Ace Defender Tier List 2023 – Heroes Ranking

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Hello friends, Here is the Ace Defender Tier List. If you want to get the Ace Defender heroes ranking, you are at the right spot.

Ace Defender Dragon War is an amazing Mobile role-playing game, which was created by Ace Game International Limited. In this game, the gamer has to place the in-game characters strategically according to his play style.

But in order to win in the game, the players should have a good understanding of their characters. So in this post, you will get the complete Ace Defender heroes ranking so without any delay let’s start.

Ace Defender Tier List 2023

Ace Defender Tier List

Here is the Ace Defender heroes ranking from Tier S to Tier D. Ace Defender Tier S heroes are the best heroes in the game and Tier D heroes are not so good according to their skills and powers.

S Tier – Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Tier S heroes should be your first priority in the game. These heroes are the best and most powerful in the Ace Defender game.

NordilTier S
IsoriaTier S

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A Tier – Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Tier A heroes are also helpful and good heroes in the game but not the best as compared to Tier S heroes.

KarmelTier A
MargeriaTier A
TitansumTier A
LavigneTier A
FenglingTier A
NeptyrTier A
SerenirTier A
AngeliaTier A
AlipidaTier A

B Tier – Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Tier B heroes are decent or well heroes in the game.

AliaTier B
BathorianTier B
RegelTier B
EnidTier B
GarrodTier B
ZhanyanTier B
ValkyrieTier B
ZoltanTier B
PankaTier B
ValdirTier B

C Tier – Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Tier C heroes are average heroes in the game.

RexTier C
SolzanaTier C
LipezTier C
SeliaTier C
KahnyeTier C
KusTier C
HovedeTier C
TiaTier C
ReshisTier C
GilgTier C
ThaurissanTier C
ArthurTier C
NorthlidTier C
IrasadTier C
LilithTier C
AndrewTier C
MalfaTier C
Mr. ChainsawTier C
OritokTier C

D Tier – Ace Defender Tier List

Ace Defender Tier D heroes are the worst heroes in the game you should avoid choosing them because these are completely useless.

KrootTier D
AllenTier D
LoganTier D

Ace Defender Game Best Tips

Here are the best Tips for Ace Defender gameplay

Focus On Dailly Quests

Like most online role-playing games, Ace Defender: Dragon War has many quests and daily quests to finish. So if you want to make the most of the game, you have to open the game and play at least once a day, and perform your daily quests to get those essential resources that you need to level up your Ace Defender game, hero.

Join An Alliance

As with any online role-playing game, you will want to be sure you join the Ace Defender alliance right away. When you join an in-game alliance, in addition to some perks and cool features.

You also get to interact with other players, and you can add them to your in-game friends list for some useful friendship points, and you can also get some help during the game while you play.

Don’t forget to join Alliance Bosses and destroy them frequently to get those much-needed Alliance Contribution Points (which you can actually use to purchase amazing items in the Alliance Store).

Use The Hero Wishlist

In Ace Defender game, the Hero Wishlist option allows you to choose a group of heroes to summon through the gacha system. You can activate your wishlist when going to the tavern in the game.

Save Breakthrough Stones

When you get to the later Lvls of the game, you will require a lot of Breakthrough Stones to enhance Ace Defender characters. In fact, all you require to start leveling up your character is XP and gold.

Use Shared Crystal

In the Ace Defender game, there is a feature known as Shared Crystals that actually allows you to quickly upgrade your hero to the max Lvl of the fifth highest Ace Defender hero you own in the game.


Ace Defender Tier List

Here are some FAQs about the Ace Defender Tier List

Q. Who Are The Best Heroes In Ace Defender Game?

Nordil and Isoria are the best heroes in Ace Defender game.

Q. What Is The Ace Defender Tier List?

Ace Defender Tier List is the heroes ranking that helps players choose the perfect hero according to their gameplay.

Q. Who Are The Worst Heroes In Ace Defender Game?

Kroot, Allen, and Logan are the worst heroes in Ace Defender game.

Q. Where To Get Ace Defender Game?

Ace Defender game is available on the Play Store (98 MB) and App Store (366 MB).


We hope this Ace Defender Tier List post is helpful for you. In this post, we covered the Defender heroes ranking for choosing the best hero in the game.

If you think our Ace Defender Tier List is not correct and needs some changes so comment below your valuable suggestions.

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