Where is Brooklyn in BitLife 2022 (Complete Guide!)

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

Want to know where is Brooklyn in BitLife? So you reach the best spot here you will get the complete guide on where is Brooklyn in BitLife game.

BitLife is an amazing game that simulates different life’s challenges, and lets gamers make the best choices for them. You begin your in-game life from birth and then work through adulthood by selecting the decisions that you feel are the best for life’s turns and twists.

Also, you can complete various challenges that require gamers to be born in particular areas of the game world. Brooklyn is one of the places in the game where you can be born, but it is not actually easy to get to at first glance.

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife?

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

It’s pretty simple to get to Brooklyn in BitLife, you just follow the below steps:

  • First, click the icon with 3 horizontal lines on the top right of the BitLife home screen.
  • Then select New Life.
  • Next, open up the Country option
  • Now click on the United States from the options listed.
  • Choose the Arrow on the top-left corner of this screen.
  • Also, open up the cities option in this menu.
  • Then click on Brooklyn from the options.
  • Finally, you born in Brooklyn in BitLife.
BitLife Brooklyn

The city and country options are listed in alphabetical order so making each simple to find. Also, there is the option to make your own custom city to be born in if neither city is what you were actually hoping for.

If the in-game city you were considering is not available yet then you will have to wait until another BitLife update is released and hope the developer added it.

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Hopefully, you like our Where is Brooklyn in BitLife guide. In this post, we covered everything about BitLife Brooklyn and how to find Brooklyn in BitLife.

If you have any questions related to being born in Brooklyn in BitLife so simply ask in the comment section and also share your valuable feedback.

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