How To Whistle Your Farm Animals In Dinkum (Guide)

How To Whistle Your Farm Animals In Dinkum

Looking for how to Whistle your Farm animals in Dinkum so you are at the right spot. here you will get the complete guide on how to move your Farm Animals to a Different Pen in Dinkum game.

Dinkum is an awesome serene RPG filled with amazing Adventure. In this Dinkum game, you play as an in-game Explorer who left South City for a good life & now you are Herding, Farming, & living life in the Australian Outbacks in the game.

As part of the in-game Herding, you will be dealing with different Farm Animals. It is really important to organize & keep them in their proper Pens to improve your in-game Farm’s performance.

In this guide, we will show you how to Move Farm Animals like Wombats, Chickens, Platypi, and many more to a Different Pen By using the Whistle in Dinkum game so let’s start the guide.

How To Whistle Your Farm Animals In Dinkum 2022

How To Whistle Your Farm Animals In Dinkum

In the Dinkum game, you can create Pens for your in-game Farm Animals. But sometimes when you will want to move them to another good spot. This might be a hassle as there is no actual Pickup system to move your in-game Farm Animals. But, that is not to say that you can’t do it. You can simply do it by using the Whistle Emote to Move your Dinkum Farm Animals to a Different Pen.

If you click your Chat Menu key to get it on screen. It will be the Enter Key on a PC or Laptop by default but if you have actually changed it, click that button.

Along with the Chat Emotes & Textbox, you should see a Whistle option. By clicking that button, you will call any in-game Farm Animal of yours to your current location in Dinkum. That is if you are actually in range.

You can use this to Move your Farm Animals to a different Pen in Dinkum. Here is actually what you do:

  • First, make a Pen of the in-game Farm Animals that you want to move.
  • Second, section off the Farm animals you want to move.
  • Third, open up the best path so that they can simply follow you.
  • Fourth, Whistle is actually near them.
  • Next, this ought to make them move towards you.
  • Now continue to Whistle at them at different in-game locations to lead them up to their new pens.
  • And Voila, you have finally moved your Farm Animals to a Different Pen in Dinkum.

Dinkum Game Description

Dinkum is an awesome simulation RPG based on farms and life. In the Dinkum game, get ready to start a better life and build an amazing house on an Island inspired by the Australian outback.

In the game explore tropical eucalyptus forests, relax at cool billabongs, discover scrubland filled and survive scorching deserts with Aussie-inspired wildlife. Collect useful resources by hunting, foraging, fishing, and mining to expand and customize your in-game town and attract new companies and townsfolk.

Share your new Dinkum house with friends and protect them as you explore awesome landscapes filled with dangerous predators in the game.

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Hopefully, you like our guide on how to Whistle farm animals to move them to a different Pen in Dinkum. In this post, we covered everything about Dinkum: how to Whistle your farm animals.

If you have any questions related to how to Whistle your Farm animals in Dinkum so ask in the comment section.

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