What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me 2023 – (Full Details!)

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Do you want to know what is a Cow worth in Adopt Me? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on what is a Cow worth in Roblox Adopt Me game.

Adopt Me is a popular Roblox game. This game is based on adopting different pets and growing them. So In this post, we covered everything about what is a Cow worth in Adopt Me, now without further delay let’s start.

Adopt Me Cow

Adopt Me game is based on adopting various pets and growing them. Depending on their in-game rarity, there are different categories and tiers of pets in the game. The cow is actually a rare pet in Adopt Me, launched in the year of 2019, and it is raised from a farm egg.

It is only possible to acquire one cow from trading, and that is why its value is also rising. If you have a Farm egg, you can trade or hatch a cow. The rarity of cow chick hatching is 13.5 percent.

How To Get A Cow In Adopt Me?

The cow value in the Roblox Adopt Me game can fluctuate based on factors like its rarity and how desirable it is to gamers so as mentioned above the rarity is approximately 13.5 %. Basically, you can get a cow in Adopt Me in two ways:

  • From Hatching
  • From Trading

Getting A Cow From Hatching In Adopt Me

Cow From Hatching In Adopt Me

As the Adopt Me cow is hatched by a farm egg, if you have one, you can go to the in-game nursery and hatch it through the gumball machine with a rarity ratio of 13.5%.

Getting A Cow From Trading In Adopt Me

If another gamer has a cow pet in Adopt Me, you can just request him to accept your trade invite and trade the in-game cow with you. That is also a good method of getting a cow in the game.

What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me?

If you are looking for a cow to purchase from a pet store in the game, then you can purchase it from $5.75 – $47.99, depending on what kind of cow you want. These are the types of cows you can purchase from a pet store in Adopt Me:

  • Normal no-potion cow → $5.75
  • Normal ride cow → $6.99
  • Neon fly ride cow → $23.99
  • Mega fly ride cow → you $47.99

Note: Keep in mind the value of items and pets in Adopt Me! can change over time, so it is important to check with other gamers or online Adopt Me trading groups.

Adopt Me Pets Close In Value To Cow

Here is the list of Adopt Me pets and items that are close in value to or equal to Cow.

  • Mega Neon Albino Bat
  • Black-Chested Pheasant
  • Albino Monkey
  • Blue Dog
  • Candy Cane
  • Christmas Egg
  • Crocodile
  • Dalmatian
  • Diamond Butterfly
  • Elephant
  • Flamingo
  • Head Chef
  • Kangaroo
  • Lion
  • Lava Dragon
  • Mega Neon 2021 Uplift Butterfly
  • Mega Neon Abyssinian Cat
  • Mega Neon Amami Rabbit
  • Mega Neon Deinonychus
  • Mega Neon Corgi
  • Mega Neon Dilophosaurus
  • Mega Neon Ermine
  • Mega Neon Ghost Wolf
  • Mega Neon Glyptodon
  • Mega Neon Hydra
  • Mega Neon Halloween White Mummy Cat
  • Mega Neon Ibex
  • Mega Neon Monkey
  • Mega Neon Orangutan
  • Mega Neon Panda
  • Mega Neon Parakeet
  • Mega Neon Persian Cat
  • Mega Neon Pine Marten
  • Mega Neon Pterodactyl
  • Mega Neon Ribbon Seal
  • Mega Neon Robot
  • Mega Neon Sabertooth
  • Mega Neon Sloth
  • Mega Neon Snow Leopard
  • Mega Neon Summer Walrus
  • Mega Neon Swordfish
  • Mega Neon Woolly Mammoth
  • Mega Neon Yellow Butterfly
  • Mega Neon Zebra
  • Neon Bandicoot
  • Neon Baku
  • Neon Black Panther
  • Neon Blue Dog
  • Neon Brown Bear
  • Neon Chocolate Chow-Chow
  • Neon Dodo
  • Neon Evil Chickatrice
  • Neon Fallow Deer
  • Neon Golden Rat
  • Neon Golden Walrus
  • Neon Goldhorn
  • Neon Ice Moth Dragon
  • Neon Irish Water Spaniel
  • Neon Llama
  • Neon Lunar Moon Bear
  • Neon Maneki-Neko
  • Neon Octopus
  • Neon Polar Bear
  • Neon Pomeranian
  • Neon Reindeer
  • Neon Rhino
  • Neon Shark
  • Neon Silly Duck
  • Neon Snow Owl
  • Snow Snowboard
  • Neon Snowball Pet
  • Neon T-Rex
  • Neon Wild Boar
  • Neon Wooly Rhino
  • Neon Yeti
  • Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon
  • Turtle
  • Undead Jousting Horse
  • Water Walking Potion
  • Mega Neon Australian Kelpie
  • Emperor Gorilla
  • Neon Tree Kangaroo
  • Neon Naga Dragon
  • Neon Border Collie
  • Neon Wood Pigeon
  • Neon Sunrise Duckling
  • Neon Karate Gorilla
  • Neon Chef Gorilla
  • Mega Neon Gecko
  • Mega Neon Tarsier
  • Mega Neon Angler Fish


Hopefully, you like this What is a Cow Worth in Adopt Me guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on Cow Worth in Roblox Adopt Me game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Adopt Me Cow so comment section is always open for you.

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