Yklwa DnD 2023 – Stats & Lore (Update!) (Complete Guide)

Yklwa DnD

Looking for Yklwa DnD 2023? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Yklwa DnD.

Here, we are going to be discussing the Yklwa, an in-game weapon from the Chultan peninsula. We will be explaining what the weapon is, how effective it is, and of course, we will be covering some of the lore connected to it.

Now without any delay let’s start the Yklwa DnD guide.

Yklwa DnD

Yklwa DnD
Yklwa DnD

A Yklwa (pronounced YICK-ul-wah) is actually the traditional in-game weapon of Chultan warriors. It’s an easy melee weapon with the throwing property that can deal 1d8 piercing damage per hit.

Despite being similar to a spear, there are some significant differences that make this a distinct weapon.

Yklwas are also short spear-like weapons, made up of a wooden shaft of about three feet with a stone or steel blade on the end that extends roughly another eighteen inches.

  • Name – Yklwa
  • Cost – 1 gp
  • Damage – 1d8 piercing
  • Weight – Two pounds
  • Properties – Thrown (Range 10/30)

Firstly, let’s clear up some common misconceptions in the game.

Usually, people assume that this can only be thrown since it has the thrown property, but this is not the truth.

Not only can the Yklwa 5e be utilized as an in-game melee weapon, but its main function is for up-close combat. 

This is actually a weapon that has the throwing property because it can actually be thrown, not because it should be thrown. Moreover, if you look at the in-game range, you will see 10/30.

If you are not familiar with the ranged weapons language, that first number is the normal range, while the next number is the long range.

When attempting to throw a long-range weapon, you make your attack roll at a disadvantage. 

The reason for this horrible in-game range (compared with the spears 20/60) is that Yklwas lacks balance for throwing.

Obviously, you can toss it the distance you could actually strike someone with a reach in-game weapon, but after that, it gets real dicey in the game.

The Iklwa

As with most D&D items and weapons, there is actually a real-world analogue for the Yklwa, an iklwa.

Iklwas is a very dangerous and very real weapon of the Zulu people. It’s a shortened version of the throwable assegai spears and the main in-game weapon used for close battles.

This in-game weapon was one of the key factors in the African revolution in opposition to the British colonizers. The weapon itself performed only a small portion of the work, but it provided rise to many military tactics.

Real-world events frequently have an impact on the stories we actually create.

While the Chult does not have any oppressors that we are aware of (aside from some nefarious forces you might face in Tomb of Annihilation), it would not be surprising if the Yklwa is revered for much the same reasons that the Iklwa has evolved into an item of legends in the game. 

Combining a combination of short and long spears is a tactic that actually allows a military force to force their opposition into small in-game areas.

If adventurers end up on the opposing side of a Chult militia then they might see many types of spears being utilized in creative, very strategic fashions. This further cements the Yklwa 5e as an in-game weapon with actually a rich history.

How Good Is the Yklwa 5e In DnD?

The Yklwa is actually a decent weapon, dealing more in-game damage than a spear but not really cutting it when it comes to its throwing ability.

It is mainly a one-handed weapon, which implies that it can be used with a shield. This only makes it closer to its real-world counterpart in the game.

If the Yklwa’s only actual competition was the spear, it would underperform in just about the entire category that in-game counts.

When used as a one-handed weapon, a spear usually deals 1d6 piercing in-game damage, but it’s versatile, which means it will actually go up to 1d8 if you use it two-handed in the game.

Also, the spear can be thrown twice the distance (both long and normal range), meaning you will get more value in controlling the entire battlefield.

The Yklwa is only a good choice when you actually use it as a one-handed weapon and equip a shield or decide to go the dual-handed route. Then you can actually get a bonus to AC or get some extra attacks on your bonus action in the game. 

The other opponent for the Yklwa 5e is a javelin. Javelins primarily deal 1d6 and can only be used with one hand, but they cover a range of 30/120, which is quite fantastic.

The question is: Would I rather deal more in-game damage, or would I prefer to be able to cover more ground, the answer is completely up to you. 

Javelins tend to come in sets; you will likely carry around multiple in place of ammunition and ranged weapons.

The yklwa, an in-game weapon you could definitely buy multiples of, probably is not something you will carry a plethora with you.

When Is The Yklwa The Right Choice In DnD?

Well, if you do not have access to in-game martial weapons (which nullify most of what we have talked about) the yklwa is a great weapon for dealing piercing damage at close range in the game.

It will work similarly to a weapon with reach, where you can actually deal with opponents within a 10-foot radius with ease. 

Equipping an in-game shield so you can play on the defensive in order to retrieve your thrown weapon is a good start to a build, and you can further enhance this over time. 

The yklwa 5e might not be the most powerful weapon out there, but it still adds some distinction to a in-game character that wields it. When combined with a solid tactical strategy, this in-game weapon can be a huge aid to any martial combatant in the game.

FAQs Of Yklwa DnD

Yklwa DnD
Yklwa DnD

Here are questions and answers about the Yklwa DnD

Q. What Is The Yklwa Of Warning?

The Yklwa of Warning is actually a magical item that can be located in the Tomb of Annihilation. It has the power to warn you of in-game danger. If you have it with you, it has the power to provide you the advantage when you have to roll for initiative.

Also, It has the ability to make you and any of your companions within 30 feet immune to surprise in the game .

The rest of the in-game stats are similar to the regular Yklwa. It’s a really cool weapon, which you can find out more about in the DMG book on 213 page. 

Q. Does The Yklwa Have The Finesse Ability?

The Yklwa 5e is actually a simple melee weapon, lacking any other properties like martial in the game. While you can actually throw it, it’s primarily an in-game melee weapon. It doesn,t have the finesse ability or any similar property. This means that since it is a melee weapon in the game, the default ability that it uses is the most powerful skill.

Many dungeon masters we know do a little change in this weapon’s abilities, and they actually make it a martial weapon with the ability of finesse.

This fixes many issues with the weapon but can be too powerful for some builds, so you might prefer to bring down the in-game damage to 1d6 +1 or just 1d6. 

Q. Can You Throw The Yklwa And If So How Far? 

While this is mostly a melee weapon, also it can be used as a one-handed throwing weapon in the game. The big question is, is it any good, In our opinion, there are many good throwing weapons around.

The primary goal of a throwing weapon is damaging your opponent at a long-range where they can’t hit you, so you can actually wear them down by the end.

Although the throwing weapon’s damage is quite strong, a 1d8, which is the strongest of any one-handed throwing weapon in the game, the range is just disappointing. A range of only thirty feet is not sufficient to ensure your opponents are seriously in-game damaged by the time they reach you. 


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