3v3v3v3 Go Goated Code 2023 List (March 2023)

3v3v3v3 Go Goated Code

3v3v3v3 go goated code is here. you can see new 3v3v3v3 code in the below section

Last Post Update – 25 March 2023

New 3v3v3v3 Go Goated Code 2023

This is a 2898-2169-2065 Code of 3v3v3v3


There will be a close Battle between 4 teams. Contains 4 secret weapons and 4 boxes. BS Only one player will get such boxes and the items in the boxes will also belong to that player.

There will be a close battle between 3 teams. For which you use the code 7248-3560-2967.


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