WoW Clans Of The Plains Answers 2023 – (Right Answers!)

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Looking for WoW Clans Of The Plains Answers? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the World of Warcraft Clans of the Plains correct answers.

In WOW Dragonflight, the Clans of the Plains quest is part of the main campaign quest for the Ohn’ahran Plains plot. You are given an introduction to each in-game clan from the new zone and you will have to answer some questions to determine whether or not you have been actually attentive.

Unlike The Shadows of His Wings or Rapid Fire Plans quests, the Clans of the Plains quest is required, and you will have to complete it to the main campaign finish, which unlocks the quests world and easier alt leveling. So if you are not sure of what to answer for the Clans of the Plains quest in Dragonflight, here are all the right answers.

Where Is Sansok Khan’s Quiz In WoW?

You will come across the quiz many hours into the game campaign after you have explored all of The Waking Shores at the coordinates.

The game story will actually take you to the Ohn’ahran Plains, home to the Maruuk Centaur faction also known as Maruukai. Among the head honchos, Sansok Khan will actually quiz you on their people’s lore in the game.

Unlock The Clans Of The Plains Quest In WoW Dragonflight

For the Dragonflight Clans of the Plains quest, first you have to complete the initiating quest that takes you from your in-game capital city to the Waking Shores.

In the Waking Shores, you will have to finish all the main chapters of the game story: The Dragon Isles Await, Dragons in Distress, Wrathion’s Gambit, In Defense of Life, and Waking Hope.

After completing all the Waking Shores chapters then you will be sent to Ohn’ahran Plains. Here, you will have 4 chapters of the main campaign to finish: Into the Plains, Ohn’ahra’s Blessing, Maruukai, and Bonds Renewed chapters.

As part of the 2nd chapter, Maruukai, you will get the quest for the Clans of the Plains from Aru, which involves reporting to Sansok Khan and solving 4 questions well. 

WoW Clans Of The Plains Answers 2023

WoW Clans Of The Plains Answers

Here are all questions and answers to the Clans of the Plans quest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Note – We mentioned the WoW Clans Of The Plains questions in some different ways you don’t be confused focus on the answer because the answer is totally right.

Q1. Which in-game clan upholds our ancestors’ traditions and guides the Maruuk in their ways?

Answer – Clan Teerai

Q2. Are there any centaur clans across the plains that have developed a special bond with our god, Ohn’ahra?

Answer – Clan Ohn’ir

Q3. Which clan is the newest to rise to power and maintains the most powerful force?

Answer – Clan Nokhud

Q4. Which clan takes pride in honing their skills and hunting throughout the plains?

Answer – Clan Shikaar

About WoW Dragonflight

The Dragonflights are fascinating creatures in the World of Warcraft universe. There are five distinct Dragonflights, each associated with a particular aspect of Azeroth, the game’s world.

The first one is Red Dragonflight, led by the majestic Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. These dragons embody the essence of life itself and act as protectors of all living beings. With their fiery appearance, they are often seen as noble and caring guardians.

The second is Blue Dragonflight, headed by Malygos the Spell-Weaver. These dragons are deeply connected to magic and arcane energies. They hold the knowledge of mystical secrets and work to maintain the balance of magical forces. You can spot them by their scholarly nature and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Then, the third is Green Dragonflight, under the leadership of Ysera the Dreamer. These dragons are guardians of nature and the mysterious Emerald Dream. They ensure the harmony and well-being of Azeroth’s ecosystems. Green dragons often appear in various forms of plants and wildlife, blending seamlessly with nature.

The fourth is Bronze Dragonflight, guided by Nozdormu the Timeless, has dominion over time. Their duty is to safeguard the flow of history and prevent any disruptions or alterations to the timeline. Known for their ability to travel through time, these dragons are vital in preserving the integrity of the past, present, and future.

The fifth is Black Dragonflight, which was once led by the infamous Deathwing. This flight was associated with chaos and destruction, but after Deathwing’s defeat, the remaining Black Dragons were cleansed by the other Dragonflights. Now, they are diminished and lack a clear leader.

Throughout your journey in WoW, you will encounter members of these Dragonflights. You’ll assist them in quests and join forces against their adversaries. The Dragonflights play pivotal roles in major events, such as the War of the Ancients and the Cataclysm expansion, adding depth and intrigue to the game’s lore. Their immense power and ancient wisdom make them truly awe-inspiring beings.


Hopefully, you like these WoW Clans Of The Plains Answers. In this post, we covered the World of Warcraft Clans of the Plains right answers.

If you have any doubts or want to ask any questions about the WoW Clans Of The Plains so comment box is always open for you.

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