What Does Karma Mean in Bitlife 2023 – (Check Ans.)

What Does Karma Mean in Bitlife

Karma Mean in Bitlife : Karma helps the Universe watch what you do to people and things near you. In real life, it’s a magical idea, but in BitLife, it has clear rules, like a social score. When you do good things, the game gives your character rewards.


If you do bad things, the game will punish your character and slow them down. Keep reading to learn how you can change your character’s karma in BitLife, here on faindx.com!

Karma is a secret number in BitLife. You can see it when a character dies and their happiness level shows. But what does it mean?


What Does Karma Mean in Bitlife?

Karma is part of BitLife. Doing good things makes karma go up, and doing bad things makes it go down. Karma helps a player live longer and handle hard times better. When a character dies, their karma level shows with their overall happiness. You can see your character’s karma by meditating or after they die. Picking the nicest choice in random events makes karma better, while picking the meanest choice makes it worse.

What Does Karma Mean in Bitlife

What does Karma do in BitLife?

Karma is a number that goes up or down based on your actions in the game. Good actions make it higher, while bad actions make it lower.

Having a high karma level helps you live longer and deal with bad things like getting sick. It’s also helpful if you want to finish age goals that need a long life.


Your character starts getting karma when they’re born and you make choices for them. Usually, you can’t see this number right away. But, you can find it by meditating. This choice is in the Mind and Body tab on the Activities screen. When you meditate, you can see your character’s total karma. Having more karma helps your character live longer and stay safe in risky situations.

Having good karma in BitLife is the best thing. You can make it higher by doing nice things with your character, like saying sorry, giving gifts to friends and family, helping someone, saving a life, or being there for someone with a problem.

On the other hand, your character’s karma can go down. This happens if you hurt someone, argue, do a crime, try drugs, cheat on someone special, or do any bad thing your character can do in BitLife. When your karma is low, bad things happen to your character more often.


You might want to look at your character’s karma a lot when they do crimes or bad things. If your character does these not-so-good actions, we suggest trying hard to do kind things to make this number go up.

How to Increase or Decrease Karma

Every action you take affects your character’s karma score. It’s easy: if you do good things in BitLife, your karma goes up. If you do bad things, your karma goes down. Being seen as good by the Universe helps your character live longer and escape tough situations more easily. Being seen as bad has the opposite effect. We’ll give some examples below.

Actions that will Increase Karma

These are good things you can do in BitLife to make your karma higher:

  • Be nice to people and say kind things
  • Tell the police about crimes
  • Give to people who need help
  • Save others from danger
  • Join your country’s military
  • Help others in general

Actions that Decrease Karma in Bitlife

These are bad things you can do in BitLife to make your karma lower (only do this for specific goals):

  • Argue with people
  • Fight with others
  • Do any crime or go to jail
  • Cheat
  • Let people die when you could save them
  • Spread STDs
  • Use drugs

How to Check Your Karma in Bitlife?

You can check karma in two ways. The first way isn’t fun because your character has to die. The second way is to meditate. You can find this in the Mind and Body tab. We hope this guide helps! Look at our BitLife tag below for more great BitLife articles on faindx!

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