blue feather
  15. heart shaped bouquet
  16. festival balloon lamp
  17. sebaton
  18. festive umbrella
  19. Chocolate Heart
  20. lunar new year decoration
  21. ok mask
  22. festival tank dress
  23. festive stage
  24. maracas
  25. football cheer megaphone
  26. football rug
  27. green feather
  28. bokjumoni lucky pouch
  29. Horned-ogre mask
  30. purple feather
  31. Bean-Tossing Kit
  32. festival float
  33. festival confetti machine
  34. monster costume
  35. festival garland
  36. viva festival reaction set
  37. starry cheer megaphone
  38. festival costume

1.8.0 – Super Mario 35th Anniversary Celebrations

Super Mario cool items will be available in Nook Shopping on March 2021. These items cannot be obtained before the official release date.

3 new events with seasonal items will be added with the update and can be accessed from Nook Shopping.

The following 49 items have been new added

1.9.0 Update

In collaboration with Sanrio, Sanrio-themed items and Sanrio villagers Chai, Marty, toile, Toby, Rilla, and Chelsea were added, all based on Sanrio characters and obtainable only by scanning their respective amiibo cards.

In addition, the custom design portal was revamped. Custom Design Pro Editor+ is a new feature that can be accessed from the player’s Nokphone. The expansion allows 3 new items to be customized including fans, umbrellas and standees. It is available on Resident Services for 2,000 Nook Miles with a portal of 300 miles. An additional 50 locations will be added to both the Pro and Regular designs.

New items inspired by Bunny Day have been added and are available for purchase at Nook Cranny.

4 new seasonal events are added, along with their respective items that can be obtained through Nook Shopping.

There’s an update for NookLinks with a new app that allows players to share their islands with others.

The next Update is Acnh Update, many users are waiting Acnh Update for a long time.

Acnh Update
Acnh Update

New 1.9.0 Items

  1. Cinnamorol Flooring
  2. pompompurine pudding
  3. first anniversary cake
  4. prom crown
  5. kerokoroppy pin
  6. cinnamorol signage
  7. kerokoroppy socks
  8. Kiki and Lala Bedo
  9. pompompurin tea
  10. my melody clock
  11. cinnamon table
  12. hello kitty shoes
  13. my melody wall
  14. pompompurine flooring
  15. Whoopee cushion
  16. hello kitty rug
  17. slip dress
  18. Kiki and Lala Cloud Maker
  19. kerokeropi tank top
  20. Kiki and Lala Sox
  21. kerokeropy outfit
  22. cinnamorol sneakers
  23. pompompurin rug
  24. Vibrant Tuxedo
  25. kiki and lala pin
  26. Cinnamorol Puffy Blouse
  27. Kiki and Lala Wala
  28. My Melody Flooring
  29. prom tiara
  30. my melody rug
  31. cinnamorol tray
  32. Hello Kitty Chair
  33. pompompurin rack
  34. my melody hood
  35. kiki and lala dress
  36. cool globe
  37. hello kitty bed
  38. kiki and lala shoes
  39. kerokeropi lantern
  40. hello kitty hat
  41. ballroom mask
  42. pompompurin dress
  43. Kerokeropi Hallway
  44. Hello Kitty Flooring
  45. hello kitty dress
  46. pompompurin wall
  47. Cinamorol Parasol
  48. pompompurin hut
  49. my melody table
  50. cinnamorol hut
  51. my melody dresser
  52. cinnamorol stool
  53. hello kitty planter
  54. my melody bed
  55. my melody boots
  56. cinnamon wall
  57. bunny day tree
  58. pompompurin tv
  59. Kerokeropy Flooring
  60. Kiki and Lala T
  61. my melody chair
  62. prom sasho
  63. hello kitty clock
  64. my melody dress
  65. hello kitty tee
  66. Kiki and Lala Sofa
  67. Aloha-Edition Carrying Case
  68. bunny day topiary
  69. pompompurin chair
  70. my melody shirt
  71. cinnamorole jacket
  72. photo of isabelle
  73. kerokaryopoie rug
  74. kerokaryopy shoes
  75. prom wall
  76. hello kitty drawer
  77. karyotropy wall
  78. prom flooring
  79. cinnamorol sofa
  80. hello kitty table
  81. Kerokoropy Snack
  82. karyotropy tray
  83. pompompurin shoes
  84. photo of tom nook
  85. Kiki and Lala Table
  86. hello kitty wall
  87. elegant masquerade
  88. forsythia
  89. kerokeropi bridge
  90. Kiki & Lala Flooring
  91. kerokeropi doll
  92. kiki and lala watch
  93. bubble skirt party dress
  94. pompompurin table
  95. photo of Timmy and Tommy
  96. pompompurin bed
  97. Nintendo Switch Lite
  98. cinnamorol rug
  99. Nook Ink Doorplate
  100. sequin dress
  101. Bunny Day Garden Flag
  102. Rago Kiki and Lala
  103. dance shoes


In this post, we provide acnh update and all the new features and recent Animal Crossing updates. Also, we share the new acnh update, when is the next acnh update and all the new features to level up your knowledge.

hopefully, you like acnh update post, and if you have any doubts and suggestions about the acnh update post so comment us, and if new Animal Crossing updates arrive we update this post so you will get all the information.

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