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Looking for Wind Staff Code? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles Wind Staff Code and Upgrade details.

The Wind Staff is among the most difficult staffs to obtain in Origins due to the erratic nature of walking robots and hazardous in the game. In this post, you will find the complete walkthrough for staff upgrading to its full Ultimate Staff potential as well as the steps to acquire the base version.

With the remastered Origins version upon us and the current popularity of backward-compatible games on Xbox, it makes all the sense to revisit one of Treyarch’s greatest Wonder Weapons – the staffs.

The Wind Staff bares many similarities to the Wonder Weapon of Thunder Gun, from the initial COD Black Ops zombies game. The Wind Staff flings zombies away with actually a powerful air blast which when enhanced turns into an in-game whirlwind twister that suckers zombies in.

As with all upgraded staffs, the Ultimate Wind Staff offers a high-round one-hit melee attack but has an alternate mode as well. By pressing the left directional pad will cause the staff to flip around, enabling the gamer to quickly revive a teammate with an energy boost.

Despite the fact that this mode has limited ammo, it is very useful when you cannot physically get to a downed gamer or do not wish to stand around and actually revive them in the game.

How To Get The Wind Staff In COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

Wind Staff In COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

The Wind Staff requires three Yellow parts, One Yellow colored disc, One Black disc, and the gramophone. You need all of these before you can actually create the base version of the staff in the game.

Yellow Disc Location

The Yellow color disc always spawns neat Generator Five (Stamin-Up machine), Locations are as follows:

  • On a stone wall directly to the right of Stamin-Up at Generator Five
  • On the box just left of Stamin-Up at Generator Five
  • On a workbench near Generator Five

Yellow Part Locations

All 3 parts are actually hidden inside the giant robots patrolling the map. To get inside the robot you have to shoot the glowing foot on the underside of the robot and stand in its path. This will immediately teleport you to the robot, where you can actually claim the part.

You have to repeat this for each of the 3 different robots; at an excavation site, at church, and at Generator Two/Generator Three.

Picking the wrong foot can actually lead to an instant downfall! Additionally, when 3 robots spawn in, only one will actually have a yellow color foot.

Black Disc

The Black Disc is actually utilized in combination with the Gramophone to access the Lower Lvl of the excavation site in the game. It is always found in one of 3 in-game locations:

  • On a box, below the walkway leading towards the excavation site (Generator two sides)
  • On the box, the opposite side of the excavation site, near entrance of the in-game church
  • The top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow near PaP


The Gramophone is usually inside the central excavation site, which is 1 Lvl downstairs on the floor in the game.

Final Step

As soon as you have the discs, parts, and gramophone, move to the tunnel by Generator Four (Jug). Venture underground and place the gramophone on the bottom of the table. Please wait for the music to play and then watch as the yellow portal gradually appears.

Once you are ready, go on the portal to the Crazy Place and take the crystal from the yellow color pedestal. Leave the crazy place by re-building the yellow portal.

To finish, go back to the central excavation site, to the bottom Lvl, and create the Wind Staff.

Wind Staff Code – Upgrade Steps

Here are the Wind Staff Upgrade Steps

Solve Puzzle – Align The Symbols

Surely the simplest of all the upgrade puzzles, this one can be completed in seconds. Take a look at the Crazy Place and note the large rings above the yellow color portal. The rings each have a series of symbols which need to be aligned in a precise order.

Happily, the solution to this puzzle is the same every time in the game. Take a look at the picture below to understand which symbols must be aligned using the Wind Staff. By shooting a ring, you rotate it one direction at a time.

Wind Staff Code

If done correctly then the rings will revolve and Samantha will actually say: You have solved the chamber puzzle in the game.

Redirect Smoke

Leave the Crazy Place and then look for the 3 stone balls billowing steam. Use the Wind Staff to actually redirect the smoke in the direction of the excavation site. The exact locations of the 3 stone balls are:

Church – No Man’s Land

Church - No Man's Land

In the direction of the church, walk through the basement and past the tank on your right sight. Continue out the rear of the church through No Man’s Land. About halfway up on your right, you will actually see the smoke. Shoot it at the excavation site in the game.

Generator 4 – Jug Area

Generator 4 - Jug Area

An easy one to spot. This smoking ball is located near Wind tunnel and the Generator Four (Jug), near the map boundary. Turn and then shoot the smoke toward the excavation site in the game.

Generator 5 – Stamin Up Area

Generator 5 - Stamin Up Area

Go to Generator Five and then stand beside the Stamin-Up machine, on the left. Face the excavation site and you will see smoke on the mound in the game. Once again, aim with care and shoot the smoke toward the excavation site.

Align The Rings

Align The Rings

Take a look at the bottom of the excavation site and then notice that a yellow color orb has below appeared the giant rings. Next, use the switches (in the nearby in-game area) to turn all giant rings so that all yellow sides.

Once all the gems are actually yellow, shoot the yellow orb underneath so that it flies upwards and disappears into the rings in the game.

Charge Wind Staff (Collect Souls)

COD Charge Wind Staff

The final step for claiming the upgraded Wind Staff will require you to sacrifice the staff while you gather zombie souls. When it comes to this part, it is good to go prepared with at least a high-powered shield, weapon, and Jug.

Now, head back to the portal to the Crazy Place in the game. Place the base Wind Staff on the yellow pedestal and take out twenty to thirty zombies to gather souls and transform the staff.

An effective strategy is to purchase claymores and run in circles beside the portal exit area while planting mines. The souls are actually still collected and you won’t be cornered by falling stones. Zombies can be killed anywhere in the Crazy Place, and their souls are always collected in the game.

Upon completion, choose the upgraded Wind Staff and then enjoy that whirlwind attack in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Wind Staff Code post. In this post, we covered the COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles Wind Staff Code and Upgrade details.

If you want to share any feedback about the Wind Staff Code so comment section is always open for you.

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