7DS Tier List : Best Ranking Characters (September 2023)

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7DS Tier List 2023: Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross are looking for best ranking and character then in this tier list post we have shared 7ds tier list which will help you to improve the game and make your character more powerful.

7DS Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

7DS Tier List
7DS Tier List Wiki

Here are the complete list of 7DS Tier List.

7DS Tier List – SS Rank List

SS Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Blue “Festival” LudocielSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Blue “The One” EscanorSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue Goddess ElizabethSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Blue LudocielSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Blue TarmielSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Fairy King HarlequinSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Green “Assault Mode” MeliodasHPDemonGreenSSR
Green “Festival” GowtherHPUnknownGreenSSR
Green “Festival” MerlinHPUnknownGreenSSR
Green “Halloween” GowtherHPUnknownGreenSSR
Red GowtherStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Red Lostvayne MeliodasStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red Purgatory BanStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red SarielStrengthGoddessRedSSR
Red ZeldrisStrengthDemonRedSSR

7DS Tier List – S Rank List

S Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Blue “Summer” MerlinSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue ElevenSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue EmiliaSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue KingSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Blue LiliaSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue New Wings KingSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Green “Halloween” RoxyHPHumanGreenSSR
Green Demon HendricksonHPDemonGreenSSR
Green EscanorHPHumanGreenSSR
Green EstarossaHPDemonGreenSSR
Green MerlinHPUnknownGreenSSR
Green MK-II ValentiHPHumanGreenSSR
Green RamHPUnknownGreenSSR
Green ShinHPHumanGreenSSR
Green ZeldrisHPDemonGreenSSR
Prince SigurdStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red “Halloween” MatronaStrengthGiantRedSSR
Red DerieriStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red Excalibur ArthurStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red KyoStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red RemStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Sun God FreyrStrengthUnknownRedSSR

7DS Tier List – A Rank List

A Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Blue Demon MeliodasSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue DerieriSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue DroleSpeedGiantBlueSSR
Blue EastinSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue ErenSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue FraudrinSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue Hawk & ElizabethSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Blue MaiSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue NanashiSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue New King ArthurSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue Nunchuck BanSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue SlaterSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue ZeldrisSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Green AthenaHPHumanGreenSSR
Green DerieriHPDemonGreenSSR
Green DianeHPGiantGreenSSR
Green DroleHPGiantGreenSSR
Green EastinHPHumanGreenSSR
Green ErenHPHumanGreenSSR
Green FraudrinHPDemonGreenSSR
Green GilthunderHPHumanGreenSR
Green HawkHPUnknownGreenSSR
Green Hawkk & ElizabethHPGoddessGreenSSR
Green HelbramHPFairyGreenSSR
Green KingHPFairyGreenSSR
Green MonoHPHumanGreenSSR
Green MonspeetHPDemonGreenSSR
Green New King ArthurHPHumanGreenSSR
Green Princess ElizabethHPGoddessGreenSSR
Green RugalHPHumanGreenSSR
Green ValentiHPHumanGreenSSR
Green WillHPHumanGreenSSR
Red ArthurStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red Demon MeliodasHPFairyGreenSSR
Red DenzelStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red EllatteStrengthGoddessRedSSR
Red EscanorStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red GloxiniaStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red Guardian JerichoStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red HelbramStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red HowzerStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red JimStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red KingStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red LiliaStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red MelasculaStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red MerlinStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Red SlaterStrengthHumanRedSSR
Wanderer ThonarHPHumanGreenSSR

7DS Tier List – B Rank List

B Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Blue BeatriceSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue ElaineSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Blue GallandSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue Giant DianeSpeedGiantBlueSSR
Blue GilthunderSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue GolgiusSpeedHumanBlueR
Blue Guardian JerichoSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue GuilaSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue HelbramSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Blue JerichoSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue MarmasSpeedHumanBlueR
Blue MelasculaSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue MeliodasSpeedDemonBlueSR
Blue MerlinSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue MikasaSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue MonoSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue ValentiSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue WeinheidtSpeedHumanBlueSR
Green AllioniHPHumanGreenR
Green CainHPHumanGreenSR
Green DeathpierceHPHumanGreenSSR
Green Demon MeliodasHPDemonGreenSSR
Green Giant DianeHPGiantGreenSSR
Green GloxiniaHPFairyGreenSSR
Green GowtherHPUnknownGreenSR
Green GustavHPHumanGreenSR
Green HendricksonHPHumanGreenSR
Green JerichoHPHumanGreenSSR
Green JillianHPHumanGreenSR
Green LiliaHPHumanGreenSSR
Green LizHPHumanGreenSSR
Green MeliodasHPDemonGreenSSR
Green Nunchuck BanHPHumanGreenSSR
Green ZaneriHPHumanGreenSSR
Green ZaratrasHPHumanGreenSSR
Red CamilaStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Red DogedoStrengthHumanRedSR
Red DreyfusStrengthHumanRedSR
Red EastinStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red ElaineStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red ElizabethStrengthGoddessRedSR
Red EstarossaStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red GallandStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red GriamoreStrengthHumanRedSR
Red Hawk & ElizabethStrengthGoddessRedSR
Red JerichoStrengthHumanRedSR
Red LeviStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red MikeStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red MonoStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red MonspeetStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red Nunchuck BanStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red Oslo & HawkStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Red ShinStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red TwingoStrengthHumanRedR
Red VivianStrengthHumanRedSR
Red Wedding DianeStrengthGiantRedSSR

