What Does Minecraft Cows Eat 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Do you want to know what does Minecraft cows eat? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of what cows eat in Minecraft.

Minecraft game features different mobs that are neutral, peaceful, and hostile. Cows are a good peaceful, passive mob in the Minecraft game commonly roaming around the gameworld dimension. These creatures are really common, mostly in forest biomes and plains.

Similar to real life, Minecraft cows have a really specific set of in-game foods they eat. Cows are actually vegetarians, so despite making some tasty food, they mainly eat plants.

Now without further delay let’s start with the details of what does Minecraft cows eat.

What Does Minecraft Cows Eat

Here are the complete details of what does Minecraft cows eat


Minecraft Grass

A cow’s diet mostly consists of grass in Minecraft. They can eat the grass actually found on in-game dirt blocks. When cows are stabled as pets, it is not uncommon for the cow to eat the grass in the game. This can often make stables look unkept, but it mostly only adds to the farm life appeal that some stable builds have in the game.



As well as grass, Minecraft cows also eat wheat. Cows can only be fed wheat by the gamer; they are actually not capable of eating it from the ground or taking up dropped wheat items in the game.

When the gamer has wheat in their hands, cows within a short distance to the gamer will swarm toward them to eat the wheat. The cows will practically beg the gamer to feed them the in-game wheat.

Gamers can feed wheat to cows by simply clicking on the cow with wheat in their hands in the game. This feed will cause the cows to go into love mode. When 2 cows are in love mode, it is likely for them to breed.

This results in baby cows, which are tiny and adorable. With this baby cow also comes a bit of XP for breeding the animals in the game.

When the cows have bred, they have about a five-minute cooldown period before they can be actually fed more wheat to breed again in the game. In each Minecraft game world, there is a specific amount of mobs capable of appearing.

When this level is reached with cows, the gamer will be unable to feed cows wheat, and the cows will actually no longer breed each other in the game.

How To Find Cows In Minecraft

Cows In Minecraft

Cows spawn only on the grass block with a light Lvl greater than nine. Cows can even spawn at night, provided the grass block is having close contact with the in-game sky.

Also, you can find cows breeding in most biomes, except for snowy taigas, meadows, snowy plains, mangrove swamps, and wooded badlands biome, regardless of grass blocks.

If you are even luckier to discover the mushroom island biome and some mushrooms, placing shears on the mushroom here will actually transform it into a normal cow in Minecraft. Moreover, cows can spawn randomly in the in-game village structure as well.

What Minecraft Cows Are Good For

There are many resources that you can get from Cows, making them a good choice for in-game farming. Firstly, each adult Cow gives one to three Raw Beef as well as zero to two Leather. Raw Beef can be actually cooked into Steak, which is one of the really good food items.

Also, Leather is required to make Books and other important in-game items. To create Bookshelves to improve your enchanting, you will require many Books, so a Cow farm might be a good solution.

Additionally, you can use empty Buckets on Cows to actually get Milk Buckets. Milk, once consumed, will remove the effects of negative status, so having some handy can be a real lifesaver if you actually get poisoned. Moreover, you can use Milk Buckets to create a Cake, another great food item in the game.

Other Facts About Minecraft Cows

Cows currently don’t eat any other food, block, material, or item in the game. Despite this, they do produce milk which gamers can extract with in-game buckets.

All the gamer has to do is place a bucket in their inventory hand and then click on the cow to milk it in the game. While the cow will not be able to drink it, the gamers will enjoy the gameplay.


Here are some questions and answers about what does Minecraft cows eat

Q. What Do You Feed Cows In Minecraft?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of food and crop items in the game, you can only feed wheat to cows in Minecraft.

Q. What Do You Feed A Cow To Tame It In Minecraft?

You can not actually tame a cow in Minecraft but rather breed it with their preferred food, wheat.

Q. Do Cows Need Water In Minecraft?

In the Minecraft game cows require water to breed.


Hopefully, you like this What does Minecraft cows eat guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of Minecraft cows and what does Minecraft cows eat.

Also, if you want to ask any questions about What does Minecraft cows eat so comment section is always open for your queries and valuable feedback.

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