Xeno Online 2 Trello 2023 – (Trello Link & Discord Server)

Xeno Online 2 Trello

Looking for Xeno Online 2 Trello Link, so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Xeno Online 2 Trello & Discord Link.

Xeno Online 2 is an amazing action role-playing game developed by the developers at Xeno Two Studios for the Roblox platform. In this game, you will create an in-game character in the world of manga and Dragon Ball anime.

If you want to actually get the best knowledge on how to do things in the game then you will have to search the web for certain things. Here, we will tell you where you can actually find Xeno Online 2 Trello and Discord links so you can learn everything you need to know about the Xeno Online 2 game.

Xeno Online 2 Trello 2023

Xeno Online 2 Trello

In most Roblox games, there is a Trello, an official site, created by game developers to help the gamers understand the game’s basics and cover all aspects of the game and better than one could cover in a fandom wiki.

Xeno Online 2 is available on Trello. So below is the Xeno Online 2 Trello link click on them and arrive at the Trello, which contains all details on how the Xeno Online 2 game functions.

Xeno Online 2 Trello Link – Click Here

The Xeno Online 2 Trello page contains details on the controls, items, stats, races, traits, locations/planets, trainers, moves, NPCs, and some general information on the game.

It is a good way to get a lot of helpful information about the Xeno Online 2 game on a single page. It’s a bit simpler than a fandom wiki because everything is easily accessible and available on the same page.

Xeno Online 2 Discord Link

The Xeno Online 2 game has multiple Discord servers that serve different functions. There is one for the announcements and general community, one is an info server, and the last one for Xeno Online 2 game support. Here are the working links to all of them:

Xeno Online 2 Trello – Game Controls

Here is the list of all the Xeno Online 2 Controls

  • L Key – Normal Punch in the game
  • R Key – Guard break or fling someone back in the game
  • R Key – Recovery at the cost of stamina in the game
  • X Button – This can be actually done when you throw someone back or while getting in-game combos. When you actually use it, it teleports you behind the opponent you are attacking or whoever is striking you at the cost of X10 stamina and a CD of X7 sec.

Xeno Online 2 Trello – Stats

Here is the list of all the Xeno Online 2 Stats

  • BP (Battle Power) – The level of power effects your Damage, Health, and Speed
  • Stamina – Is required to use Recover (R when flung back), Z-Vanish, and Heavy Punch (Right-click). It replenishes over time; stands still to recuperate faster.
  • Ki – dash, Ki moves.
  • Gravity Mastery – Gravity mastery enhances the in-game movement speed. Train Gravity Mastery by practicing on high-gravity planets! If you’re on a planet with gravity higher than your in-game character can endure, you will sweat and lose in-game Life Force.
  • Life Force – Kind of HP, Depletes while fighting/training or when you actually get snatched (makes you lose life force based on the other characters’ power compared to yours). When it reaches zero, you lose a life.
  • Gripping Players – When you actually grip a player, they lose X50 percent of their Zeni, and you get X25 percent (not suggested for gamers under 50k bp).

Xeno Online 2 Trello – Races

Here is the list of all the Xeno Online 2 Races

  • Alien – Soft caps don’t affect them (limit breaks don’t slow their bp gain).
  • Namekian – Ability to use in-game hyperbolic time chamber.
  • Human – Ability to use in-game Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Ability to actually learn Kamehameha.
  • Android – Spawns with in-game Scouter, Loses no Life force when gripped, Can not be detected with ki sense, Consumes less stamina than other in-game races, Can use parts to improve themselves.
  • Acrosian – Has multiple in-game modes and gets them really quick.
  • Saiyan – Zenkai Boost grants X2 percent of your bp amount enhanced by Saiyan blood (once per day) 1.8x leeching buff.
  • Majin – Absorbing enables a Majin to take some of the BP of the person they actually grip. Has a life force of X190.
  • Jihango – Regen, Life force 3x quicker.
  • Half Saiyan – Can not zenkai or purchase saiyan blood.
  • Sphinx – Limit breaks 2x more rapidly, Faster movement speed and attack, 1.6x ki.

FAQs Of Xeno Online 2 Trello

Xeno Online 2 Trello

Here are some questions and answers about the Xeno Online 2 Trello

Q. What is Xeno Online 2 Trello?

Trello is actually a popular project management tool that allows users to write and edit different cards that contain helpful information. Roblox Xeno Online 2 developers have used these quite often as a way to get crucial information about the game to players of the game.

Trello boards have a wide range of uses and can be used for free, which makes them quite attractive to the Roblox crowd.

Q. Does Xeno Online 2 Have Wiki?

No, Xeno Online 2 game doesn’t have a Wiki currently. It is possible that one gets made in the near future, but it actually seems unlikely as it is a relatively simple game and the Xeno Online 2 Trello contains most of the info you would want to know. However, if Xeno Online 2 gamers request it enough, it would likely happen.


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