7DS Tier List – C Rank List

C Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Blue ArthurSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue BanSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue BellionSpeedDemonBlueSSR
Blue DianeSpeedGiantBlueSSR
Blue GowtherSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue HendricksonSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue HowzerSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue JennaSpeedHumanBlueSSR
Blue MatronaSpeedGiantBlueSSR
Blue MilimSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Blue Old Fart KingSpeedFairyBlueSSR
Blue Princess ElizabethSpeedGoddessBlueSSR
Blue RimuruSpeedUnknownBlueSSR
Green BanHPHumanGreenSSR
Green DreyfusHPHumanGreenSR
Green ElaineHPFairyGreenSSR
Green GerhardeHPFairyGreenSSR
Green GiramoreHPHumanGreenSSR
Green GuilaHPHumanGreenSSR
Green Old Fart KingHPFairyGreenSSR
Green RimuruHPUnknownGreenSR
Green RuinHPHumanGreenR
Red BanStrengthHumanRedSR
Red BenimaruStrengthUnknownRedSSR
Red Christmas ElaineStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red DianeStrengthGiantRedSSR
Red Giant DianeStrengthGiantRedSR
Red GilthunderStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red MeliodasStrengthDemonRedSSR
Red Old Fart KingStrengthFairyRedSSR
Red Princess ElizabethStrengthGoddessRedSSR
Red RoxyStrengthHumanRedSSR
Red SimonStrengthHumanRedR
Red TaizooStrengthHumanRedR

7DS Tier List – D Rank List

D Rank CharactersAttributeRaceColorRarity
Red JudeStrengthHumanRedR
Blue FreesiaSpeedHumanBlueSR
Green HugoHPHumanGreenR
Blue GriamoreSpeedHumanBlueSR
Blue ArdenSpeedHumanBlueSR
Green HowzerHPHumanGreenSR

The Seven Deadly Sins 7DS Characters Tier List

7DS Tier List
7DS Tier List

7DS Tier 0 Characters List 2023

  1. Lostvayne Meliodas
  2. Divine Protection Merlin
  3. Ragnarok Lostvayne Meliodas
  4. Starry Night’s Illusion Lillia
  5. Halloween Gowther
  6. Elite Demon Zeldris
  7. Napping Reaper Cusack
  8. Invincible Avatar Escanor
  9. Hijack Gowther
  10. Holy Warrior Elizabeth
  11. Protector King Harlequin
  13. The Four Archangels Tramiel
  14. Dark Traitor Meliodas
  15. The Four Archangels Sariel
  16. The Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther
  17. PACIFIER FIEND Chandler
  18. Covenant of Light Ludociel

7DS Tier 1 Characters List 2023

  1. Camelot’s Sword Arthur
  2. Knight of Wrath Meliodas
  3. The Lion Sin of Pride Escanor
  5. Executioner Zeldris
  6. Stranger Things Eleven
  7. Halloween Roxy
  8. Sweet Temptation Deriery
  9. Re: Zero Emilia
  10. Mastermind Lillia
  11. KOF ’98 Rugal
  12. Chosen King Arthur
  13. Sunny Vacation Eastin
  14. Holy Knight Escanor
  15. Ten Commandments Derieri
  16. The Four Archangels Ludociel
  17. Re: Zero Rem
  18. Assault Mode Meliodas
  19. The Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin
  20. Signs of Maturity King
  21. Advent of Destruction Lillia
  22. Collector Merlin
  23. Re: Zero Ram
  24. Ashen Desire Hendrickson
  25. The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King
  26. Stranger Things Jim
  27. KOF ’98 Kyo
  28. WIELDER OF GRAM Sigurd

