What Is A Kangaroo Worth In Adopt Me 2023 – (Guide!)

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Do you want to know what is a Kangaroo Worth in Adopt Me? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how much are Kangaroos worth in the Roblox Adopt Me game.

Roblox Adopt Me is presently the most amazing game on the Roblox platform with nearly 30B+ all-time visits according to statistics. The game of adopting, caring for, leveling up, and playing with different pets has caught the attention of many as it enables you to even meet others and create your own in-game home.

Obtaining pets is mostly accomplished via hatching various eggs or trading with other gamers. Many gamers devote much time, energy, and money to making unique and exciting pet collections.

Since most eggs are only available for a limited time, some rare in-game pets that come out of them are much more valuable when their eggs become unavailable in the game.

The most valuable and sought pet right now is the Kangaroo, so without further delay let’s see how much this pet is worth now.

How To Get Kangaroo In Adopt Me?

You can get a kangaroo pet in Roblox Adopt Me from 2 different methods:

  • Get a Kangaroo from Hatching
  • Get a Kangaroo from Trading

Get Kangaroo From Hatching

If you get an Aussie egg that has a three percent chance, then you can use the Gumball machine in the Nursery and hatch the kangaroo that way. That is how you can actually hatch a kangaroo from an egg in Adopt Me game.

Get Kangaroo From Trading

If any gamer has an in-game kangaroo and has offered to trade it with you for another pet then you can actually get a kangaroo from him in the game. You can just send him a trade proposal, and after his approval then you can trade a kangaroo in Adopt Me.

What Is A Kangaroo Worth In Adopt Me Roblox?

What Is A Kangaroo Worth In Adopt Me

The Aussie Egg came out in the year of 2020 the cost for it was 750 bucks (in-game money) and it contained 2 legendary pets: Kangaroo and Turtle.

The probability of getting any of the 2 legendaries was about 3 percent, so the Kangaroo had an even lower chance. Some streamers said that they had opened more than one hundred fifty eggs and got only 1 Kangaroo.

However, now the Kangaroo is even more difficult to get since Aussie Egg is over and you can get this cute jumping pet only through trades. Right now, for 1:1 trades we can actually say that a Kangaroo is worth the same as a Crocodile and slightly more than a Water Moon Bear in the game.

Also, you can trade it for one Turtle, but for a 1:2 trade, you can hope to get 2 Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragons for one Kangaroo in the game. Evidently, quality affects the price of different types of Kangaroos and other in-game pets.

So, for ex., if you are trading a Mega Neon Kangaroo or Neon it will be actually worth more than a regular one. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of other in-game pets in the trade offer as well, since even though one Kangaroo is worth one Crocodile, if that Crocodile is Neon it is not an equal deal anymore in the game.

Kangaroo Price

Kangaroo is a rare legendary pet in the game, and it ranges from $5.49 – $54.99 depending on its type. There are the following values and types of kangaroos in the Roblox pet store:

  • Normal no-potion kangaroo worth → $5.49
  • Neon fly ride kangaroo worth → $16.99
  • Mega fly ride kangaroo worth → $54.99


Hopefully, you like this What is a Kangaroo Worth in Adopt Me guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how much are Kangaroos worth in the Roblox Adopt Me game.

If you want to share any feedback or suggestions about the Adopt Me Kangaroo so comment section is always open for you.

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