7DS Tier 2 Characters List 2023

  1. Oceanic Harmonizer Eastin
  2. The Serpent Sin of Diane
  3. Elite Demon Gloxinia
  4. Tempest Howzer
  5. Elite Demon Estarossa
  6. Halloween Hunter Slater
  7. Destined Heir Arthur
  8. Reincarnation of Revenge Helbram
  9. Light of Hope Arthur
  10. Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger
  11. Ruler of Stormy Seas Eastin
  12. Greatest Soldier Mikasa Ackerman
  13. Harlequin King
  14. Champion Griamore
  15. Stranger Things Will
  16. Elite Demon Drole
  17. Advent of Destruction Mono
  18. Elite Demon Monspeet
  19. Elite Demon Derieri
  20. Ten Commandments Fraudrin
  21. The Ten Commandments Drole
  22. KOF ’98 Mai
  23. Chivalrous Gilthunder
  24. Dungeon Raider Shin
  25. Creation Diane
  26. Elite Demon Melascula
  27. Earthshaker Valenti
  28. The Ten Commandments Zeldris
  29. KOF ’98 Athena
  30. Halloween Protective Heart Diane

7DS Tier 3 Characters List 2023

  1. Halloween Elaine
  2. Overpower Slater
  3. Rapier Guila
  4. Elite Demon Galland
  5. Mad Destroyer Roxy
  6. New Legend Elizabeth
  7. Greatest Soldier Levi
  8. Knight of Frost Jericho
  9. Outlaw Ban
  10. Reverse Elizabeth
  11. Knight of Ice Gustaf
  12. A New Adventure Elizabeth
  13. Sweet Temptation Elaine
  14. Re: Zero Beatrice
  15. Halloween Shin
  16. The Dragon Sin Of Wrath Meliodas
  17. Stranger Things Mike
  18. Forest Guardian Helbram
  19. Swift Sword Nanashi
  20. Godspeed Knight Jericho
  21. Memory Fragment Liz
  22. King of Prophecies Arthur
  23. Ale Collector Ban
  24. Ten Commandments Melascula
  25. New Legend Meliodas
  26. Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo & Hawk
  27. Forest Guardian King
  28. Deathbringer Mono
  29. Bringer of Disaster Lillia
  30. Liones Elizabeth
  31. The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deathperce
  32. Reincarnation of Conviction Zaratras
  33. Sweet Temptation Zaneri
  34. New Legend Jericho
  35. Mobile Tavern Elizabeth
  36. Sweet Temptation Jenna
  37. Titan Form Eren Jaeger
  38. Sunny Vacation Valenti
  39. Mascot Elizabeth
  40. Ten Commandments Galland

7DS Tier 4 Characters List 2023

  1. Royalty Helbram
  2. Rule of Monsters Rimuru
  3. Boar Hat Tavern Meliodas
  4. Burning Ember Cain
  5. Disaster King
  6. The Fox Sin of Green Ban
  7. Ten Commandments Estarossa
  8. Boar Hat of Tavern Elizabeth
  9. Matrona Diane
  10. Roars of Dawn Weinheidt
  11. Reincarnation of Obsession Vivian
  12. Slime Rimuru
  13. The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Dogedo
  14. Infinity Merlin
  15. Adventurer Jericho
  16. Nunchaku Ban
  17. Explosion Guila
  18. Halloween Meliodas
  19. Ten Commandments Gloxinia
  20. Star of Kingdom Gilthunder
  21. Lioness Hero Gowther
  22. Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Hawk
  23. Beard of the Mountain Cat Alioni
  24. Halloween Gulia
  25. Memories of Years Gerharde
  26. Fang of the Land Matrona
  27. Heart of the Land Diane
  28. Elite Demon Fraudrin
  29. Wanted Man Gowther
  30. Weird Fangs Ruin
  31. Kungfu Master Diane
  32. Executer of Darkness Camila
  33. Tyrant of Destruction Milim
  34. New Generation Jericho
  35. The Six Knight Of Black Bellion
  36. Weird Fangs Golgius
  37. Ten Commandments Monspeet
  38. Eternal Promise Diane
  39. Wings of the Sky Elatte
  40. Omen of Chaos Hendrickson
  41. Break Dreyfus
  42. Roars of Dawn Jillian
  43. The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas
  44. Omen of Chaos Dreyfus
  45. The Seven Deadly Sins Diane
  46. Confirmation Twigo
  47. Thunderbolt Gilthunder
  48. The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Denzel
  49. Boom Boom Pow Marmas
  50. Roars of Dawn Slater

7DS Tier 5 Characters List 2023

  1. Melt Hendrickson
  2. Protector of Dolls King
  3. Roars of Dawn Hugo
  4. Star of the Kingdom Howzer
  5. Roars of Dawn Simon
  6. The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Arden
  7. Weird Fangs Friesia
  8. Fairy King’s Forest Elaine
  9. Snatch Ban
  10. Vaizel Fight Festival Taizoo
  11. Lioness Royalty Howzer
  12. The Seven Deadly Sins King
  13. The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deldry
  14. Iron-Wall Knight Griamore
  15. Adventurer Griamore
  16. Kijin Benimaru
  17. Weird Fangs Jude
  18. Undead Ban

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